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Beautiful Mind Episode 11 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Killing two birds with one stone, the 11th episode of the 14-episode drama version felt like a successful blending of the 16-episode Beautiful Mind’s 11th/12th episodes even though many things must had been left out of the picture; inevitably. Young Oh found himself in the outskirts of heaven to suddenly fall from grace, but the same applied to Jin Sung who took the initiative. Blame reality because noble idiocy doesn’t suit this story.

Beautiful Mind Episode 11 Kwoncap Dramajjang

“Don’t you see why I am being this way?
I have never been afraid in my life, not even once.
However, right now, you’re the one making me most afraid.
I am afraid of what you might say
And upon hearing your words, I don’t know how I would react.
That’s what I am afraid of.”


The art of postponing, a caressing answer and a kiss.


It could be impossible, but Young Oh sincerely wanted to make an effort. He was in search of answers which would be the key that could potentially unlock the door leading to the vast ocean of feelings he’d been missing since he was a child. Right in front of him, and behind that door at the same time, there was only one person, Jin Sung. She was the only one who embraced him for who he was and she was also the fuel that kept making Young Oh’s vehicle keep moving towards the light he was craving for, but it wasn’t only Young Oh the one who kept developing through their interactions. Jin Sung may be emotionally literate, but her love life notebook was as empty as Young Oh’s emotional map and he was the one who kept filling it with words she couldn’t decipher at first. Their ongoing interactions and Young Oh’s unrelenting approach in combination with their different yet so eloquently complementing characteristics were gradually making things less blurry as episodes were passing by and we had reached a crucial crossroad.

He really orbits her, they are the human version of an astronomical phenomenon! Young Oh was surprised the moment he found out that Jin Sung didn’t know what to say, he thought that he’d receive an indirect (to say the least) answer that would indicate her feelings, but that would never be the case! Jin Sung was equally surprised for reasons I already explained, but it was the necessary hint he needed to keep avoiding the answer because he wasn’t only afraid of her reply, he also didn’t know how to react in everything she’d have to say! It was quite hilarious witnessing him pretending he had received a phone call from the ER while he was the one who called and even though Jin Sung noticed what was going on he always had to say something that would prevent her from enriching her flow of thoughts that could make things even more awkward; at least for him! Jin Sung’s smile was already pointing towards the desired direction, but she’d also have the chance to think things through by putting the cogwheels of her heart in motion!

Even when he was in charge of a patient it was more than apparent that he was still thinking of Jin Sung. When nurse Jang wondered if he was treating his girlfriends like the patient whom he was pressuring a while ago to make a decision Young Oh replied in the exact same way before parting ways with Jin Sung! He had given her plenty of time to reflect and think! “Wi-Fi” is a code word between Young Oh and Jin Sung and even though she’s his Wi-Fi it didn’t prevent her from naming his contact on her cellphone in the exact same way. While she was punishing her brother for ruining their conversation before it even began Young Oh thought that her threat to cut off his Wi-Fi was Jin Sung’s final answer and he replied accordingly. Of course, Young Oh couldn’t accept it; not through a phone call! Through Jin Sung we had the chance to witness a completely different Young Oh, the one that was surprising even himself. Everything began when she jumped into the water to save that patient and ever since Young Oh kept unveiling a more spontaneous and playfully childish side of his. We all know how serious he usually is, but he wasn’t hating the goofball Young Oh that had surfaced for some time now.

Even though they met anew later on and Jin Sung was eager to give him an answer Young Oh kept avoiding it in any way he could. However, her introduction, which he masterfully interrupted, was already positive when the “about us” factor came into play, but Young Oh derailed her plans and basketball did the talking after taking her pulse and witnessing how nervous she was. Jin Sung was actually quite good at it, but you have to admit that Young Oh was also good at pretending to be bad and letting her have the upper hand quite often; and she maintained that status! It was all about an undefined tomorrow and the next time and not now on Young Oh’s behalf and he thought that he’d escape again. Not so easily, Young Oh, not so easily.

