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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto First Look

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto aka A Girl and Three Sweethearts aka cute omelets & cakes combined with cute boys and girls. That sums up this drama series…pretty much. :p

Well, the series does boast a very attractive cast (reminds me of my beautiful inside and out Itsukoi cast /sniffs) and honestly, I was a bit cautious stepping in to watch it, since the writer’s last series was Koinaka and well…I kind of dropped that somewhere in the middle.

I thought that maybe this series will rely only on the ~pretty~ as well and won’t have much of an emotional impact. Truth be told, after finishing the third episode I’m caught somewhere between the middle of that, but more into the favorable side; it’s definitely an upgrade from Koinaka, but still has a few annoying tropes that make me go “lol why that poop.”

But I guess not every drama needs to be /that/ deep or suck you into a spiritual inner cave (..no, every drama needs to be like that, COME BACK AND HAUNT ME SOREDEMO & ITSUKOI jk jk) as long as it is enjoyable without making you wanna smash your screen or yawn. And Suki na Hito hasn’t forced me into any of those two exhilarating experiences.

So, the main character is Sakurai Misaki, (Kiritani Mirei) a hard-working patissier who by random chance, ends up working to a restaurant owned by her highschool crush, Shibasaki Chiaki. (Miura Shohei) He lets her into his house as well, where he lives with two of his younger brothers- Kanata (Zaki) the restaurant chef, who rarely wears a shirt cause..why would he lol, and Touma (Nomura Shuhei) who trains to become a chef as well.

There’s also Takatsuki Kaede (Nanao) who is Chiaki’s ex-girlfriend and has a few creepy vibes at times. Or maybe that’s just my idea since I am still associating Nanao with legendary Tachibana Kara, lol. (but come on, playing Campanella and having that deadly stare at some point in ep 3 had Kara written all over the place!)

A family-mystery looms around the restaurant as well, that is being monitored by someone who wants to take over the property and there’s also a girl who seems to be in the know about it.

Things have a knack of happening a bit too fast (I mean in the very 25 mins of the first episode, Misaki was fired, then came across Chiaki who invited her immediately to the restaurant and his house, Kanata managed to be an asshole to her 55xtimes and Touma was…well, being there haha) but the pace has improved from the latter part of the second episode.

It seems like the romantic focus (and endgame) will be given to Misaki and Kanata, despite Misaki still crushing on Chiaki. In the beginning, Kanata is INSUFFERABLE (like, why would you throw someone in the fucking sea if you don’t know if they can swim ffs!) but they are the couple that has gotten the most development compared to others and despite Misaki crushing on Chiaki, she has spent way more time conversing with Kanata and learning from him. And he’s also the guy she has seen naked, so no surprises there, hahaha.

I said I wasn’t gonna recap this summer season, but since I’m only reviewing Suizokukan Girl and that one is ending in a couple of weeks, I might as well do it.

Onwards to episode 4 then! And let us see if Touma will do something else other than riding his bike and smoking cigarettes. :p

this pic reeks of highschool careless days yaaas

this pic reeks of highschool careless days yaaas

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00

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