15 Jun 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap

The reunion of two desolate lovers turned to life, but so did the fear of losing loved ones. Everyone’s getting ready for the final confrontation in a world of shadows.

31 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 10 Recap

Neither our squad is done with the past nor the past is done with them. Gradually, the circle reaches completion as we dive deeper into our characters’ backgrounds and the various crossroads upon which they met while the drama is steadily paving the way for the answers and confrontations that

27 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 9 Recap

Our squad members found themselves somewhere between real life and the digital world. They had to combine their talents in order to reach the truth that was hiding under many layers, amid deceiving diversions, but the blood can’t lie.

16 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 8 Recap

The backgrounds of our characters steadily come to the surface and it was doctor Hwang’s turn this time. The world of con artists and the one of the spirits get entangled in a maelstrom feasting on human pain for personal gain and our squad is here to shed utmost light

16 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 7 Recap

Yoon San is forced to pace with Yo Na’s flow and gets involved in a mission related to Yo Na’s past, the one when she was human, but also the one right after her transformation and the lingering feelings that never ceased existing.

05 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 6 Recap

We dive deeper into Goo Hyung’s painful past and we get to see the echoing wound beneath the surface. The 6th episode is an ongoing healing process that doesn’t only shed more light when it comes to Goo Hyung as a character, it also brings our squad members closer together.

29 Apr 2016

Moorim School Episode 15 Recap

Gradually, all the secrets get revealed and we find ourselves just one step before a family’s reunion after everything its members had to go through. However, the hunt for the Chintamani isn’t over and Soon Deok will find herself in the eye of the storm. The camps are being formed

27 Apr 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 5 Recap

The world of acting isn’t easy and wearing a mask feels essential at times, but it shouldn’t oppress one’s true self. Through trust and a wide variety of insights, Yoon San tries to protect Seol Ah from a nightmare of the past that resurfaced at the present.

18 Apr 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 4 Recap

Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) made a grandiose entrance after deciding to partially leave behind the world of shadows in order to make the game even more intriguing for herself. However, the mystery around her was delivering all the necessary vibes that could bring Yoon San and Gyeo Wool closer

15 Apr 2016

Descendants of the Sun Episode 16 Recap ~ END

“My life suddenly brightened up.”