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Tori & Suda talk knitwear! [FINEBOYS FEB 2017]

Yep, they do go in extensive lengths to provide a deep insight, regarding the fine clothing they cloak themselves in. They’re pretty dapper, if you hadn’t guessed already! :p

Alright, before I post the pics and translation, (which btw took me two days to translate- yes, I’m freaking slow but I’m still in very-beginner level; think of it, like not even FF level 1..and with my “progress” aka regularly slacking I’ll probably reach level 2 in yearS but hey, TINY BABY STEPS YES? YES.) I need to apologize first. I promised in the last entry, that I would post the Nigehaji finale recap before January ended, and UGH, it’s killing me to break my promises. (that’s why I rarely make promises lol) But my laptop crashed the other day, so I’m waiting for it to be fixed which might take a while longer. I’M SORRY 🙁

I’m a sitting duck right now, since all my crap, screenshots/writing drafts/etc are obviously there but once I get it back, I will properly post all of the stuff I want to, and catch up with all the drama series and such. Currently using my baby sister’s laptop and the only thing I managed to watch lately, is Kuzu no Honkai. <–which reminds me, I wanted to write about that, but I don’t know if I should post it here in dramajjang as a random entry or make another blog for anime, (..can I remember my password about an anime blog I had back in 2008? probably not seeing as I barely remember the blog’s name!) but I don’t want to meddle with many blogs so ahhh.

ANYWAYS ENOUGH SHITTY CHIT CHATTING, without further ado, divine prettiness ahead (I’ll address Tori, as “bae” because I can! :p)

INTERV : The theme of this styling is “Knit”. What is your choice for winter clothing?

BAE : I usually go for turtleneck sweaters, I like them; they can also be used as a substitute for a scarf, so they’re useful for that purpose too! Practicality is important to me.

SUDA : I, too, prefer something  that is comfortable to use. I also like knitted sweaters, particularly those with special patterns.

BAE : Ah, yes! A quality cardigan has some sort of “relaxation aura” that you can feel through the sleeve, doesn’t it?

SUDA : Correct! It doesn’t scratch your bare skin at all. It’s a very delicate material, you have to properly take care of it and wash it carefully so that you can wear it for a long time! …What’s my point again? (laughs)

Speaking of, have you gotten anything recently?

BAE : I actually got a set of woolen clothing . It gives me a casual and loose feeling, but it’s also versatile since I can wear it both in formal and informal situations, such as the New Year that is approaching right now. (laughs) It was thanks to my manager I got it, since it seems to be out of stock right now.

SUDA :  That last one is very important! (laughs)

My winter style is decided largely every year from what the outwear line offers. If I find “kore”* this year, I think I could work with that . I also got a MA-1 jacket. It is black, round and huge, so it looks like a big ball of Gantz when I wear it! I think that I want a couple other things, like an overcoat, maybe. Ah, I also bought a jacket made of fleece in a clothing store recently.

I actually considered knitting and learning properly to do it myself. I thought I should head straight to that challenge as an adult!

BAE : Oh, that sounds pretty nice. I would like to do that too!

SUDA: Yes, I think I should try to make things on my own. Like, when you gather all the material you need and try to connect them. If you wear something made out of fleece under the trench coat or something similar, it feels warm and cute. You could also try it with something made out of nylon, it won’t be that difficult, right?

Well, I will do my best to make something like this, and then give it to you** when it’s done!

BAE : Nice! Today seems like a very nice day!

Then they start talking about Kiseki pretty much, about the plot and all that.

*  I have no idea what コレ is supposed to be- material, brand?? idk

** Suda referred to Tori as Tori-kun (桃李くん) and that made me lol for some reason, thought it was cute.


Well, that’s that then! I know it’s a small snippet, but thought I’d share it all the same. I initially tried doing Tori’s interview in February’s GALAC but lord, that is HUGE and it’d take me several days. But you know, since I sometimes buy magazines, maybe I will try to translate more in the future. It certainly helps my studying too, and it’s still thematically fitting for the blog, (sort of lol ..in b4 this is an excuse to post pics of Tori eeep!) so huum, yeah. 😀


disclaimer : this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only

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  1. February 8, 2017 at 12:02 pm — Reply

    Lovely post! And wow, that’s quite a translation at your level so GREAT JOB! Would definitely look forward to your future translation posts hehe

    About ‘kore’, I don’t know too, could it be a cloth material or a short for ‘collection’ like ‘winter collection’?

    p.s looking forward to your kuzu no honkai post. Everytime I finish an episode, I feel an instant NEED to discuss about it with someone/anyone (even though I know what’s going to happen since I read the manga but still!)

    • February 8, 2017 at 12:27 pm — Reply

      I couldn’t have done it without my kanji dictionary and double checking this and that, so I’m a long way to be able to translate fluently even ONE LINE but hey, every start’s good! THANK YOU

      Huuuum, maybe he meant winter collection? You might be right.

      p.s ohh right, forgot you have read the manga. I’ve avoided spoilers like crazy so I HAVE NO IDEA how much shit is gonna go down. I’ll catch you on twitter then, where we can shit-discuss as usual loool (there’s a drama adaption too from what I saw recently but I DOUBT it’s gonna follow closely the manga lmaoooo I MEAN lol)

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