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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 15 – 16 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

“Uncontrollably Fond” keeps giving us pain, sadness, tears and melo, a great amount of melo. But you know you can’t stop watching it, because it’s our number one guilty pleasure.

Starting from Joon Young’s mother, there are not many bad things I can say about her in the last episodes. She seems to be getting closer to reality and finally realises, how things are. She is nice to her son and gives him the right advice. She leaves her delusional love and goals that had to do with Hyun Woo behind and becomes the mother, she should have been a long time now.

Noeul gives a last chance to her and Joon young, by going to his place. She realises there is no hope for their relationship and asks him for money. This way she can avoid him, because of the embarrassment and she can return the money to the evil mother, which she does. She thinks it’s the last meeting with him, if only she k

, what is going to happen next.

Noeul is ready to move on, when she has to work on the old tapes from Joon Young’s documentary. Imagine you have your heart-broken from the one you love and then you have to see his face, on the big screen for hours, it’s like a torture. That’s why Noeul, is extremely cute when she tries to avoid looking straight at his face, while working. The strange things is, some tapes that have no sound and she can’t tell what Joon Young is saying.

Meanwhile Joon Young has his game on, with Jung Eun. This bad boy image and the push and pull game, would work on every girl who had to with someone like Joon Young. It’s extremely annoying and immature and I wouldn’t consider dating seriously someone like that, but Jung Eun is desperate and again it’s Joon Young. She flips out for a while, that must be her thing, she even throws a glass of wine to his way. He is clever though wanting to bring her to that point and make her cut her ties with Ji Tae’s family, then everything would be easier for him. I mean I guess, cause, we still don’t know what he is planning.

In the beginning of episode 16, Noeul finally realises what Joon Young is saying and that is a clever way from the writers to avoid a makjang scene. Noeul gets to know about Joon Young’s illness through the tapes and being the strong character she is, she goes straight to his doctor, to learn everything about his situation. Joon Young gets informed, that she knows everything and finds her in his house. She acts like nothing is wrong and says she decided to continue working for his documentary, because it would be great for her resume, regretting asking for 10.000 dollars to disappear. Joon Young of course sends her away.

In this mess Jik and Haru, decide to date. But now Jik becomes the crazy one instead of her. He hearts beats fast, even by holding her hand, he wants to be serious about her. Asking her to meet her parents and introduce her to his sister. I can’t imagine how happy Haru’s mother and father would be, when they find out Jik is their daughter’s boyfriend. Haru get’s a bit confused, not only for his old school ways, but mostly because they can’t have skinship and kiss.

Ji Tae is slowly becoming my favourite, since he moves on with his plan to destroy (maybe I’m using a harsh word here but still) his parents. He wants to take away his evil mother’s position at the JK group. This of course wont be easy.

He then meets his father outside of Joon Young’s house. Hyun Woo pretends he is there, to ask the big star for a hallyu event, Ji Tae plays with his mind and makes him wonder if Joon Young is really his son.

Ji Tae also plays Joon Young. They have a cynic talk about his condition and Ji tae says to him, since he is going to die, he should leave the revenge to him, without complicating things. Joon Young becomes mad, because all this time he hid his sickness and he tried to be strong, now reality is getting closer and it’s cruel.

As they filming the documentary a determined Noeul appears, she fights with annoying representative from the company, but she has Soo Gyo’s back, I’m starting loving this guy. Joon Young starts having some symptoms and sends everyone away. Noeul is Noeul and doesn’t leave. She finds him lying on the floor and helps him. I have said before, that I love how composure she is, no crying, no shouting, she has a terrible situation in her hands and fights in the best way. That is why she tries to talk some sense to Joon Young, telling him to go to the hospital even warning him, that she might tell his mother everything. They fight and he drags her out of the house.

In the main time Jung Eun, is at Ji Tae’s place and although I don’t like her, she puts the evil mother in her place. In a previous scene, there was a hint that the evil mother in the past, has again been involved in Jung Eun’s love life, at least that is what I got. I mean where that evil mother, hasn’t been involved? Jung Eun declares she doesn’t need them, I loved the phrase “I can buy whichever bag I want, on my own”. She leaves Ji Tae and goes to find Joon Young and finally as a free woman, she can be devoted to him, that’s what he wanted.

But at his place Noeul has come back and finally she brakes. She hits his door crying telling him how she feels about everything. Joon Young can hear her, because he is outside of the house, calling Soo Gyo to ask about pororo,that he has forgotten, he has sent away. He stands there listening to Noeul ready to cry. Soo Gyo then calls him back, he tells him how terrible he is for hurting Noeul, I mean he is my hero. Well I can’t really blame Joon Young, because he has that problem with his consciousness about Noeuls accident, that’s why he doesn’t want to be happy. But I don’t see how pushing her away, after she knows everything about his illness, is helping either of them. He then wonders about a notification, he has on his phone and has once again forgotten.

When he opens the door, which I don’t know if he does it to meet Noeul, after she asks him for another chance, he sees Jung Eun. She tells him ,she is free and hugs him in front of a Noeul, who is creeping behind the door and Joon Young sees.

I really don’t like the whole forgetting think Joon Young is facing now. I know it can be a symptom of his disease, but I hope it wont lead to amnesia. I mean it would be terrible, if the theory, about him falsy believing Jung Eun is his love, I run to in some comments, would come true.

Well from the preview, I don’t think that’s going to happen. What I made out of the few seconds, is that he is planning on revealing everything about the accident, by pretending to propose to Jung Eun in front of tv.

What do you guys think?

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