The sparks inside Jin Sung’s heart had already turned into a flame she couldn’t fully understand, but she knew it was there and she wanted to treasure it. Just like Young Oh wanted to make an effort, Jin Sung wanted to give it a shot, but she didn’t know that it would be through the heart; her own. The kiss she initiated was both beautiful and hilarious because Young Oh kept staring at her as if he had witnessed a rare submarine form of life for the first time and once Jin Sung opened her eyes things became even more awkward. He was left speechless trying to figure out what had just happened and he was touching his lips and eventually his chest in an attempt to sense the internal change that brought a smile on his face. While Jin Sung was leaving like a squirrel who just stole the finest peanut Young Oh was hoping for an emotionally palpable change and he was magnifying the possibility in his mind because feeling and empathizing were aspects of life he was always longing for and he had sincerely tried this time. Not for the sake of a fake normality, but for everything that makes life so precious without a price (the emotional cost is something different).

A world that keeps nurturing social imbalance, but hope isn’t lost.


We had two patients this time. The first one has to be Shin Joo who needed a surgery right away, but she was 29 weeks pregnant and she couldn’t afford to lose the baby. Not because of maternal love, she was a surrogate mother because she couldn’t afford to pay for the rent and the living expenses of herself and her two children. The family that would take the child was paying for everything in order for her to give birth to a healthy baby, but her health condition was deteriorating and the intercessor was pressuring her to wait for one more week without caring if it would cost Shin Joo’s life. Young Oh wanted a definitive answer in order to act accordingly, but since he couldn’t understand the fragile nature of the overall situation he did the right thing, he asked for help. It was a matter of life and death in various ways for Shin Joo and nurse Jang, who was 30 weeks pregnant and could understand her, would be the one who would try to convince her.

Young Oh’s approach surprised Min Jae since he was taking the patient’s decision into consideration even though he wouldn’t be directly involved in the intermediate process and she could easily tell that he wasn’t the relentless savior machine he used to be in the past. She had already received the vibes Young Oh had transmitted during the previous episode and she was trying to maintain their workplace relationship as colleagues. In case he’d really want to figure out if his condition had really changed he could visit her anytime for an MRI.

The second patient is Han Mo, one of Sung Eun’s classmates who used to steal his sneakers back in the days and that’s when the stories got intertwined and we witnessed nurse Jang and Sung Eun’s characteristics to a wider extent. Even though the regenerative medicine hadn’t hit the market yet the hospital’s status had already changed and Hyun Joon was overly cautious because his brother who would try to find his weaknesses in order to overtake the hospital and put an end to Hyun Joon’s road to success. All the expensive and experienced employees would turn into contract workers and everyone on maternity leave would be forced to leave their positions. It was something that wouldn’t leave nurse Jang unaffected and she found out what was going on right after convincing Shin Joo to undergo surgery. Nurse Jang was the one who kept the patient’s logic alive. Had Shin Joo passed away nobody would be there to raise her children who’d be left all alone in a cruel world. Reminding her of her responsibilities as a mother and giving her the big picture, the one the psychological violence and her daily struggles were preventing her from seeing, made nurse Jang so enthusiastic she almost sounded like serious as Young Oh, but in her own playful way. As episodes pass by and through a wide variety of interactions, with Jin Sung always being the center of his universe, Young Oh becomes more considerate of his patients’ opinion while still remaining precise and calculative.

Once again, Beautiful Mind addressed another serious issue of nowadays society through nurse Jang’s heartfelt and combative stand in front of Dr. Leenkenstein, Soon Ho and Suk Joo. Many modern societies evangelize about gender equality, but when profit gets in the way everything is forgotten since the money-making machine is thirsty for more. Guess who usually pays the price; women. Not because they are an easy target, but because the system takes advantage of the preciousness of giving birth and transforms such a God-given gift that is a part of women’s wondrous nature into a means to make work conditions less flexible for the female employees and more profitable for the employers. Nurse Jang visualized perfectly well the struggle of a modern woman who had been married for 7 years yet she wouldn’t dare to get pregnant under the fear of getting fired before establishing herself. The nurses were taking turns in order to become mothers, as if they were products waiting for the right timing to appear in the display window, but years were passing by and she had almost entered the 4th decade of her life.

