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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 19 – 20 Finale ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

“Uncontrollably Fond” through many tears and sadness, finally came to an end. It was a nice ride and although in my opinion the drama was not a masterpiece, still for its genre it was a very good work, with a great production.

There where many things that needed to come to a closure during the drama and the last two episodes, were focused on that. In the beginning of episode 19, when Joon Young wakes up, his memory is back. He tells Noeul she would live her life, creating the world she wanted. I believe he meant, that after her father’s death Noeul didn’t fight for justice, because she had to survive somehow with money, but now with that usb on her hands Noeul could go back to her old self. Then she tells Joon Young, that her accident was not his fault. Finally Joon Young got forgiveness, for the thing he always suffered the most.



While Noeul and Joon Young decide to live his last days away, at a place the top star built for them, he again forgets and goes back to the old times. He gets a call from Hyun Woo and all excited he leaves, for his office. There the evil father, realises Joon Young is at the time where he was still a University student. Somehow it’s like he witnesses, how his relationship with his son would be, if he didn’t become a corrupted man. He breaks into tears, am I supposed to pity him, ummm not. He then gives a call to Noeul, who has given him the usb and entrusted him to do what he wants. He asks her why she gave it to him, when she knows what a terrible man he is, she gives the simplest answer “Because you are Joon Young’s father”, cry me a river now Hyun Woo.

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While Joon Young gets his memory back, he throws a party for the restaurant squad and asks for them to take care of his mother, it was a dramatically funny scene with all of them wearing sunglasses to avoid the tears. After he gets a visit from Nari and Jik, he realises Noeul is alone at their place. When he gets there she is sick and they have a talk where Noeul asks to die with him.

That’s how episode 20 starts. Joon Young is mad at her, when he gets her to the hospital, because of Noeul’s talk. I mean I understand how Noeul feels, Joon Young gets it too, especially when he sees that video of her waiting for him and being happy with just waiting, as long as ta some point he actually comes back. After they get back from the hospital and they walk without talking, Joon Young finally breaks. He shouts out, how he wants to live and that he is scared he is going to die. Noeul then realises, how reckless of her was, to say that she wanted to die and how scary Joon Young’s reality is.

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The evil mother continues being evil and what was I mostly mad about in these episodes, was that she didn’t get any justice for all the crimes she had committed, she just sat there at her white living room being evil. Well she flips out because Hyun Woo, got the truth out and aired the video from the usb. She even admits how she put Ji Tae in the car accident, so she could protect her husband’s crimes. I really don’t know what to say for the evil mother, I give up. Hyun Woo’s image got a little bit a better in the last episodes, still they deserve each other and as it seems they are going to spent a life full of misery together.

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Ha Roo and Jik got only one scene of a few seconds 🙁 Where Haroo says, that she wants his number again, so that she could call him when she meets someone better than him. Now she knows that he was lying about his sexuality, because of his father accident. It is open whether they’ll get back together after this. How did Haroo react in front of her family’s truth, we’ll never know.


Ji Tae meets Joon Young while he has no memory of him. They have a cute talk and Ji Tae being the lovely person he is, tells him that next time they meet, he will be a decent older brother to him. I think Ji Tae’s speech was the one I loved the most from the last episode.

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Ji Tae visits Jung Eun in prison too. Why did she only go to prison, what about Hyun Woo her father the old fart and all the lying bitches, how did they get away with their crimes. Anyway Ji Tae confesses to her how he once thought, that he would have a happy life if the two of them were together. They have a flashback of the first time they met during school, where Jung Eun was still creepy, about having a crush on him, for eight years at that time. When she realises what Ji Tae told her, she is socked and as usual of her she flips out and yells at him. Ji Tae somehow implies, that if her time at prison, makes her again the kind person she used to be, then when she gets out, they might get together again. How many years will she do? We didn’t get much information for that.

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Joon Young’s mother after being in denial as always, goes to meet him. He of course doesn’t recognise her, but after she cooks him, his favourite food, he starts crying and feels sorry for not recognising her. They have a talk of how she got engaged and she will have two step-children now, they both sincerely express their feeling and is a touching scene. I mean the one that hurts the most after a loss, is always the mother.

Noeul and Joo Young are finally alone. Joon Young says he is tired and Noeul lends him her shoulder. It’s probably their last time together. Noeul says she wont be weakening him up, to play with her anymore and that he should rest. All this time he was worried about others and he suffered, it’s time to forget them and finally sleep peacefully. That is what Noeul is saying to him, but Joon young probably has already left. I mean even the star that falls, at that moment symbolises that. I will be a nerd, talking about how it is impossible to die so peacefully when you suffer from a terminal illness, I mean wasn’t he in pain, wouldn’t it be inevitable to go to the hospital the last days. Anyway he might didn’t die then, did he die at all? Before I get to that, I will say how I loved the fact, despite the many tears, that it wasn’t a dramatically over the top ending. It was like all of them had come in terms, with Joon Young’s situation and they tried to make the best they could.

Then some time later, when the flowers blossom (remember when Joon Young and his mother talked, how she said that when spring comes, when it rains and it’s windy she will always think about him), the squad is at his place, removing furnitures. Jang Kook Young dates Nari and Jang Man Ok has great hair. Then they find a video of Joon young, where he expresses some of his thoughts. He says “Am I still, alive”, we never get an answer for that. Well probably he has died, but it’s the choice of the writers and the director, not to mention it like that. It’s not like an open ending, it’s just that Joon Young still lives among the ones he loved, in their hearts and in their thoughts. That is why Noeul becomes the fighter of justice again, with Joon Young’s help she once again fights for what she believes.

In the last scene, she talks to a poster of Joon Young that says”Congratulations for surviving the day”, probably it has something to do with his documentary, Noeul kisses Joon Young on the poster, sees his smile and smiles back. The end.

An intense drama with a heartwarming and predictable (not in a bad way) ending. I mean, I prefer something like this, than an unrealistic miracle, where Joon Young lives-ending.

What do you guys think?

p.s Unfortunately I couldn’t upload many images, due to technical problems.

Always thanks to all the subbers who work hard, to bring us the dramas ♥

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