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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 9 Recap

Recap – Summary : After what happened with Chiaki, Misaki gets back home and pretends she’s sick to avoid the dinner with Kanata.

The next day, Kanata visits the place where the Dining Out will be held for some finishing touches- Misaki learns from Touma where Kanata is and asks him why he didn’t tell her he was gonna do a last round of preparations. Kanata replies that he thought she was still sick and didn’t want to bother her, but then he asks her to help him.

Chiaki wants to talk to Kaede about breaking up, but she picks up on it and asks him to spend one last day together so they can have fun before he does that.

After Kanata and Misaki finish their work, they have a drink nearby; they talk about their childhood, and then Misaki says that her dream has always been to work overseas. Kanata thinks that she’s doing just fine where she is, and she can still achieve small dreams, which are equally important. Misaki promises to give Kanata her answer after the Dining Out is over.

After the day is over, Kaede tells Chiaki that she’s gonna stay in Boston, since one of her friends opened a piano school and bids him goodbye, after she urges him not to keep his feelings in secret anymore.

Chiaki returns to the restaurant where she confesses to Misaki, and tells her that she doesn’t have to reply to him immediately, as he can wait. He later tells Kanata that he also told Misaki he liked her, while Kanata understands why Misaki was distant the other night.

When Misaki gets back home, Kanata tells her that he knows everything but before Misaki has a chance to explain, Kanata says that she must be really happy now that her dream of Chiaki liking her back came true. They end up arguing as they both wish they hadn’t met each other, and the next days go by without them speaking to each other.

Touma understands that Kanata and Misaki got into a fight because of Chiaki’s confession; he tells Misaki, that she shouldn’t be sad over it, as he has two great brothers, and whatever she may choose, it will be a good choice for her.

The Dining Out day arrives, and everybody is working their best, while Misaki is missing; Oohashi asks Kanata where Misaki is but he’s unable to give a reply, as he’s not sure if she’s coming himself. After a while, Misaki arrives and apologizes for being late, but she had to bring with her some freshly harvested fruit to upgrade the plates. Chiaki approves of her decision, and adds the latest ingredients which make a great impression to the guests, as well as Misaki’s improved dessert.

Kanata thanks Misaki in his speech, both for her hard work that added to the overall quality of the plates, but also because she stood by him and admits that she’s really necessary to him. Misaki is touched by his words, and Chiaki understands that Misaki won’t reciprocate his feelings. He meets with Misaki after, and tells her to rush to Kanata while Touma cheers his brother up after getting rejected.

Kanata is back at Sea Sons to prepare for the next day when he receives a call from Oohashi. Misaki rushes back to the restaurant and is ready to confess her feelings to him; Kanata doesn’t seem to pay attention to her, and Misaki catches him by surprise, when she kisses him. She finally tells him she likes him as well, but while Kanata seems happy at her words initially, he notes that is now too late for them.


Reflection Corner :

Kanata’s pooped-disgusted face, is exactly how I felt for the majority of this episode :



Maaaan, Sukikoto does one thing right and then turns back and does two (or more!) things wrong!


The good : Kanata and Misaki’s conversation while looking at (yet another!) the beautiful sunrise. They’re at their best when they listen to each other, talk about stories from their past and what they aspire to be; their honesty-moments and frank discussions are probably the saving grace of this show. The marble thing was really sweet, too.

oh don't mind me, I just confessed to Misaki while I know you like her. p.s I ruined your night!

oh don’t mind me, I just confessed to Misaki while I know you like each other. p.s I ruined your night together!

The bad : Chiaki, bruh, it’s a good thing that you finally decided to put yourself first but emotional-liberation doesn’t mean you have to rub it at your brother’s face and completely disregard a pretty much endgame-situation! I was like “bro what the hell?!” when he told Kanata all non-chalantly, that he confessed to Misaki, and he’s waiting for her answer. Umm, a little discretion here?

