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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu Finale Recap

Recap – Summary : After the disastrous restaurant date, Mikuri wonders why she feels so gloomy while Hiramasa ponders over his hasty decision-making.

Yuri drinks in Yama-san’s bar, talking about her promotion when Kazami arrives; things are still awkward between them, but Yuri invites him at her place come Sunday, so they can talk things over.

Mikuri starts organizing the district market, but she still can’t shake her low spirits, until she realizes that it’s because the amount of work she’s putting through, is rewarded very little- she connects this feeling on why she rejected Hiramasa’s proposal, as she thinks that, if she’s the only one doing everything around house, things could fall apart if he somehow grew out of his feelings for her. Hiramasa is confused, but he eventually understands her point, and they both come up with a new contract where both will share the workload.

Kazami visits Yuki’s apartment, where she tells him that they could never work together, since the age gap between them is big; she asks him to stay friends as she can see him like her “nephew” but Kazami replies that’s not possible, since he can’t see her as his “aunt”.

After a tiring day, Mikuri talks with Yassan, both agreeing to do their best and later she holds a “meeting” with Hiramasa to discuss how their new plan works out for them after a few days of testing; when they both agree that things aren’t going as planned, Hiramasa agrees to take more chores around the house, so Mikuri can concentrate more on her part time job. However, despite Hiramasa being happy to help her, when he forgets to cook rice the day Mikuri returns home late after she had asked him to, she is very hard on him, a reaction she later regrets.

Kazami tells Anna he can’t date her and then admits he has fallen in love again after so long, something that’s surprising even to him- meanwhile, Umehara encourages Yuri to go after Kazami, and then confesses that he too has a person he likes.

The next day, Anna meets Yuri to make fun of her for setting her eyes on a younger man despite being “old”, but Yuri replies that she will soon be in her shoes, and shouldn’t waste her youth cursing something she will experience too one day.

Mikuri is tired with handling everything, and while Hiramasa is in good spirits to discuss about their progress, she tells him that he deserves someone better, who would be happy with his proposal whole-heartedly; somebody that would be deemed normal, as she doesn’t consider herself suited to him. Hiramasa argues that in society’s eyes they’re both not normal anyways, and living alone or together will always be troublesome, but the decision to go forward with someone else is something that’s worth the trouble.

The district market’s opening day arrives, but not without trouble; the posters for the market get lost in the streets due to the wind; unexpectedly, Umehara and Horiuchi find the posters and save the day, and it’s revealed that Umehara has been exchanging messages with Numata through a gay application. However, they haven’t met yet as Numata is scared to go through that, but he makes a pact with Yuri, that they both send a text message to Umehara and Kazami respectively, to meet in the market and resolve their feelings. Numata sends his own text, but before Yuri is able to, Kazami arrives in the market along with Yama-san.

Kazami tells Yuri that he wanted to meet her and tell her he properly liked her before they parted ways, and to his surprise she confesses back to him. Yuri says that she doesn’t know what will happen in the future but there’s no point in not being honest, and they finally hug. Meanwhile, Numata finally meets Umehara and they both seem happy to see each other.

Yassan tells Mikuri that her idea was successful afterall, something Hiramasa praises her for, as well; Mikuri thinks that her “condescending” way paid off this time unlike in the past, but he notes that she was never a condescending person, as she had never looked down on another person; his comment along with his hard work in the district market, force Mikuri to shed a tear and she hugs him, telling him she loves him in front of everyone. Hiramasa is glad to hear those words, and he hugs her back, as everyone’s happilly surprised around them.

After they day settles down, Mikuri and Hiramasa discuss their plans for the future, envisioning various aspects of it related to a television game.

In the end, before they move out to their new house, they honor the tradition of the hug one last time, since it’s the famous Tuesday!


Reflection Corner :

Tuesday is the new Monday! Whenever I want to start doing new shit from now on, I’m gonna be all “Huuum, okay, starting from Tuesday I’ll be doing this and that” and when people ask me “huh? why not Monday?”, I’ll be like “cause Nigehaji said so!” and then they’ll be “what’s that?” and I’ll just smile gently and reply in Misa-style from Macross DYRL “ah, just a series..of course, it was a series about love.”