Now that she was pregnant her reward, for taking the hospital into consideration by not reducing her working hours despite her condition, would be to get transferred to another position far away from her major. Why? Because her maternity leave wouldn’t benefit the hospital and it was automatically making her expendable, but Dr. Leenkenstein urged her to put her trust in him. Suk Joo supported the hospital’s downsize approach. He didn’t want foreign investors to fund their research because the patients would be used for profit and the regenerative medicine would lose its humanitarian characteristics. Of course, Soon Ho supported his point of view, but Suk Joo was neglecting a parameter of major importance. While he was aiding Soon Ho and Hyun Joo’s methods he couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Their plan is to make money and they don’t give a fuck about patients who are just pockets that will keep filling their vaults (if they have the money to do so) in order to stay alive. While being delusional, Suk Joo helps the hospital’s transformation into a legal crime organization.

While Young Oh needed nurse Jang in the operating room, since she was someone the patient trusted, her disheartenment was preventing her from doing so. Her dream that she would become a combative and hardworking mother was lying shattered on the ground and she couldn’t tell the patient to remain strong while her own world was collapsing, it would feel like lying to her. Sung Eun tried to brighten her mood and he was successful through his own medical-oriented approach, but the antibiotic she injected to Han Mo caused an anaphylactic shock. Automatically, nurse Jang had found herself in an even more difficult position and Soon Ho wouldn’t miss his chance to point out that the time for her to leave the hospital had arrived. In the meantime, Young Oh had already noticed that Sung Eun’s diagnosis wasn’t right and he confronted Soon Ho by protecting nurse Jang all along the way. It wasn’t medical malpractice on nurse Jang’s behalf, Han Mo was suffering from lupus and it wasn’t malnutrition. The hospital administration was at fault for having fired seasoned nurses like nurse Jang while relying on low cost contract employees who wouldn’t pay all the necessary attention to the patients. Even a part of the permanent personnel wasn’t as skilled as it should and I am referring to the useless doctors who were eager to gossip but they wouldn’t care about the patient himself. Nurse Jang would be Young Oh’s surgical assistant as planned and it was definitive.

Man Ho helped us dive a bit deeper into Sung Eun’s psyche. We all know that he’s not as skilled as he should and he certainly avoids taking responsibility. He was someone who didn’t lack anything since he was a child due to his rich background and the reason why Man Ho was stealing his sneakers was to see if Sung Eun would get enraged. Instead, he always appeared with a new pair of sneakers. At the present, Man Ho was proud of his friend for having become a doctor, but Sung Eun wouldn’t refer to him as a friend, not until his condition would deteriorate. They were living in different worlds indeed and once again Beautiful Mind was visualizing different levels of the unjust social pyramid. Young Oh couldn’t be missing. He asked a question of major importance, Sung Eun was concerned because Man Ho was his friend or he was pitying him because he was poor? It was something Sung Eun hadn’t deciphered and everything was pointing towards the second direction until he witnessed him safe and sound and he was actually happy about it.

While Young Oh lacks empathy, something that prevents him from understanding the deeper core of a medical case when it comes to its emotional aspects, he was spot on when he said that Sung Eun should prevent his emotions from clouding his judgement and diagnosis eventually. The same applied to Jin Sung during the first episodes, but she was able to move forward as a violent crimes division detective. Man Ho returned to reward Sung Eun who had saved his life with a brand new pair of sneakers. Even though he was struggling to make a living he was still thankful towards his friend and his present was palpable proof that the world’s less fortunate have values the privileged minority would never imagine. Man Ho didn’t expect anything in return and he was quite meaningful when he urged Sung Eun to prevent himself from making promises that he wouldn’t keep; like drinking together at some point. Some final yet sincere medical advice was well-received and Sung Eun was thankful towards Young Oh for making him look like a good doctor to his friend, but it was all thanks to nurse Jang and his apology was accepted.

Young Oh was staring at the premature baby and nurse Jang informed him that the patient had given him/her up because she couldn’t afford to raise him/her. Even though Young Oh’s approach that everyone needed that baby but nobody wanted him/her the end was literally true at that point, but nurse Jang was glad he/she came to this world. Young Oh isn’t someone who could understand the splendor of birth, but nurse Jang believing in life-changing miracles was the most meaningful and hopeful way she could welcome this baby into this world. Nobody should be and/or feel unwelcome in this world despite the social imbalances and the various faces of discrimination and racism that keep causing harm every freaking second.

