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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary :

Mikuri’s proposition surprises Hiramasa, who’s unsure whether he should accept her idea or not.

Mikuri knows that her idea is a bit insincere, but she thinks it’s the only way to raise Hiramasa’s self-esteem and also fill her loneliness. Hiramasa wants to know what that “being lovers” section will include, and Mikuri replies that they will only do the necessary things that will lift their spirits up on a bad day; such as hug each other every once in a while, or pat each other on the head. She tells Hiramasa to think about it, who takes her advice and contemplates whether he should accept the proposal, the next day at work.

Kazami makes his choice easier, since he tells Hiramasa that Yuri saw him and Mikuri together and misunderstood the situation; Hiramasa finally accepts Mikuri’s suggestion, and work out a plan to appear more couple-ish to others iniating their first hug test which fails.

Mikuri talks with Yassan, who seems to be having her own problems, while Yuri still thinks that Mikuri is cheating on Hiramasa with Kazami.

Mikuri believes that she came too strong on Hiramasa with all the skinship proposals, but Hiramasa surprises her as he sets a certain day for hugs : Tuesday.

Yuri visits Mikuri at the apartment, and is trying to give her advice on her newlywed life, but Mikuri tells her that she is only working part-time for Kazami, cooking and cleaning, before Yuri falls asleep on the couch. Mikuri finds Hiramasa before he’s able to step in the apartment, and tells him that while she explained things to Yuri, she’s stubborn and she will keep thinking that something is going on between her and Kazami unless she sees them being intimate. They hug again, thinking that Yuri is watching them, but turns out she wasn’t wearing her contacts at the time, which makes their plan fail again.

The next morning, Hiramasa and Mikuri follow Yuri at her work, and come out with another plan to appear intimate in front of her- they’re gonna have a picnic at the place Yuri stares from her office, when having a coffee break and make their hug successful this time. While waiting, they both share stories about how long it has been since their last picnic, and Hiramasa remembers a bad memory, where his mother miscooked a certain food, only for his father to complain about it, while he had to pretend to eat it all so he wouldn’t make his mother sad. He wonders why his mother never divorced his father, while Mikuri says that a divorce while having a child is difficult.

Hiramasa notes that coincidentally, it is his mother’s birthday- Mikuri encourages him to call her, while she makes a call to Yassan who reveals to her that she submitted the divorce papers, despite everyone telling her she should have forgiven her husband for cheating on her. Yassan wonders if she did the right thing, and Mikuri promises to be by her side. Meanwhile, Hiramasa calls his mother to wish her happy birthday, and tells her he’s on a picnic with Mikuri. His mother reminisces about their last picnic, and reminds Hiramasa that his father took them to a restaurant afterwards to eat the same food she failed to make, so they could all properly taste it,  but he had fallen asleep.

Mikuri tells Hiramasa that her friend is taking a divorce and that is probably for the best, and apologizes to him for changing her mind quickly, after saying a complete different thing from before; Hiramasa says it’s okay, since it seems like he made a mistake of his own before they realize that they have completely forgotten about their plan about Yuri. When they realize she’s not in her office, they try to come up with something else, but Mikuri concedes it would be the best if they told the whole truth. Hiramasa thinks that this will burden her more, since Yuri will have to lie to her sister as well, and tells Mikuri that they should be the ones to keep burdening the mess they created in the first place. Mikuri feels sad, and asks Hiramasa for a hug- he’s reluctant at first but they hug while Hiramasa pats her head. Yuri sees them while hugging, and seems to believe in Mikuri’s previous words, making their plan successful.

Later, she goes drinking in the bar where Numata frequents, and she complains to him about how bad-mannered Kazami is- Numata texts Kazami and asks him what did he say to Yuri that made her so mad, while Kazami laughs at that.

Mikuri and Hiramasa decide to cook the soba his mother once tried to make; Mikuri wonders if having eventful days such as these, will be enough for her to be happy.



Reflection Corner :


Alright, can we have Eva’s Decisive Battle theme play in the background each episode? It gets me in the mood for our dorky couple to fight whatever Angel-obstacle it is, they have to face each week!

Mikuri’s decision to “play lovers” with Hiramasa is pretentious, and it’s good to see that acknowledged (then again, we’re past that, since they have a married-scheme played out already but whatever lol!) but I can’t fault her really in that regard, since it’s clear her intentions aren’t ill-mannered; she’s still running away from her fears and confusion, just as much as Hiramasa does.

"clearly is an UNDERSTATEMENT!"

“clearly is an UNDERSTATEMENT!”

If that helps them get by just a little longer, why not keep doing it, right? I suppose the answer to that, is that they keep lying to people who are close to them, and they can’t keep fooling themselves forever but..come on, we all know that they’re gonna “realize” their lie soon, since they’re CLEARLY falling for each other. Idiots, why did you have to take the long route, huh? Oh right, so we could have a story!

“In tough times, just having someone to say they’re on your side can save you.”

It was also nice to see Mikuri supporting her friend, and the relevance of her story correlating with what Hiramasa said (his conclusion was “incorrect”, apparently but still)- people’s circumstances are different, and when you have a child to take care of, you need to think twice; once for your child, once for your self. But knowing that you are not alone in your decision, can go a long way.


Okay, I don’t know, but I ship Yuri and Kazami, like..THE TENSION ALONE. Though, Kazami did admit that he likes Mikuri, but he is an all around player and all that jazz, so we’re gonna have our back-forth on that front as well. Still, Kazami could learn a thing or two from Yuri, such as picking the suitable view to stare while having your coffee. GREENERY AND BLUE SKY = complete life


Onwards to episode 6 then!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to mottofreaky


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