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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 10 / Finale Recap

Recap – Summary : After being turned down, Misaki contemplates if she did anything wrong to hurt Kanata.

The next day, while everyone is prepping for Sea Sons, Kanata ignores Misaki, while Touma thinks that they are actually together. Chiaki tells everyone that the response to the Dining Out was very positive, and there will be interviewers coming soon.

Later, Misaki asks Kanata if she did anything wrong but he brushes her aside telling her he’s busy with all the interviews coming up. Chiaki tells Misaki that they want to interview her as well, and then asks her why she looks down. Misaki explains that Kanata rejected her; Chiaki asks Kanata if he turned Misaki down because of him, but Kanata denies that.

The next day, while Kanata is being interviewed, Oohashi calls Misaki and tells her that her dessert was received so well, a popular patisserie from New York is interested in her. Misaki says that she wants to keep working in Sea Sons, but Oohashi advises her to think it over a bit.

Kanata interviews a new patissier for Sea Sons without having informed Misaki, who’s shocked to learn that. Chiaki finds out about Misaki’s New York offer and how Kanata wants to make that happen for her.

Misaki confronts Kanata about him wanting to hire a new patissier, and wonders if he’s bringing his personal matters into the work environment; Kanata says that that’s not true, and he simply wants someone with better abilities for Sea Sons, leaving Misaki dejected.

The next morning, Misaki tells Chiaki of her decision to go abroad, and become a better patissier; Chiaki tells Kanata he knows the whole truth about him wanting to support Misaki’s dream, but he shouldn’t be so harsh to her.

A party is being held for Misaki, the day before she leaves, and everybody wishes her well, except Kanata who’s silent. Touma asks him to say a few last words to Misaki, but Kanata replies he has to go the restaurant to prepare for tomorrow, since a famous food critic will be there. Misaki notes that it is fine, especially since it’s an important day for Sea Sons.

The departure day arrives, and Chiaki and Touma bid farewell to Misaki; Touma notes that Kanata already left, and that’s cold of him while Misaki heads to say goodbye one last time in the empty Sea Sons.

On her way to the airport, she meets Kanata, and they have a short chit-chat that reminds Misaki of their early meeting days. She says that a long time has passed since then, and despite having their up and downs, he helped her have an unforgettable summer.

Kanata returns to Sea Sons, where the food critic awaits for him, and finds Misaki’s last note, that thanks him for everything. He is distressed after reading it, and Chiaki urges him to go find Misaki and tell her goodbye, after he gives him the info of her flight. Touma asks Chiaki what their plan b is regarding the food critic, and Chiaki smiles stating he doesn’t have one, and they should just apologize.

Kanata takes a taxi and heads for the airport immediately, as Misaki has an accident with an ice-cream that gets onto her shirt- while she tries to clean it up, Kanata finds her before she’s able to board the plane. While being reluctant at first, just before Misaki leaves, he hugs her and promises to be by her side, no matter what. He asks her to do the same, and Misaki replies that she will stay by his side too. They hug again before they kiss, looking happy to be with each other.

After a few months pass, Chiaki notifies the customers of the Sea Sons, that since the chef is missing, they will be closed for a few days, while Touma and Fuka prepare dinner for themselves and Chiaki. Nobirin proposes to Mikarin who accepts, while Manami writes a letter addressed to Kanata, informing him that their mother is now discharged from the hospital.

Kanata is revealed to have visited New York to spend time with Misaki, who “complains” that he’s as grumpy as ever. After Misaki notes that it’s cold, Kanata takes her hand, and asks her to follow him somewhere; Misaki asks him where they’re going, but Kanata doesn’t plan to reveal that, as they both happily walk to their destination.



Reflection Corner :

Of course the last episode had to be the most frustrating one! Kanatasshole was back in the house, full force, wasn’t he? We basically spent 40 mins of a 45 mins episode, for a nonsensical conflict! Just because Zaki and Mirei are two very attractive people who can pull-off an angsty expression looking good, doesn’t mean we gotta watch that crap every 3 seconds for ffs.

that’s one

that’s two

that’s three

that’s fucking four, in one freaking episode; in the span of 20 minutes at that!

And it wasn’t even quality angst, it was a cheapass champagne-angst that was basically a fabrication to keep us guessing if Kanata will run to the airport or not! (duh, like we didn’t see that coming a mile away)

What bothered me the most, is that Kanata’s character suffered the most butchering; yes, Kanata has always been harsh and blunt, but at the same time he was frank and spoke his true mind. That’s the reason why Misaki fell in love with him. And now you want to tell me that he resorts to noble idiocy (cruel asshole idiocy to be exact) lying to Misaki, walking all over her and insulting her a day before she leaves? WHUT WHUT.

I suppose we were to believe that Kanata went for the martyr-angle, “suppressing” his feelings for Misaki and trying to make him hate her (???) so she could depart for New York without regrets, but Kanata was more like THE SATAN.


Anyways, the airport scene was cute (got heroine shikkaku vibes lol with the hug and kiss-position) and I did enjoy it, despite the whole angst-build up to that moment, being so crappy. (the kids painting Misaki with ice-cream, was lol-worthy though and possibly the highlight of the finale!) The New York scene was sweet too, which makes you wonder..what the hell Kanata, you were gonna go back-forth in New York anyways! WHY THE ASSHOLISH BEHAVIOR SATAN, WHY.


darn, they are cute, they are!

