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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 7 Recap

Recap – Summary : Manami confirms the truth of Touma’s words and explains why she came looking for Kanata after all those years.

She asks for his help, as their biological mother has a health problem and possibly needs him to donate blood for her, but Kanata is still shocked about what he just heard, and storms out of the house. Misaki makes an effort to follow him to no avail, while Chiaki argues with Touma why he blurted out the truth like this; Touma replies that it’s because he couldn’t do it, he had to take it upon himself to reveal the truth.

Later, while Kanata is still missing, Misaki asks Touma why isn’t he worried about Kanata, but Touma says that Kanata has everyone on his side as always, and him being worried makes no difference. Misaki and Touma encounter Kanata outside the house, but Touma passes him by silently.

The next day, at the restaurant, Chiaki tells Misaki how Kanata came to live in the house, and how Kanata’s mother was once an employee in Sea Sons- he explains how he never saw Kanata as an adopted brother and that is why he never told him the truth, which would only hurt him anyway.

Misaki realizes that Kanata has left the house, and Chiaki suspects he might have gone to visit his biological brother in the hospital she’s being treated, in Onomichi. Misaki says that she’s not gonna leave him alone, and her and Chiaki set off to find him.

While they’re ready to travel to Onomichi, Kaede informs Chiaki that she found where Touma is, who also left the house after Kanata did, and Misaki urges him to go back to Touma, while she’s gonna handle Kanata.

Kanata finds where his mother is staying, and pays a visit to her; she asks him who he is, but before he has a chance to reply, Manami arrives, and they both pretend that Kanata is a friend of hers. The mother is happy that Manami has a handsome friend such as Kanata, since Manami is usually shy and then refers to her as her only child.

After wandering around, Misaki meets Manami, who tells her what happened in the hospital, and how despite her mother being indirectly harsh to Kanata, he decided to help her, much to her relief.

Meanwhile, Kaede directs Chiaki to the place Touma is staying, and asks him to confide in her more, as she wants to help him.

Chiaki asks Touma not to add to the trouble of what happened the other day, but Touma thinks that it’s ironic that his father always paid attention to somebody that wasn’t his real son, and how even Chiaki  did the same. Chiaki tells him that he’s wrong and he asks him to follow him somewhere.

Misaki finds Kanata and tries to cheer him up by offering an ice-cream; Kanata doesn’t seem to be in the mood though, and thinks how right now, he won’t be able to grant his father’s wish of teaching Touma to cook so Sea Sons can stay in the Shibasaki family for a long time. Misaki comments how Kanata is similar to Chiaki, in wanting to protect the family and tells Kanata that Touma will be fine, since Chiaki is with him.

Chiaki takes Touma to the restaurant, and reveals to him that Kanata hasn’t let anyone else in the kitchen since he became chef, because he was waiting for Touma to finish cooking school and assume the position next to him- their father, wanted to teach Touma his special recipes too, but he fell ill and he didn’t manage to do it. Chiaki gives Touma the recipe-book of their father, which includes notes, that would help Touma, specifically.

Misaki persuades Kanata to take a biking tour around Onomichi, and then they watch the sight-seeings together.

After spending half the day together, Misaki wonders if Kanata is feeling any better; Kanata asks her why she came to find him, and Misaki replies that she wanted to by be his side. She gives him back the Sea Sons keys, and he happily accepts them, as they’re both ready to head home.

Chiaki acts like nothing happened, and tells Kanata that since he didn’t work in the restaurant for the day, he’s not gonna be paid for it- he then welcome him home, as Kanata seems happy to be back. He quickly heads to the restaurant to prepare for the next day, where he finds Touma waiting for him; Touma asks him to teach him everything he can, as Kanata complies in his own strict way.

Chiaki and Misaki are happy to see Kanata and Touma working together, and on their way home, Chiaki thanks Misaki for bringing Kanata back; Misaki says that it wasn’t her that brought him back, it was actually him, himself. She comments how Kanata didn’t tell the truth about himself to his mother, since he considers himself a Shibasaki and that is because Chiaki always treated him well, and like a real brother. Chiaki is touched at her words and thanks her while she walks away.

