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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary : Before Kanata is able to voice out his feelings, Misaki interrupts him as she thinks that he is worried her date with Chiaki will be a disaster.

She thanks Kanata for that, but she says that things will go alright before she heads off to sleep.

Misaki calls her friend, who encourages her to do her best in the fireworks-date, as it is a perfect setting for her to confess her feelings to Chiaki.

The next morning, Misaki watches the news that talk about the fireworks festival, and wonders if she should try to wear a yukata for that; Touma advises her to do it, as women in yukata always look better, and after Chiaki comments that he likes yukata, Misaki decides to go shopping for one.

Manami visits Sea Sons and wants to talk with Chiaki, but as soon as he hears that she’s Nagisa’s daughter, he tells her not to come find him again.

With the help of Nobirin, Misaki finally buys a yukata- on her way back, she sees Kaede paying a man. Kaede remarks that it was just someone who helped her study abroad but Misaki replies that she knows that’s a lie. Kaede says that she lied because that was the easiest way to break up with Chiaki, as she couldn’t tell him straight that she got bored of him. She only returned to this town because of the summer charm, but she will be leaving this place soon.

Misaki is troubled whether she should tell Chiaki that Kaede is leaving the town, and asks Kanata for advice; he says that since she lied to his brother in the first place, he doesn’t think that Chiaki would be interested whether she leaves or not. Misaki thinks that Kanata is right, and then she gets excited to talk about the fireworks date and show him the yukata she bought, but Kanata is not up for that, and throws her out of his room.

The next day, Misaki is ready to get ready for her date, and Touma jokes with her that if things don’t go well, she should date him instead- Misaki tells him that he should quickly make up with Fuka and wishes him good luck on his upcoming cooking exam, something that Touma seems troubled about.

Kanata bumps into Kaede, who tells him that she knows she didn’t tell anything to Chiaki when he saw her in Tokyo last year, because that would hurt Chiaki; she’s envious of their bond, and bids farewell to Kanata wishing him well.

After some preparations, Misaki meets with Chiaki and have fun together in the festival; Chiaki remarks that they should visit a spot where his family used to go to watch the fireworks. Misaki thinks it’s time she confesses her feelings but before she’s able to do so, some kids running around stop her from doing so. Chiaki says that he will go and buy some drinks before they head to the spot, and while Misaki is waiting, she meets the man Kaede was conversing earlier. The man reveals something important to Misaki about his relationship with Kaede, that leaves her startled, and he later visits Sea Sons where he reveals the same thing to Kanata.

As soon as Chiaki and Misaki arrive to the spot, Misaki tells him the truth about Kaede; she never studied abroad as she had to repay her brother’s debt, staying in Tokyo and working in clubs. Since she didn’t want to involve Chiaki in that, she lied for his sake and kept quiet for two years. She came back in hopes of getting back together, but since that didn’t work out and her brother asked her for money again, she’s planning to leave town tonight. Chiaki is surprised to hear the truth, and Misaki urges him to go and find Kaede and he shouldn’t worry about her. Chiaki apologizes to Misaki before he runs to find Kaede, as Misaki is left dejected watching the fireworks on her own.

Chiaki makes it in time before Kaede boards the train, and tells her that he knows the truth. Kaede pretends that she didn’t do it for him and she’s fine, but she soon breaks down as Chiaki says that he’s sorry she had to suffer alone.

Kanata finds Misaki on his family spot, and asks her why she’s crying- Misaki asks him back what he’s doing there, since he hates fireworks and Kanata replies that he also knows the truth about Kaede’s absence. He tells her that she shouldn’t be so stupidly honest, but Misaki explains that she had to tell Chiaki the truth. However,  a part of her hoped that Chiaki would stay with her and she’s hurt that she was wrong about it. Kanata approaches her, and says that he will stay by her side instead, as they both stare at the fireworks.


Reflection Corner :

suki na hito ga iru koto ep 05 0100007

Q : “Why are you nice to me in moments such as this?!”

A : Because he’s gotta show you the dere-dere moments once in a while Misaki, apart from his tsun-tsun ones that occupy 40 mins of a 45 mins episode every single darn week!

why don't you have pigtails to pull, now I gotta throw you outta the bed!

why don’t you have pigtails for me to pull, now I gotta throw you outta the bed!

Why the hell do I ship them again? I mean Kanat-asshole THREW HER OUT OF THE FUCKING BED, can you believe that! It’s actually sort of funny-ironic that Kanata accuses Misaki of being carried away and acting silly, when he, himself, is adopting the behavior of a 9 yrs old who likes his classmate but instead of telling her, he pulls her pigtails, lol.

But, as usual, despite his ill-mannered demeanor, he came through for her in the end; that was a nice moment, with the fireworks, the scenery and such. It mirrors the moment in the sunset, in episode 2 in a very similar scenario where Misaki had once again made a fool of herself and he cheered her up.

Well, since she is not the brightest bulb when it comes to recognizing who’s into her and she needs Kanata to yell this out to her as seen in the preview, I assume that next episode is officially the starting point of her exploring her feelings for Kanata and start doing stuff together- well, nice stuff hopefully, that don’t involve much bickering and throwing people out of boats and beds! (whaaat)

suki na hito ga iru koto ep 05 0100008

I felt bad for Kaede and the struggle she went through but..why couldn’t she tell Chiaki the truth? Like, let’s just not try to make sense of why she would help her loser brother by working in a bar but why not tell Chiaki what was going on. Was she ashamed or? It’s not like it was her fault. Either way, we finally saw a humane side to Kaede (too bad, my Tachibana Kara feels evaporated just like that lol) and I hope she continues playing the piano in the series, even for small segments, since her choice of music is excellent!

Touma was still…like being there in the background lmao. Okay, he made a failed omelette (I can make an omelette like that and I know shit-cooking) and another failed non-serious attempt at hitting on Misaki. Does that count for anything? idk lol

Anyways, let’s see how Mr.Betsuni and Misaki-dumpling will proceed now that they saw the fireworks together. Onwards to episode 6!

(he's sexy tsun and he knows it though!)

(he’s sexy tsun and he knows it though!)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00


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  1. greeeeeeeeeeeeeen
    August 10, 2016 at 3:20 pm — Reply

    Misaki: to having a person to like is this fun, huh?
    *camera zoom to Kanata’s face* Me: IT IS PAINFUL FOR HIM YKNOW ISFABAKA SHYSUWNQOQO
    every time.

    • August 10, 2016 at 4:43 pm — Reply

      lol but he invited her to her room, WHAT DID HE EXPECT (and then he threw her out like A RAG. I can’t, it’s still your fault I’m shipping those two, I WILL ABSTAIN from twitter the next days for sure)

      • misaki/kanatasshole #1 shipper
        August 11, 2016 at 12:05 am — Reply

        why what did I do so it became my fauuulttttt????? they’re just too adorable together so it’s their fault!!!
        NO! please log in to twitter. I’ll watch it at the same time with you then. so we can spazz together?

        • August 11, 2016 at 10:57 am — Reply

          lol there’s no escape from you, FINE FINE

  2. taejindda95
    June 7, 2017 at 1:51 am — Reply

    Oh my goodness – for the first few episodes I kinda wanted to ship Kanata and Misaki together but Kanata is bloody abusive and I cannot stand that kind of behaviour!
    It’s one thing to be rude and cold but another thing to be physically abusive towards women – ugh he needs to do waaaaay more within the next 5 episodes to convince me that he would be good enough for her. His attitude is infuriating lmao

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