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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 9 – 10 ~ review

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Too many things happened in the last episodes of “Uncontrollably Fond”. The drama now really owns the melodrama gender title, but I have to say it’s a good melodrama.

In the beginning of episode 9, Joon young meets with Noeul. She wants to say to him, that in the future she is going to trust him, but as expected from Noeul, she says it her own way. Meantime Ji Tae meets Jung Eun and gives her a passionate kiss. I don’t really understand Ji Tae’s actions sometimes, he is a character you can’t clearly tell what he is thinking.

Joon Young films a cf with Kim Yoo Na and they hold a press conference. There Joon Young gives a great speech, about his private life and being a celebrity. I think this is something every idol in South Korea and not only there, would like to say.

Afterwards while he is trying to get close to Noeul with various tricks, he takes advantage of an accident he has on the shooting scene. Noeul thinks he is with a driver, going to the hospital to a seriously injured Joon Young, but in reality the driver is Joon Young disguised. She gets angry but when she realises he is hurt, but still wants to be with her she melts. I liked this scene, because I have to admit, that it was a bit rushed to me, how Noeul started liking him. But depending on their past and all the Joon Young’s manly and straightforward confessions, it’s only natural. It’s just Noeul’s life is too hard for her to be all lovey dovey.

The bad guy of the dramas (Kim Byung Ok) appears in this episode. I mean why do they make this actor always a terrible guy? He apparently is Hyun Joon’s brother and his words only make me hate the mother more. She is incredible awful and everything she has done, explains her complexes. Ji Tae apparently knows everything. But he seems to live in his own world, thinking that this mother of his, would actually ever say the truth. I agree to the part, that despite the fact Hyun Joon is not his biological father, he is still his son, but I don’t know if the problem is, that he is from another father or all the lying.

I ship the little two cutie birds, despite the fact that Ha Roo is annoying,well she is still young. They meet and Jik asks for her to keep the little kitten he found.

This kitten becomes the reason Noeul meets with congressman after so many years, because it runs away from Haroo and ruins the things, Noeul has prepared for her father’s memorial. The congressman doesn’t remember her and being kind enough, I mean he didn’t have attitude at that time, he offers her some money. But of course Joon Young knowing everything from the past and witnessing the scene, he gets angry and gets involved. Hyun Joon remembers him and then he says some harsh words to him.

When Joon Young and Noeul are left alone they fight because of Hyun Joon’s money. Joon Young leaves and being angry with everything he calls his mother. Finally he let’s everything out. The mother who has previously denied to go to the festival and accept Joon Young’s award, she is in the bathroom of the festival’s building when she gets the call. I mean I don’t get her at all. Is she a five year old? Why would you say I am not going, make the other person feel terrible and then hide in the  bathroom? Did she plan to actually accept the award? In my opinion what Joon Young actually wants to say to her being affected by the incident with Noeul earlier, is that “I WOULD NEVER BECOME A FAIR CONGRESSMAN BECAUSE I AM MY FATHER’S SON”. I mean the mother has this ideal image of Joon Young’s father, that is why she always wanted the perfect son for the perfect man. I can’t help but think that she is just selfish, she doesn’t really care about her son but for Hyun Joon.

Noeul is in a bad mood at the car, when she sees Hyun Woo laughing in front of her. Many memories come back to her, of her father the accident, the things Hyun Joon told her when she went to meet him. For a while she thinks of hitting him with the car, but Joon Young appears and saves him. Noeul crashes the car because she regrets her actions and tries to avoid hitting both Joon Young and Hyun Joo.n Do I blame her? No, I don’t know what I would do, if I were her and I like this part of Noeul that is only human.

On her effort to avoid the accident she gets hurt and Joon Young’s carries her to the hospital. I have to admit that there is plot hole here. Because there seems be a lot of people at the hospital recognising and filming Joon Young carrying Noeul and they don’t mention anything later on the episode.Maybe they will use that later.

Joon Young has a talk with Ji Tae, I love how blunt he is sometimes.Well right now he seems to only focus on Noeul, he is sorry he couldn’t protect her and maybe thinking of the future, where things will get worse and it would be even more difficult.

Another cute scene from the little ones. I might sound pedonoona but was Jik is really handsome and manly in this scene, the rich girl is already falling for him, wait till she founds out who his sister is.

Noeul lies to her brother and Na Ri about the accident and she says she has been working all this time. Joon Young suggests they go away for a month and Noeul wishes it was more, ten months or ten years. Joon Young gets a bit startled on Noeul’s words, probably thinking about his illness, but they have a playful conversation and the roles seem to be reversed from the previous episode.

What I mentioned before about Joon Young not being able to protect her, here comes on of the most heartbreaking moments. When they are ready to leave the from hospital, the police comes to arrest her, for trying to kill Hyun Joon. Joon Young gets worse and hears everything but can’t really walk to her.

Then at home when he seems to at least be able to stand on his feet. The manager locks him in the room after the Nam Goong’s orders. He is in great pain and locked in the room without a cellphone.

Noeul is in prison and I love the director’s great trick with the prison food and then going to the high society’s rich dinner. It seems like the poor and the rich are different. Here not only the food but the injustice is being shown, how they talk about Noeul’s father’s death while eating delicious food and then the horrible mother. She has done awful things and still can’t kill the fish, the irony. I have to give it up to the director and the writers for these scenes.

It seems like the mother not only sued Noeul this time, but she has done wrong things to her in the past. The congressman eavesdrop the conversation and later when he is alone at his office he remembers, who Noeul is.


Noeul gives her coat and Joon Young’s scarf to a lady at the same cellar and then she gets cold. She has some hallucinations and sees her father. It’s a very touching moment, and Noeul’s situation is explained here, in the most accurate way. How she needs money to survive and even accepts them from the person, who lied about her father’s death, the loan sharks who are after her, how she has to live for the sake of her brother. “Can’t you take me where you are?” describes how desperate she has been.

Joon Young might not have a cell phone, but he has a phone and talks with his lawyer who, too has orders from Namgoong and doesn’t help Joon Young get Noeul out of jail. Jik goes to ask hom for her help, but he can’t even answer the door He then calls his uncle (if I am not mistaken, that’s their relation), who runs to his house with Joon Young’s mother. His mother founds him lying in his bedroom, she might have found him even worse, if she insisted not to take the call (I mean I’m so done with her). When she tells him to get him to the hospital, Joon Young’s first thing in mind is Noeul.

In the next episodes things are going to get even more complicated, with Joon Young going to congressman house, so that he can get Noeul out of prison. His mother seems to be getting even more annoying that usual, so wait for reviews full of ranting.

What do you guys think?

Always thanks to all the subbers who work hard, to bring us the dramas ♥

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