Touma and Kanata are having a beer after they’re done with work, and Touma comments how delicious the beer tastes after having worked that hard. He then remarks how Misaki was the one to find Kanata- Kanata shrugs his words off but he understands what his brother means, while Chiaki takes a sleepy Misaki to bed, and gazes at her thoughtfully.



Reflection Corner :

sukikoto ep 07 0100006

Betsuni-couple, slowly turning into sunset-couple, lol. What is it with Misaki and Kanata always ending up watching the orenji-time of day? Hummm, smells like young love, DON’T IT. :p

Kudos to Misaki for keeping her cheerful and lively attitude, traveling to Onomichi (what a beautiful place btw, one of these days I’m gonna travel to Japan, visit Onomichi and eat my blue ice cream too, ONE OF THESE DAYS) and dragging Kanata around so he could forget his troubles; and that’s Misaki’s charm. Despite being worried about Kanata, she maintained a cherishing-approach, and that got through to Mister-I-Never-Change-My-Shirt (…he never does! lol)

Kanata was quite silent this episode (he had like, 20 lines AT MOST) but it makes sense- considering that he’s already a very private person, he wasn’t gonna voice out this thoughts, and while being hurt about the truth, he took an honorable route to helping his biological mother.

sukikoto ep 07 0100019

In the end, he returned to his real home, understanding that the family-bond he has formed with his brothers, isn’t something that can be measured with blood, or the lack of.

sukikoto ep 07 0100020

Chiaki is such a good bro, maaaan. He’s like the glue of the Shibasaki-family. He might have “messed up” in the sense that he didn’t tell Kanata the truth earlier, even though in these situations, truth is a double-edged-sword, isn’t it? Still, he tried to fix the situation as best as he could, and when he realized that Kanata was in Misaki’s “good hands” (…that sounds wrong again lol) he focused his attention to Touma, who had his own insecure demons to battle with.

sukikoto ep 07 0100021

While Touma did act like a prick for a large part of the episode, (he had a reason to act like it, but still, his behavior was poop) it was the first time I was actually interested to see how he will react ultimately; would he still twist-turn the situation and trying to antagonize Kanata (and on a deeper level his father) or would he understand that it’s also himself that he needs to sort out first? Thankfully, with the aid of big awesome aniki, he realized that being “hostile” against everything, isn’t the right way to go through life and accepted his brothers’ help. He can’t be like Kanata and he doesn’t have to be, and it was important for him to truly get that; he also took a step to really understand his father’s wishes that now align with his own.

The Shibasaki family came unscathed after facing a very difficult situation, so all that needs to be taken care of now is that dog-fetish guy, like, gtfo of Shibasaki lawn amigo. Aaaaand…hum, will there be a chivalry-knight fight between Kanata and Chiaki about Misaki? Chiaki’s contemplative gaze in the end was romantically-suspicious. Hate to break it to you pal, but, when your brother is silent like a mummy but he STILL stares like this :

sukikoto ep 07 0100003

and this :

sukikoto ep 07 0100004

and while Misaki is worried sick and dead-tired, but she still stares like this :

sukikoto ep 07 0100018

and this :

sukikoto ep 07 0100015


…big-awesome aniki,well, YOU LOSE BIG GUY! (in one Claire Redfield’s words! :p)

Onwards to episode 8 then!


disclaimer -this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00


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  1. kosameame
    September 2, 2016 at 2:37 am — Reply

    Thank you for the recap!

    I really enjoyed this drama and yes, I can’t wait for the next episode!
    I hope we get to see more Touma doing something in future episodes heh.

    Also, can I say how good looking Kento is in this drama with his tan? (or maybe just me, eh).


    • September 2, 2016 at 11:27 am — Reply

      Yeah, it took a few episodes (…well quite a lot!) but I can say that I’m now rooting for Touma too!

      I totally agree about Kento, I’ve seen him in other stuff too before but idk what’s going on with Sukikoto, he’s as dapper as ever! :p

  2. Kosameame
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    It must be the tan, I swear!
    Because how the heck is he supposed to look dapper when he doesn’t even change his shirt lol. He needs a stylist pronto!

    • September 2, 2016 at 1:29 pm — Reply

      but that’s the thing, he’s ALWAYS with the same outfit/expression, yet he still manages to look so good! :p

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