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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 4 Recap

Recap – Summary : The Shibasaki brothers go fishing and Touma asks Chiaki about Misaki.

Chiaki admits that he’s thinking about her in a sincere way as Kanata listens to his words remaining silent.

Later, Touma drops by the surf shop where Mikako tells him that Kanata took Misaki to see the sunset with Nobirin’s boat something that surprises Touma.

Kaede pays a visit to the Sea Sons restaurant, and tells Misaki that she will fight for Chiaki and on her way back, she meets Kanata, who warns her to stay away from his brother, as he knows what she did the two years she was absent. At the same time, Chiaki meets an old acquaintance who has some surprising news about Kaede.

Misaki’s friend encourages her to invite Chiaki in the upcoming fireworks festival as she believes that would be the ideal date, but Misaki is unsure how to do that and ends up fumbling at her words.

Nobirin announces that it’s time for the annual BBQ and invites everyone from the Shibasaki household to help him and have fun together.

The next day, on their way to the BBQ place, Misaki ends up with Kanata in the same car and asks him if he likes fireworks. He tells her he’s not interested in that kind of stuff and he dislikes big crowds, and she wonders if Chiaki would have the same reaction as his brother.

In the BBQ spot, everyone’s assigned to a task, and Misaki ends up helping Kanata who seems to be in a bickering mood, but she is soon asked by Chiaki to help him fish. While fishing, Misaki makes another failed attempt to ask him out to watch the fireworks while Kaede arrives, after Nobirin invites her.

Touma argues with Fuka, who thinks that he’s slacking off in school compared to how he started, and Touma replies that he only needs her to be pretty and not talk, something that infuriates her as she slaps him and walks away.

Chiaki tells Kaede that he knows she never studied abroad, and instead she was working in a bar in Roppongi in the two years she was supposed to be abroad; Kaede explains she had a good reason to lie to him but Chiaki insists that the fact she lied to him is more than enough. Before Chiaki leaves, Kaede asks him if he likes Misaki and Chiaki replies that he values her as an important member of the restaurant. Misaki overhears that conversation, and seems dejected for the rest of the day, something Kanata notices.

Back home, Misaki talks with her friend and tells her that despite having no chance with Chiaki, she decided to stay and help him with Sea Sons even after the summer, as Chiaki needing her there is already enough for her; she later informs Chiaki on her decision who’s happy to hear she will stay there some more.

The next day, Misaki is testing a new dessert that’s called “hidden emotions” and explains to Kanata her inspiration behind it, who seems to get where she’s coming from.

Chiaki meets the man who wants to take over Sea Sons and is refusing his offer yet again, but the man is blackmailing him with a family registry that reveals a secret concerning the Shibasaki family.

Meanwhile, Touma meets Manami who asks him about his brothers, and later reveals to him that he’s looking for her own lost brother, Takumi.

Chiaki returns to the restaurant after the meeting and finds Misaki still working on new desserts; he asks her to join him for a drink and he tastes her latest dessert. Chiaki comments how he wouldn’t expect Misaki to have things she can’t say out loud, and seems like everyone is having trouble expressing themselves nowadays. Misaki whispers she wants to go see the fireworks, but before she’s able to back on that, Chiaki invites her to go see them if she wants to.

Misaki is happy, and later reveals to Kanata that she finally told Chiaki about the fireworks festival, while Kanata seems disinterested; Misaki jokingly remarks that it looks like he’s jealous and as she’s ready to leave, Kanata surprises her, telling her not to go to the festival.


Reflection Corner :

Alright, let me count the times Kanata looked broody-melancholic-grumpy, every time Misaki was crushing on Chiaki.

I mean come on Kanata, you are almost as bad as Misaki is, with her own feelings! You guys are KILLING ME.

suki na hito ga iru koto ep 04 0100026

Well, at least Misaki did (indirectly but still) take a step forward, even if it took like, a dozen failed attempts to get there. I can see why she likes Chiaki, since he is polite, gentle, calm-mannered and he’s treating her well; but is she in love with him, or is it the ~summer-effect~ everyone has been yapping about (I expect Grease’s “Summer Nights” to pop up at some point!) and she’s thinking more with her brain, rather than her heart? It’s still a bit confusing, and the same applies to Chiaki’s feelings towards her.

On the other hand, Kanata has got it bad; he’s struggling to recognize what his newfound feelings truly are, and there’s also the fact he can’t get his head clear to identify what’s happening to him, as he’s always around Misaki and Chiaki and that drives him crazy without really knowing what that is! (psshhh that is being in love pal! :p)

suki na hito ga iru koto ep 04 0100025

He’s not really the type to hide his thoughts (heck, he has acted rudely many a times because of that!) so his “Don’t go to the festival!” to Misaki made sense, but until he realizes that he has feelings for her, it’s gonna take a while until he fully admits to it. (I bet when Misaki asks him why he told her that, he might actually reply “I don’t know myself” lol)

We got half-revelations this episode too, implying that Chiaki is not a biological brother of Kanata and Touma; most likely, he’s Manami’s real brother, but is he aware of it? He has the same picture as Manami does, so what is the “dirt” around that whole situation, that he had to give up his restaurant to that dog-fetish-guy?

suki na hito ga iru koto ep 04 0100027

Kaede was also revealed to have never studied abroad but she has been staying in Tokyo for those two years, working into bars or something like that, it wasn’t very clear.  (Tachibana Kara feels again though, hahaha) The point is, she lied to Chiaki and I suppose that’s an official deal breaker between them, unless there was a very good reason for it. Guess we will see.

Onwards to episode 5 then!

eta- oh wait, there was one more, loool.

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00

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  1. pika
    August 8, 2016 at 9:37 am — Reply

    I’m so glad to see someone recapping this drama. Thank you so much! It’s been a while since the last time i watch jdrama. I saw someone post about this drama at tumblr and i decided to binge watching this drama last week. The story is light and breezy. It’s easy to watch and perfect for summer season.

    I didnt recognized any of the actor lol.
    Chiaki remind me of ikuta toma. Maybe because of his hairstyle. Kanata remind me of young song jong ki and his character is such a tsundere. The “dont go to festival” part totally remind me of junghwan hah.

    the set up of the drama remind me of old jdrama lunch no jou. A girl working at a restaurant run by brothers. I hope there will be more stories about the youngest bro..and more food porn. Yeah!

    • August 8, 2016 at 10:37 am — Reply

      Miura DOES look like Toma, everybody says that, yep.
      And YES, definitely agree that Zaki looks like Song Joong Ki in this drama. idk if it is the pouty expression / flirty-but-not-flirty-stare but there is a HUGE resemblance!

      Funny you mention Lunch no Joou, been wanting to watch that one for a while, if only for the cast. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Noor
    August 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm — Reply

    Glad to find recap on this drama! J-Drama recaps are hard to find! ^_^ Arigato Kipzizz!

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