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Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru ep 3-4 ~ review

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Finally the mystery is unravaled in the last episodes of “Seisei Suruhodo Aishiteru” , as we the viewers, who have been all this time in the dark, get to know more about Miyoshi’s wedding.

Let’s take it from where we left last time. In the beginning of episode 3 Miyoshi declines Kurihara’s offer to be his lover. Then Kurihara get’s all awkward around him and tries to avoid him.

That’s when Miyazawa finds some room, to bring Kurihara to his company and offer her to come work for them and quit her current job. While Miyazawa walks her home, Miyoshi is waiting there and sees them together. Miyoshi was worried about her because he had met Yota before at the company, but then jealous mode turns on and they have an intense talk.

Kurihara is worried that she may not be able to work at the company she loved as a kid, because of everything that has happened there. That is why it is wise not mix your private life with work.

Her and Miyoshi, have to do some work together and they go after a scammer, who tries to hurt the company. They find him at a hotel out of Tokyo and because of a traffic problem or a train problem or something like that, they have to spend the night there. What a surprise there is only one room left at the hotel, so they have to be together.
It’s a chance for them to talk things out. Kurihara is more gentle towards, because after a talk she accidentally listened at the company, she realises how many burdens Miyoshi has right now, with both work and his private life.
She once again decides to stay by his side no matter what, and they have a pretty talk about happiness and the burdens of life. They sleep together and Miyoshi asks for her to trust her no matter what.

Well everything goes well with work and with that beautiful CEO’s son. Until Yota appears. This guy has become so annoying.I mean his leg is hurt and he still goes around like crazy, imagine what he would do if he was fine. He takes Kuriahra to the hospital, finally the secret gets exposed and we have been fooled all this time. Yuka is Miyoshi’s wife and she is in a coma, Haruka is just his sister in law.

On episode 4 Kurihara is in an awkward situation, in Yuka’s room with Haruka and Yota. She is shocked by this truth and once again avoids Miyoshi. She goes on a summer festival with Miyazawa who promises to help her with Hiro, a novelist the company needs for a special article.

Chiaki and Akari take Miyoshi and Kuno at the same festival, so Chiaki can fish some information on Miyoshi’s wedding.

Let me take some time to explain what has happened to the second leads until now. Kuno is not a great guy after all and the thing is, he is being kind of an ass without even realising it. He meets with Akari at home and they drink and talk about writing, having a wonderful time and then she picks up Chiaki from the airport. Well if I have to choose a favourite character from this drama that would be Akari, I love how blunt she is and how she speaks her mind, although she seems to be denying her feelings for Kuno.

Anyway the four of them happen to meet the two others and then jealous Miyoshi strikes again. Before the meeting, Miyazawa and Kurihara have a talk. He seems to know everything for her relationship with VP and he is too worried about it. Well apart from his evil work plans he seems to be falling in love with her.

Kurihara leaves Miyoshi and ends up sleeping at Miyazawa’s place, because of the flood n her house. Of course they don’t sleep together he goes to friend’s house. If I were Kurihara, I would definitely consider Miyazawa as Super Sunior say he is “sexy free and single” :P. I don’t know I like this character and the actor is handsome too.

There comes the scene where Kuno and Miyoshi talk, these scenes are as funny as the ones the main male lead plays guitar and the main female lead goes to karaoke. I mean Kuno seems to always wonder about who is precious to him, that’s how him giving love to both girls is explained. But in the end he never gets any advice because they end up talking about Miyoshi’s problems.

At one meeting like this Kurihara picks up a drunk Miyoshi and ends up taking caring of him at his house. He wakes up and finally talks with her about his marriage. So this talk might be helpful, to those who were worried about the morals of the main leads so far. Miyoshi’s marriage seems like a closed case. He and his wife were happy until work got in the way and she cheated on him, so they decided on a divorce and then the accident happened, as they were going to announce it to her parents. Well his truth helps to like Miyoshi more, but the truth is I’m still confused about everything that is going on in their love lives.

Miyoshi is in a very tough situation and his guilt doesn’t help that much. He has found the girl he loves, but with his wife, who is still not his ex, he is caught between two people. The clear example of this is in the ending of episode four, where he has to decide wether to run to a hurt Kurihara or his wife at the hospital?
We’ ll find out next, but who was that, who hit Kurihara? It must have been annoying Yota who is working with Haruka, I saw his crutches.

What do you guys think?

Always thanks to all the subbers who work hard, to bring us the dramas ♥

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    August 10, 2016 at 6:33 pm — Reply

    Is it just me , because when he kissess her I’m in spastic mood? I think Tackey is aging sexily, if there is a word as such.

    • August 12, 2016 at 2:59 pm — Reply

      Hahahahahahaha truth is they have some better kisses, than the awkward “I kiss you like my lips are meeting a wall” kind of kisses some dramas have 😛

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