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Reply 1988 ~ Hana Kimi’s thoughts

It is because I loved the other two Reply series, I was really expecting “Reply 1988” I even waited until summer, for my schedule to be free and enjoy it fully.

At first I was a bit shocked Hyeri would be the main lead, but she made me change my mind in the best way, giving a great performance as Deok Sun

It had the best family story out of the other two, but my disappointment : it lacked a bit in romance.


I don’t know if I am butthurt, because I shipped Deok Sun with Jung Hwan. But that is why it was weird to me.

In Reply 1994 I liked Chil Bong Yi more than SSeureki, but as the episodes went on, the writers had a nice closure with Chil Bong and Na Jung, so it was natural and nice how she ended up with Trash. But here it seemed liked the writers never gave the chance, for Jung Hwan to be with Deok Sun.

Although I liked Taek, the main reason I loved Reply, it was because every character had their own story and mattered, but it felt like in the last episodes , Jung Hwan was an unimportant second lead.

Junghwan was portrayed as the person, who could never get his feeling through, not only with his friends, but with his family too. That’s why I feel like they didn’t give a chance for the character to develop and made him even worse, when he found out that his friend Taek likes the same girl as him. It would be interesting, if he had the chance to really be with Deok Seon for once.

His “confession” scene was one of the best ones in dramaland, but did his feeling ever reach Deok Sun sincerely? The red light was actually his own self?





When I rewatched the episode and although I didn’t want to accept it when I first watched it, the closure was hinted. It’s like Jung hwan is waiting for her, for the last time outside his house. Also after Taek finds her at the concert, it seems like Deok Seon has made her decision. When the friends are gathered together and they wait for Taek, few minutes before Junghwan makes his “confession”, she always looks at the door, waiting for Taek to come. The ring that is left there symbolises, their love story.



About the PD’s answer for this matter, I happened to read somewhere, I have to say this. Jung Hwan is not the character who had zero problems as he claimed, he is the character who never expressed his problems. I understand how he said the romance was limited, because the focus was on the family, but still if you decide to put some romance, then you have to do it properly. Plus about the fact, that he claimed, that Jung Hwan from the first episode didn’t have that much film time, I do not agree. From the moment him and Jung Hwan end up together in the small place, between the walls, they had many intense meaningful scenes together, where Taek was mostly missing.

I didn’t really get why in the last episode, when Deok Seon read her past diary, she only happened to read and tear apart the page, where her feeling for Sun Woon, were written. They didn’t actually show how Deok Seon remembered Jung Hwan.

Also the way the main couple was revealed, was not that interesting, like in the other Reply series. I liked Sun Woo and Bora, but it did feel like they took the place of the main couple in the last episode. Maybe because the writers wanted to focus more, on how the family felt during the wedding.

Maybe I am a bit disappointed because it was so good, that it’s only fault lets me down me more than having more faults. My expectations in the last episodes weren’t fulfilled.

The series had some of the best characters with the actors doing an incredible job. If I had to point two of my favourite supporting roles, it would be Mi Ran and Jung Bon, they made my eyes teary from laughter.

Anyway If only it had a better romance story, I would have ranked it higher than Reply 1994, but because for me, everything matters in a drama, I gave them, the same rank.

I’m leaving Reply 1997 out, because it was the first Reply series and it had each one colour, a bit different from the other two and it was obvious from the beginning, Shung Si Won and Yoon Yoo Je would end up together.

I will end this post with a wonderful Japanese poem

 “Painful is the love that remains unknown to the beloved,

like the star lily that has bloomed  in the thick foliage of the summer field”

-Lady Otomo Sakanoue

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  1. fuzzy
    September 29, 2016 at 11:24 am — Reply

    Aaand now I feel the urge to relive all the Junghwan pain haha.

    Reply 1988 was really good at being heart-wrenching and heartwarming so I was forgiving of its romance which left quite a bad taste. I liked the message of episode 18 and the whole hesitation thing though a nice closure would’ve been less painful.

    I accepted the endgame but I felt like it was dragged on too long and lost a chance to be developed. Reply 1997, imo, had the best romance because they allowed the OTP to be together before the finale despite dragging out the husband game til the end. Stop trying to be a mystery, show!

    Every time my friend introduces ’88 as a show about guessing who the heroine’s husband is, my heart hurts a little. It is the trademark of the Reply series and it’s the interesting angle but this one is especially about family. What I like most about it is the warm and fuzzies I get and I feel like it’s at its best with the smallest of moments that are endearing. 🙂

    Btw, the poem at the end was so on-point. And thank you for your wonderful review. I share your sentiments exactly haha.

    • October 2, 2016 at 12:43 pm — Reply

      I read this poem last year and I think it describes unrequired love, in the most beautiful and accurate way. Junghwan had pain and it was this love. I agree with you, in every part. It’s a shame that the “Reply 1988” was wonderful, but still leaves a bitter taste, everytime it comes in mind. Maybe it’s the drama that got me most dissapointed, in the romance part, out of all the ones I’ve seen (this one and a few others :P, like “Cheese in the Trap”).

  2. October 4, 2016 at 12:39 pm — Reply

    I’ve ranted so much about this drama. Hated the husband mystery and I’m still not convinced Taek was actually the husband the writer had in mind when writing the show. Let’s just say the rumours of them changing the husband half-way through due to spoilers leaking seems to make a lot of sense to me. But I’m not even gonna go there anymore.

    Mostly, I was just furious that they treated Jung Hwan’s character as if he didn’t matter at all in the last episodes. He deserved a proper send-off even if he wasn’t the husband. And even if I personally didn’t ship Taek and Duk Sun, I am mad in their shippers’ behalf that this pairing didn’t get a proper romantic development in the show because of that stupid, dragged-out mystery.

    I’ll stop here, before I ruin my mood.

    • October 7, 2016 at 9:00 pm — Reply

      I didn’t know about the rumours and the leaked ending, because I watched almost a year after it aired. I agree with everything you say and I understand that if you start talking about it, you will ruin your mood. What dramas do to us.

  3. Echo
    October 17, 2016 at 1:32 am — Reply

    While I think 1988 had the best story of the 3, because the ending left such a bitter taste for me, 1997 remains my favorite.

    Even though I wanted Jung Hwan to be the husband, I was ok with it being Taek. All I wanted was a happy ending for Jung Hwan, something similar to what Chilbong had at the end of 1994. But I was seriously disappointed when we got nothing for him, no closure at all. Add to it that the actual romance between Taek and Deok Seon felt rushed and messy when they finally got together.

    • October 22, 2016 at 8:34 pm — Reply

      Exactly, really you said everything I’ve been feeling about “Reply 1988”. Only for me because of the ending, “Reply 1994” remains my favourite.

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