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Kip’s zzzzings [Itsukoi script extra segments + 200th post!]

Well, I said I would do this for my 200th post, so here I am with a couple prolonged scenes/lines of dialogues, taken directly from the Itsukoi novel script book.

Ep #01 : Oto’s mama letter to Oto. [extra lines]



Oto’s mother : Oto, I’m sorry I can’t write well. Where did mom go?*

I am leaving the answer within you. I am not in the sky. I am not in the ground, either. I am inside of you, Oto.


*(t/n: she means “you must be wondering where I went” but she doesn’t say it like that.)


Ep #04 : Ren’s confession to Oto [extra lines]



Ren, stands up from his seat, makes to leave, stops.

Ren : …. .

Without leaving, Ren sits back down. Oto looks at him questioningly.

Ren: I don’t think Tokyo suits me. Even when I go home, I don’t feel like I’ve come home. Even though it’s my room, I feel like it’s [a place] I went to. When I go back to my house at lake Inawashiro, I feel it’s here.

Oto:  Yeah.

Ren: There are reasons I can’t go back yet, so I am still here.

Oto: Yeah.

Ren (placing a hand over his chest): I feel like there’s a huge gaping hole in here.

Oto: Yeah.

Ren: With it gaping open, that is how I spent five years in Tokyo.


Ep #08 : Ren finds the canned peach [changed scene; in the series, Oto isn’t aware he found it]



Ren, taking it into his hand…

Oto, coming out of the bathroom after changing [her clothes]. Noticing that Ren is holding the can of peaches, she gets flustered and takes it from his hand, puts it back in the cupboard and closes it.

Ren: I’m sorry.

Standing close to each other, both of them take a step back.

Oto prepares two plates.

Oto (in standard Japanese): Ah, please turn off the stove.

Ren: Okay (and he turns it off).

Oto: “Is black tea okay?” she says while putting green tea leaves back and taking out black tea. “It’s not the kind used with candles, though.”

Ren: Ah. (he says, waving his hand to indicate it’s fine.)

As Oto takes out the cake from its packaging and puts it on a plate, she says:

Oto (not looking at Ren): Happy birthday.

Ren (nods): Thank you.


Ep #10 : Oto’s letter to her mama [extra lines]



Oto : If I told you I didn’t have a washing machine, you’d laugh at me, asking if there’s people like that. But there are also times when I get a good laugh from the four-frame comic dropped in the coin laundry.

Just now, below that building, a baby laughed. A gas construction site security guard, seeing that, laughed. Inside a park that doesn’t allow sleeping, a boy kicked a soccer ball and got scolded. A girl taught [someone] the lyrics of a song she loves.

I was told I am loved. * I’m certain that was the first time, the first time since mom died that I stopped being alone.


*(t/n: aka “Someone told me they loved me.)


Ep #10 : Ren and Oto exit the restaurant [changed scene; in the series, Oto and Ren joke about the snow before they kiss inside the truck and leave the place]



At the parking lot

Oto and Ren are coming from the restaurant, heading for the truck parked at the parking lot.

As they are walking, their hands accidentally touch. Ren is slightly conscious of Oto. Oto is slightly conscious of Ren. They keep waking like that.

Coming in front of the truck, both of their hands move closer to the other and they touch. Ren grasps Oto’s hand tightly. Oto returns the grasp on Ren’s hand.

Pulling each other closer, they face each other. Oto looks into Ren’s face and Ren leans closer to Oto’s face. The two of them kiss. Leaning against the truck, they hold each other. Pulling apart, they look at each other smiling shyly.

Ren opens the door and helps Oto in. Oto, who got in, fastens her seatbelt.

Ren: I had my stuff removed. *

Oto: Okay.

Ren closes the door and gets into the truck from the driver’s side.

Ren: It’s quite [warm] here too.

Oto: Yeah, it’s become warmer.

Ren starts the engine. Oto opens the window.

Oto: If you exit here, go right, then take the first left.

Ren: A shortcut?

Oto: No, the long way round!

A moving truck. You can see the smiles on the two people inside.

After the truck speeds off into the night, there is a small flower that bloomed on the road.


(t/n: this is the荷物 line ;that word means “luggage; baggage; package.” That’s the word he’d use for the stuff he carries in boxes as a mover. It’s also a word he’d use for a suitcase. In casual speech, he could also use it to refer to his bag or belongings.)


I STILL want that darn hug lol. Oh well, there’s still hope for an Itsukoi SP, right? Give us more of those tomato burgers! :p

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + HUGE thanks to sanashi as usual for translating.


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    March 3, 2017 at 7:44 pm — Reply

    The last scene is so sweet!! Thank you for shharing

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      You’re welcome!

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