Dr. Leenkenstein thought that he could fight back everything going on inside the hospital and he really tried. He pointed out that the reorganization of the manpower and the mistakes of the inexperienced low cost nurses would lead to medical malpractices that would bring forth lawsuits that could ruin the hospital. His report along with the fact that Hyun Joon’s father was also reading it appeared to be helpful for a while, but he never imagined that his “good” old “friend” had returned and he was probably the one behind the foreign investments Suk Joo was trying to prevent. Suk Joo was forced to wake up and a violent dance is about to begin on the hospital’s chessboard. Once again, Young Oh was rubbing salt into his father’s wounds with his truthful words by making him wonder who the real monster inside the hospital was; Young Oh or the administration who valued profit over human lives?

“Has the flute played us false tunes in broken glass?”

Beautiful Mind Episode 11 Dramajjang Kwoncap Change Not Change

I am changing, I never changed, I am a man, I am a woman, I am a cheetah, I am an octopus, I like kiwis, no, I’d prefer a durian.

Jin Sung’s kiss didn’t only leave Young Oh speechless, it also strengthened his belief that something deep inside had started changing and he had put his trust in his heartbeat. He would take Min Jae’s MRI proposal into consideration because he was pretty certain that he had started having feelings, but he needed palpable medical proof that would chase away his remaining doubts. During the MRI Young Oh was like a devout pilgrim praying that feelings would become a part of his life. The purity of the moment Jang Hyuk was bringing to the surface through his crystal clear facial expression was unparalleled and placing his hand on his chest for one more time was depicting his yearning for a change. However, the test results weren’t the desired ones since nothing had changed; his frontal lobe was still damaged and he was still the empty Young Oh we had met despite his attempts to move forward.

Back in the days when the teacher was leaving, everyone was crying while Young Oh was analyzing their body signals. He had recalled his father’s words that he should laugh when others were laughing and that he should cry when others were doing so. He really tried, but the tears never appeared. However, he was rewarded with a hug since his teacher thought that he was mature for fighting back the tears. Indeed, Young Oh was too mature for his age, his condition was enforcing it while chasing away all traces of childhood in the absence of emotion. Young Oh knew everything about tears, but he hadn’t learned how to cry because it isn’t something you learn, it’s one of the most sincere extensions and visualizations of one’s feelings and Young Oh was devoid of them. At the present, he was already shattered by Min Jae’s diagnosis, but a violent déjà vu after Han Mo passed away due to his injuries made things more definitive. Everyone was crying, everyone except for Young Oh who was in shock; the deafening echo of emptiness.

It was devastating seeing Jin Sung so lively and eager to feel that Young Oh connected to his Wi-Fi, but the flow of events were one thundering step ahead which was enough to tear apart that newly acquired blissful state of heart and mind she had started treasuring one night ago. Young Oh declared the Wi-Fi signal’s absence from the start and stated that he kept fooling himself all along the way. He annihilated everything he kept building one shy step at a time because medical science holds the utter truth for someone like Young Oh and he couldn’t set aside the test results that were pointing towards an unwelcome direction. There is something, there has to be something on his behalf, nobody can convince me that there isn’t even the slightest vibe of natural attraction on his behalf. He kept being magnetized by her and it was mutual, even though it was more real and actually emotional on Jin Sung’s behalf, it’s just that Young Oh can’t break the next barrier due to his damaged frontal lobe. However, he remained sincere and he didn’t want to deceive Jin Sung. After all, he had personal experience from his relationship with Min Jae regardless of how things developed between them. Jin Sung wasn’t a guinea pig for Young Oh, she was his insightful glade and the hope for his emotional birth. The transmission may had ended according to Young Oh, but his emotionally literate Wi-Fi may have a different opinion; it takes two to tango (or Wi-Fi).