And that’s what Nigehaji was about, in its essence; (then again, every other series is about love but w/e!) I mean, the show had some ridiculously hilarious devices (such as the lol-ing fantasies that correlated to tv shows, anime, drama series) but the core message was as loud as Hiramasa’s clicking-sound when he fixed his glasses (I’m gonna miss that sound!) : the ability to love yourself enough, that you appreciate your shortcomings and turn them into lessons moving towards the future.

“When things don’t go well, the person who’s waiting for you, the person who believes in you..You can’t lose sight of them. Let’s rebuild. One by one. Let’s rebuild, even if it’s slow.”

Mikuri started out as someone without purpose or direction, full of self-doubt and insecurities to becoming a leader of a difficult project that brought people together; Hiramasa had always thought of himself as a small person afraid of opening up and ended up seeking other’s people company, willing to understand their feelings. Both had their own path to cross, but both helped each other on the way to grow into the person they wanted to be, the person they were meant to be.

What’s that saying? A comfort zone is a nice place to live in but nothing beautiful ever grows there? Yep, something like that.

Yay for Yuri too, stepping out from her comfort zone and deciding to give it a shot with Kazami. You know, I was a bit “hmmm, don’t tell me they won’t!” when the episode was nearing its end, and saw no sign of them, it was like “YURI YOU GOT THE HOTTEST PIECE OF ACTION WANTING YOU, no wait, SAYING HE’S IN LOVE WITH YOU AND YOU REJECT HIM???! GURL.” but well, all ended up well. Her perspective made total sense, but the heart wants what it wants.

Yay for Umehara and Numata too, that was a nice surprise!

Yay for everything that happened in the district market actually, it was like the place that brought up genuine feelings in the air!

“Even if we run away some days, we’ll take a deep breath, look for a different path and come back again; to the good days, and the bad days. No matter when, let’s start again from Tuesday.”

So yeah, I guess the title makes total sense right now; it’s sort of shameful to run away but it can be helpful, that’s very much true. Running away at times, helps you to clear your mind so you can get back in your problems-ring and knock your troubles out. As long as it doesn’t become a habit, taking a step back for a while, can be fruitful. You gotta go there, to come back as they say, right? And maybe, you’ll even find someone similar like you in the “running field” and return together. Just like Hiramasa and Mikuri! 😀

I’ve gotta say, Nogi Akiko is becoming one of my favorite writers; just like in her previous works, she always manages to balance well humour and touching moments; there’s also hints of social commentary (value of work nowadays & age particularly in this one) that pop up just in the right moments. A great writer, from all aspects.

Well, that’s it! I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a SP soon, what with the astronomical ratings of the last episodes so semi-farewell but not goodbye Nigehaji!

I’m gonna think of you, everytime I see a runaway bride wandering around tall buildings, hehe.

Overall Rating : 9,19 / 10

Contract OTP : 9,33 / 10

one of my fav caps of all time, OF ALL TIME

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to mottofreaky

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  1. Weyland
    February 16, 2017 at 10:23 am — Reply

    Yay, finally!!

    I love to read your recaps on nigehaji ~
    All those analysis and fangirling scream , right on the spot lol XD
    This is really became my fave series of the decade, no wonder their team won so many awards.

    • February 16, 2017 at 10:43 am — Reply

      I’m sorry it took so long, I just got my laptop back and my first thought was POST THE FREAKING NIGEHAJI FINALE lool

      It was a great series, balancing everything so well! Plus, Hiramasa and Mikuri were cuties SO 😀

  2. Max
    April 24, 2017 at 6:52 pm — Reply

    Hi Kip! Finished Nigeru and still haven’t gotten to Suizokukan Girl yet but, was looking at some of your other recaps and since our tastes in dramas seem often similar was just wondering if you have a list somewhere of some of your all-time or recent faves…


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