I’ve got to admit that Zaki and Mirei have great chemistry, and they were the major reason I got through this drama. I thought they fit nicely when I watched Heroine Shikkaku, and Sukikoto confirmed for me that they suit each other. I would watch them again in a new project, hoping that it won’t be as frustrating as this series lool.

No, okay, the series wasn’t bad- as a whole, it was (sorta!) alright. But it bugs me that in the last few episodes, silly cliches emerged and there were a couple loose ends floating around. (whatever happened to the mafia guy for example?) I would have preferred if the last episode was filled with a Misaki/Kanata honest discussion about New York and their future, a nice family gathering and all that, but well. At least Misaki realized her dream of studying the art of patisserie abroad, so eeh.

shibasaki and co pic! :p

shibasaki and co pic! :p

Still, the cast was good, the ost was nice (the main theme is so catchy) the scenery was relaxing and summer-vibe-inducing and the otp (at its peak) was pretty decent.

Farewell but not goodbye Sukikoto; I shall remember you every time I see a wasted cake on the ground and weep over that always-sad sight!

Overall Grade : 7, 78 / 10

Betsuni OTP : 8,11 / 10 (without the satan moments lol)


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00 😀

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  1. kosameame
    September 22, 2016 at 6:11 am — Reply

    PUHAHAHAHA! If Kanata is The Satan, people will volunteer to go to hell!

    But you’re right, Kipzizz, half-way into the episode I was ready to get into the screen and and whack Kanata upside down but I guess your version is much better lol Kanata The Satan!

    And yes, what happened to that Mr Mafia? His role is really non-significant, honestly. What are all those threats for if the drama is not going to show us what he’s really up to? bleagh!

    And those wasted moments on angsty expressions! I’m happy that Yamazaki and Kiritani could nail it but 4 of them is more than enough. I’m just really quite surprise Misaki did not bawl her eyes out when Kanata said they’re interviewing the new patisserie because of her ability. But I guess that’s her strength – to weather criticism and Kanata’s tsundere moments.

    Lastly, thank you sooo much Kipzizz for recapping this show where I can spazz to my heart’s content because people around me are not cool enough to join me on this ship!

    • September 22, 2016 at 9:25 am — Reply

      Lol, I volunteer first! :p

      Oh yeah, the first 20 mins my reaction was like “not that shit again and AGAIN.”
      Thankfully, the chemistry between Zaki and Mirei was great but still, not enough to make us erase a lot of poop that that got splashed in the last epis.

      Haha, you’re very welcome!

  2. Elena
    September 22, 2016 at 5:09 pm — Reply

    I found the whole episode kind of comical…I guess I couldn’t get through more frustration so I was laughing at Kanata’s extreme grumpiness and the whole silly situation of the trip to the airport, etc. I found even Chiaki was somewhat funny with the chill-out&happy vibe that he was giving out towards the end. 😀
    As for Kanata, it’s sad what they did to the character. He was grumpy but he started to open to Misaki once he got comfortable with her, and in the important moments he seemed to be straightforward and sincere. The ending went against all this. I would have preferred to see them going through the process of saying goodbye, in order to decide to try the distance relationship later. That could have also provided some angst, a more realistic type…whatever.
    Anyway, the series was entertaining enough and I agree that Mirei and Kento make a great onscreen couple. I want to see more of them together and I hope next time in a better story. 🙂

    • September 22, 2016 at 6:11 pm — Reply

      haha, I guess my frustration-quota wasn’t filled but the finale definitely did its maximizing-part!

      I would have preferred that scenario too, but…the noble idiocy trope has too much of a force, it seems.

      Yep, they make for a very decent onscreen couple, so hoping to see them more in the future too!

  3. teamkanata
    September 23, 2016 at 3:26 am — Reply

    Take me to your hell Kanatasshole… HUAHAHAHA.

    I love this episode, so sad this series is ending.

    AND YES I AGREEEEE ZAKI AND MIREI HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY, I hope they will have more dramas and movies together. I keep replaying the kiss scene, looks so mature and melts my heart to the ground.

    Notice the difference the kiss in Hiroin Shikkaku and Sukikoto. High schoolers and adults kiss in different way. lol. they kiss so passionately here.

    • September 23, 2016 at 8:57 am — Reply

      Well, I’m glad you liked the finale!

      They already ticked away 2015, 2016, maybe we can wait for something in 2017? :p

  4. riduch
    January 19, 2017 at 6:03 pm — Reply

    I don’t like this drama, more like I don’t like the ending to be exact. very similar with rich man poor woman

  5. Haruka
    October 5, 2017 at 5:13 pm — Reply

    i dont understand the ending….
    she still goes to new york but, is she staying in new york or is she just training there and will return back to sea sons??
    plus what do you mean by “you were gonna go back-forth in New York anyways! WHY THE ASSHOLISH BEHAVIOR SATAN, WHY”
    was kento going to go to new york anyway??

    • October 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm — Reply

      Kanata will be visiting her in NY where she will be training (if I recall correctly, it’s been a year since I watched the finale lol) so they’re staying together.

  6. mare
    January 13, 2019 at 1:43 pm — Reply

    OMG, I just watched this series after all this time and LOVE ITTT.. At last I find your recap and pretty agree with you and the others in the comments that Kento and Mirei ABSOLUTELY have GREAT chemistry , really, their chemistry is undeniable. You’re right about the last episode which was frustrating at first but in the end it’s wrapped by sweet ending. Hope Mirei and Kento still gonna have projects together again in the future.

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