P.S. or Anatomy of a Heart: Just for the history, Beautiful Mind’s 11th episode rated 3.4%, the drama’s worst ratings to date, whereas Doctors maintained the first position with 19.2% and Monster the second one with 10.7%. The 11th episode of the 14-episode version of the drama really felt like an imaginary combo consisting of the 11th and 12th ones from the original plan of the 16-episode Beautiful Mind. There were two different medical cases which were incorporating two supportive characters’ part of the story (nurse Jang and Sung Eun). If my assumption is correct then the writer did a good job in blending the two episodes together through the two medical cases’ peripheral characteristics along with the issues of modern society they wanted to address; social imbalance and various faces of it. The absence of intermediate Jin Sung and Young Oh oriented scenes was more than apparent since their mutual scenes bloomed during the beginning and the end of the episode mainly. Jin Sung being a police officer already feels like a “necessary” sacrifice since most of the scenes were taking place inside the hospital and I don’t think that we’re going to witness some further development (at least not an excessive one) of hers as a detective of the violent crimes division except for the Hyunsung medical case itself. Given the circumstances, the 11th one was a good episode and its ending was far from what we normally call noble idiocy. Let’s call it clinical “idiocy” which isn’t idiocy at all if we take Young Oh’s condition into consideration. It’s his very own medical fact (the damaged frontal lobe and his inability to feel and empathize) despite the heart-piercing feels in the end. He wouldn’t start feeling in a blink of an eye anyway and if there’s a chance of having the absolute happy ending then I guess that we should put our trust in the regenerative medicine. Judging from the preview, Young Oh will try to detach himself from his Wi-Fi, but Jin Sung will wonder how could it be possible for him to pretend as if nothing ever happened between them. “What about me?” is a very important question she will bring to the surface and there’s that patient’s “time so we can be together” line that will make Young Oh more thoughtful. Even though he can’t feel and empathize it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy for him, the magnetic field that was bringing them closer together can’t vanish overnight. Young Oh was always trusting his medical skills to the fullest and his decisions were definitive, but he had started taking his patients’ point of view into consideration lately. This time he will make a decision he won’t be able to tell whether he made it on his own or it was his patient’s wish. Which side our doctor Lee Young Oh will take? We’ll find out in a few hours.

Beautiful Mind Episode 11 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“The signal was never there, not even once.
I have been fooled all this time.
I don’t want to deceive you.
I never changed, I am still the same and I will always be like this.
You and I are over; end of transmission.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

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-Samuel Beckett-


  1. Catalina
    July 26, 2016 at 8:16 am — Reply

    Sigh. I’ll wait to watch it fully subbed and then write a decent comment. But thanks to your review I understood some things I missed obviously because they have no sub.

    First, since I did pause after that kiss and I was dazed by Lee Young Oh/Jang Hyuk’s breathtaking and overwhelming handsomeness, I was obviously in heaven envying Jin Sung deeply. (I don’t know if religious people would find what I said coherent. Envy and heaven. Whatever, I missed the point). So I was giddy, dizzy, searched every word on my dictionary, to find a way to explain how I was left after that scene and actually every one with Lee Young Oh in it. (I hide my cheesy self most of the times. But Jang Hyuk does his work greatly and he can’t help it either, he won’t stop being handsome.)
    So I continued watching this episode, with enough subs to understand that heaven was over and a bitter hell came to the earth’s surface. The thing is, logically speaking, it’s impossible for him to change, feel, then love. At least that’s what they make me believe. Either he was diagnosed wrong or miracles do exist. What I don’t understand, yes, the frontal lobe is damaged, but does that mean he is completely unable to feel/empathize? Or there are levels of disability? And maybe someone can empathize a bit, another can’t, and so on?

    Now that I’ve read your recap, bitterness and sadness are now 100% all over me xD. Partly because of the 14 episodes. That pack, get two pay one, losing that bridge between beginning and ending, as you said. I really can’t get over it. This series is worth the time, it’s beautiful. It deserves more. I wanted to see more, to see everything the writer wanted us to receive.

    Also because I knew from the 11th episode’s preview, that face full of hope of him while saying “I’ve changed”, I knew I knew I knew, it meant nothing good.
    That’s the horrible ploy dramas/movies/whatever do: happy moment, ilussions, think that life is pink and full of miracles…nope, just delusions. Reality comes back like a nuclear bomb. I feared it the most, and sadly I was right. No change near to be seen.
    I think I already made my way to write too much, even though I “just” came to howl at the moon, as I passed by your recap.