Also, Misaki…why the hell didn’t you turn him down at the very spot HE RUINED YOUR FUCKING CAKE. Ugh, Misaki’s “flip-flop” this episode was supposed to keep us on our toes and wonder what her decision is gonna be (…right) but damn, it was staged so badly.

obligatory dramatic noble-idiocy pose!

obligatory dramatic noble-idiocy pose!

The ugly : And here comes the noble-idiocy trope! Oh how I missed it (not!)

So Misaki’s epic cake probably booked her a ticket to a cake shop overseas, and of course Kanata has to “let his love gooooo” cause that is the “honorable” thing to do, right? Asshole, your Dining Out chef-speech  turned into a cheesy love-speech and now you’re willing to acting all cold and distant towards her without telling her the truth? Poop. But this exact reaction, encapsulates the WHOLE SHOW.

While I dig Kanata/Misaki, (mostly cause of Zaki&Mirei) Misaki getting the hell out of Sea Sons and realize her dream, might be an ideal ending. At this point, it all feels so badly orchestrated, that I’m like, w/e! (of course that won’t happen, we all know it lol)

(dude, I'm advancing while everyone else is being pooped!)

(dude, I’m advancing while everyone else is being pooped!)

Touma was the one who made the most sense in this episode, so that’s quite telling! (it was cute that he paralleled his brothers as hard-endured products, haha)

Also, Shibasaki gang should probably apply for the next Olympic Games. All that running, surely can’t go to waste, can it? (I think Misaki kept up with a car’s pace for a few seconds, UNREAL.)

Onwards to episode 10 then!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00


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  1. Jenna
    September 15, 2016 at 4:57 pm — Reply

    I wanted to slap everyone in the face for the whole episode, starting with Chiaki and following with Misaki and Kanata.
    Thankfully there is only one episode left so they do not need to look for other absurd plot devices to keep the main couple separated and make the characters look stupid. It’s a pity because I really liked the actors, the simple set up and the summery atmosphere. I think I would have enjoyed a more “slice of life” story involving their personal growth, nothing more was necessary: for example, I loved the first episodes when Misaki started working with Kanata and she made him respect her and they started to share drinks after working. Also Touma’s progress was nice to witness…Anyway, I will be happy if they end up together in last episode but I would have preferred to see them dating instead of the typical trip abroad and reunion after some time.

    • September 15, 2016 at 5:20 pm — Reply

      Yep, at least there’s only one more episode. (to frustrate us!)

      I would have rather had a couple more episodes focusing on Kanata’s sl with mom and family conflict, than this noble idiocy & flip flop. /sighs

      I still don’t think it’s a bad show, but it could have been much better, had it not resorted to silly tropes.

  2. Kosameame
    September 16, 2016 at 12:57 am — Reply

    I have so many things to say and they all amount to frustrations!

    I had an Aha! moment right after Kanata said he doesn’t like Misaki anymore after that phone call and my guess is the same as yours – that Misaki got her big chance somewhere. But it still frustrates me to no end when Kanata said that! Why can’t Kanata just be honest about his feelings? Urgh.

    And can someone please do away with this noble idiocy trope. We’ve had enough! *shakes fist at script writer*

    Ok, rant over lol. Thanks for the recap kipzizz!
    I’m gonna wait patiently (not) for the ending.

    • September 16, 2016 at 11:24 am — Reply

      lol, he could have just been honest with her and talk about the possibility of waiting for her or not wait for her cause things will be difficult blah blah.

      Either way, a little honesty since we’re in the last episode wouldn’t be the worse thing, but alas, we’re gonna spend the last episode flip-flopping, until the last 5 mins where Misaki is gonna find out the truth, stay in Sea Sons and that’s just it.

  3. Andechi
    September 17, 2016 at 5:26 pm — Reply

    So agree with your opinion on so many level!
    I’d prefer them to just become a couple, and face any obstacle together instead of being idiotly noble for all the wrong unnecessary reason. Last minute will be rushed, thus impossible to believed. What’s on the writer’s mind??

    • September 17, 2016 at 6:04 pm — Reply

      “What’s on the writer’s mind??”

      probably the trope of noble idiocy, lol :p

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