02 Sep 2015

Last ~ Episode 12 Review [TriAngle]

“If you’re willing to help others rise up, you should be willing to get on your knees.”

01 Sep 2015

Last ~ Episode 11 Review [TriAngle]

“I’m neither extorting you nor trying to make a deal with you. It’s a dream that i have harbored in my heart for a very long time; Something akin to greed.”

26 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 10 Review [TriAngle]

“They say that everyone is born with two wolves fighting within them. One wolf represents greed, jealousy and pride While the other one represents righteousness, sacrifice and morality. Those two wolves fight inside the person’s heart until that person’s dying day. The wolf you feed the most will be the

25 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 9 Review [TriAngle]

“After breaking through my own gilded surface, I saw that what was inside of me was actually worthless.”

19 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 8 Review [TriAngle]

“For guys like you, there’s nobody else but yourself. You have to do evil things, but you want to do nice things too. It’s a headache trying to balance those two, isn’t it? Whether you choose to be the hero or the villain, choose one.”

18 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 7 Review [TriAngle]

“There isn’t anyone who sees his own darkest side under positive conditions. I only realized what kind of person i was after falling into the depths of despair. When things were so bad for me that i thought i would be better off dead… That’s when true human nature unveiled

17 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 6 Review [TriAngle]

“There’s a hole in her heart, so she has to patch it up with something. Some people cling onto work for that purpose… And some let it go through drinking.”

16 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 5 Review [TriAngle]

 “They are not people who were born with no name and without identity.”

13 Aug 2015

First Impressions/Review: Last ~ Episodes 1-4

I wanted to start watching Last earlier, but i had to wait for a welcome amount of episodes and subtitles to appear on the horizon for my watching attempt to take place. Since the romantic comedy factor doesn’t seem to work as expected, especially during summertime, there’s always comfort into