    Just one week for it to end…sigh -______-

    • July 26, 2016 at 2:17 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much once again! You went almost-raw commando at first, you couldn’t hold back from the BM temptation! 😀

      The kiss was pure magic, it just like the way it should be between these two characters, you were envying Jin Sung and i was envying Young Oh, i really wanna squeeze with love Park So Dam the loveliest squirrel ever XD I don’t know if religious people found it coherent, but i certainly understood what you meant with your sinfully devout combo of heaven and envying XD I try to hide my cheesy self at times too, but when some of my super noonas or lovely agassis come into play i can’t hide it anymore, it comes forth naturally just like Jang Hyuk gives life to your cheesy self! He’s one of my super hyungs i’d laugh and drink soju with!

      Yup, this episode was a roller coaster train taking us from heaven to hell and hell is where we are right now hoping that we won’t stay there for a whole week, i hope the 12h episode will give us enough love and hope to go back to earth, at least xD Yup, that’s the drama’s aspect of his condition, that he can’t feel and empathize even if he will try, but his attempts are sincere and he deserves even the slightest emotional vibes! It’s heart-breaking! I have denounced the wrong diagnosis aspect, i actually never put my trust in it since it wasn’t only his father, it was also the other doctor who diagnosed him (of course, there are misdiagnosis incidents both in real life and dramas, but i didn’t want something like that to be the case for Young Oh, it would be the drama medical equivalent of a birth secret and it would ruin a big part of the magic for me) , so i will put my trust either on miracles or the regenerative medicine, the research team tries to make it possible to regenerative heart and brain cells. I am not a doctor so my point of view has no medical value, but based on the drama and everything we have witnessed there must be enough damage for him to not feel or empathize at all. But i do assume as well that there must be levels of disability with some people feeling a bit and some others not at all with Young Oh being in the second and most unlucky category, unless there were chances he could feel but never worked on it with proper treatment since his father was always trying to make him look like a normal person. If that’s the case, learning how to feel up to the extent he can is something that takes place through his interactions with Jin Sung, but he can’t trust nobody else except for medical science because that has been his very own microcosm for decades and it’s always been the only place it felt like home.

      Huhu, should i feel responsible for a part of the 100% bitterness/sadness? X’D But yup, 2-in-1 episode approach, even though it was really successful, it couldn’t chase away that sense of having treasured something incomplete. I am pretty certain that the ending of the 11th episode would had been the cliffhanger ending of the 12th one if the drama had remained a 16-episode one. True that, it’s Beautiful and it plays tricks on your Mind, i wanted to see everything too, but the circumstances were vicious :/

      Yes!!! We we get such “hopeful” hints in a preview we should always be prepared for a laser beam of sadness coming out way to roast our feels xD We enter the happy bubble of delusions and then the nuclear bomb of reality writes on our drama-graves “ashes to ashes, dust to dust, here lies a kind drama addict who felt too much” xD Let’s keep the hope alive, we deserve it and Young Oh and Jin Sung deserve it too! 😀 “even though I “just” came to howl at the moon” XDDDD Aoooooo! xD Let’s hope the 12th episode will be a great one, but then we’ll have to wait for the final week 🙁

      • Catalina
        July 28, 2016 at 5:44 am — Reply

        I didn’t think watching it again, but wholly subbed, would be so different, meaning my reaction. The scene when Jin Sung gave him her answer, the kiss and the dialogue, was touching. So touching that…I cried? Feels embarrassing and stupid to write it xD at first I thought maybe I’m overemotional today, but no, after a quick contemplation of the matter, it just hit close to home.
        What I like about Beautiful Mind is that both are sincere. They are most of the time very straightforward. So they are far away of cliche kdramas. They are mature enough to avoid talking annoyingly around, longer than necessary and bearable. I fondly appreciate it. That’s why, when Young Oh confessed he was afraid of hearing her answer, very brave indeed, I realized why BM was so great. Then she kissed him. That lovely, shy kiss. And her words afterwards killed me. If subs are correct (not that I don’t trust viki subbers xD) she said that in spite of not being ready yet, if it’s with him, she is willing to go for it.
        If it’s with him. If it’s with him! Maybe that’s a phrase that has been said over and over in the history of romance dramas. But in Beautiful Mind was perfect. Such beautiful and meaningful thing to say. (Remember the time, when she told him he seemed the most hopeful person to her? That’s another one. Yes, I burst into tears that time too. I cry easily.)
        She said he was worthy, the one who’s been called a monster, who’s supposed to have no heart, who’s been judged, even though he is not guilty for being the way he is, he is not responsible for having this damn disorder. His father thought the worse of him, he told him he was the one who made him human, Young Oh wasn’t one in the first place! (His father horrifies me every single time he opens his mouth in front of Young Oh) He got into his son’s head he won’t be accepted by anyone if they realize his true self. So he didn’t feel he belonged among society. He was so keen on doing everything he could to be acknowledged by his father, trying to reassure himself, but in the end he didn’t even believe it himself. So, what a sweet and warm surprise. Jin Sung says he is worthy of being loved, of being cherished. She feels he’s a person she can lean on.
        She embraced him ;___;

        Well, I kind of changed my mind, but didn’t. Even though I still feel we lost a lot of their magic with this reduction, those expected interactions between them, delicate development of their relationship etc etc. Hm. I don’t have the right words. This are the limitations I hate about not being fluent in english, neither expressing myself so accurate like you do. But I’ll try to make sense, so my point gets through.
        It is possible that originally, Young Oh would cut their wifi connection in 12th episode, right? but I think it has even more impact, it is even more heartbreaking when he starts to believe he can love, and in one go, right after that, his belief and hope falls apart. The fact that “he hasn’t changed because his MRI can’t lie and be good for once to us”, affects him deeper. Disillusiontment is so huge and destructive that makes even more logical his abrupt decision to throw everything away. The analogy I’m able to come up with so you can understand me, in case you don’t xD; is when in kdramas everything is fine (the way we talked about delusions and hopes before) we are oh so happy about something, this happy and fullfilled character goes home, waves his hand at us (we as friend, lover, pet, whatever), again, happily, turns around to cross the street and a truck runs over him. We, the ones in front of him, waving him back, stand still, in shock. That’s the impression 11th episode left me, and that’s the impact I think reality caused him. Their relationship was still unstable, if they were allowed to have more time together, after confessing and lovely kissing, it wouldn’t have been so devastating (at least for me). Because it died before they actually tried or enjoyed being together (before he strengthen his belief he was falling in love with her), because they had no foundation, no solid tie to cling on that would make Young Oh doubt a little once he knew “he hasn’t change”. It just died.
        Do I make sense? ó___ò

        Oh and yes, she is the loveliest squirrel. I like her. They are so cute together. I actually love the fact that she is way younger than him, her being so thin, and him so mature looking? makes it even lovelier. Also because she is so strong and he so vulnerable, in spite of their appearances.

        Sorry if I’m such a bore, imposing my rambling on you xD.

  2. prettysup
    July 26, 2016 at 12:12 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the lovely recap, this episode is really so bittersweet, it makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

    Btw there is a petition here to oppose against the shortening of BM’s episodes. I dont think it will change KBS’s decision but I think it is a nice gesture for us viewers to show the cast and crew our support. After all it doesnt take much effort from us (just a few clicks) as compared to the hard work they have put in. So far it already has 7500+ signatures and still counting!

    • July 26, 2016 at 2:19 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for one more time! Bittersweet is the best word to describe this episode. It was making our hearts giggle and pound loudly and then it was hammering our hearts with equal passion! Aye, i am well aware of the petition and thanks for sharing it here, 7500+ signatures are strong enough to point out that WE ARE HERE TOO! It may not change anything, but still, our voices have been heard, or at least i hope so 🙂

  3. Elizabeth
    July 26, 2016 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the quick and substance filled review of episode 11.

    I’m struggling here with Dr. Lee Young Oh a bit, despite Jang Hyuk’s potent sex appeal. Young Oh has put his faith in medicine and made it his parent. He trusts medicine with cult like devotion. Love is more than a set of physical indicators so his mantra “the body doesn’t lie” is both correct and yet limited. I might infuriate him by adding, “neither does the spirit.” Of course it’s highly likely that he doesn’t believe he has a spirit considering his father’s comments about him being a monster. Young Oh trusts the empty world of knowledge over the rich relationally affirming world of Jin Sung with whom he’s connected body, soul and spirit (all three of which are nebulously intertwined). Though I don’t know what abuse he endured while growing up, it’s obvious if one’s father refers to you as a monster and you must hide your “true self,” that Young Oh was brainwashed that he’s incapable of love. Love isn’t a switch you turn on and off. It’s a relationship. The first one who couldn’t love was his father, who chose medicine over his wife and son. Young Oh was deprived of healthy human affirmation from a father who has the same void in his own life. Medicine is a tool, not a religion.

    Young Oh has built his identity on his medical skills in spite of his father’s demand he stay away from it, but he’s always been way more than a good doctor, though that has never been validated until now. Jin Sung broke through his isolated bubble and began to unconsciously give him what he needs in his being. His soul and spirit responded immediately.

    Love isn’t infatuation; it’s selfless mutual connection with another. Young Oh needs to expand his knowledge base. He should also know (as a doctor) that brain injuries are not always static; the brain can rewire itself in astonishing ways; old connections may be severed, but new connection can be formed and rerouted. The frontal lob doesn’t control his wounded spirit.

    Young Oh breaks my heart, and they’s successfully made Jang Hyuk seem almost boyish at times (especially when they film him in his suit from behind). He looks like a little boy standing there, his black cap hair–lost and sentencing himself to perpetual deprivation. It’s killing me.

    What is wrong with Koreans that they aren’t watching this drama?

    • July 26, 2016 at 2:45 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words and for sharing your thought and you’re very welcome! I don’t think i am going to be quick on the 12th one though, last night’s all-nighter killed me xD

      Yup, medical science is Young Oh’s one and only world, the place he feels like home and utterly trusts. Totally agree, love is so much more than physical signals, etc, it’s something you feel without having to explain it and the “body doesn’t lie” is indeed correct, but it’s also limited as you stated correctly. Even if many of the body signals are a visualization of one’s feelings all these signals don’t substitute the feelings themselves and even though Young Oh understands their peripheral characteristics he misses their very soul and essence. ‘Neither does the spirit,” that was a great addition and although the spirit may be more cryptic at times, that’s where all the meaning can be found. Young Oh doesn’t believe in a higher being and he certainly doesn’t believe in having a spirit, he’s filled with logic and rationalism and his father’s “treatment” definitely played its own part, along with the “monster” declarations. All of us, even Young Oh, witnessed that his life had changed for the better through his interactions with Jin Sung, yet he trusted the medical science’s results once again and entered his cold and empty shell anew. I think that Dr. Leenkenstein loved his wife and son and the decision to focus on medicine (a sacrifice he had to make) was to find a way to treat his son, but the flow of events were a bit ahead of him. That’s when his emotional decline started taking place and Young Oh was the direct recipient of everything going on in Dr. Leenkenstein’s life. He was drained emotionally and how can someone like him treat a child in Young Oh’s condition? There are many victims in this story, but Young Oh suffered the greatest impact that keeps affecting every passing second. “Medicine is a tool, not a religion.” VERY true.

      “Love isn’t infatuation; it’s selfless mutual connection with another.” I can only agree and that connection had already started establishing with its own characteristics between himself and Jin Sung who was the only one who treated him like a human being and embraced him for who he was. And his Wi-Fi reference was totally spot on, instead of cutting the wire he simply had to trust his instincts that kept bringing him closer and closer to Jin Sung, it wasn’t happening for no reason at all. Yup, the brain isn’t a static mechanism and our Young Oh should really look forward to these new connections. I really think that the drama will play the regenerative medicine card on Young Oh.

      Jang Hyuk really makes Young Oh looks boyish! He was like a lost little kiddo trying to embrace the medical truth he wanted to trust during that scene! Even the way he was attracted to Jin Sung and his very own way of expressing enthusiasm were making him look like a quirky yet strong-willed high school student! It feels like he’s embracing the adolescence he missed back in the days by steadily discovering himself and growing up, internally (when he doesn’t blindly trust medical science). I really don’t know why the Korean audience didn’t put their trust in Beautiful Mind, things would had been different with a few flower boys and girls and an easy scenario.

  4. prettysup
    July 27, 2016 at 5:31 am — Reply

    I love it when nurse Jang was impersonating Young Oh. And then when she tried to do it again, he said “Once is enough” – that made me laugh so hard.

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