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Uncontrollably Fond ~ episodes 1 – 6 ~ first impression

Hello dramajjangers,

I am writing this article on 22/7/2016, 12:12 after midnight. I started watching the first episode of “Uncontrollably fond”, the previous day at noon and finished the 6th episode (the last episode that has aired till now) some minutes ago.

The episodes that have aired doesn’t really make someone decide if this drama is good or bad, but it certainly has many things going and that makes it interesting.

It’s a huge production and it is shown from the first episode, many expensive shooting places and many characters which means more actors and of course the top stars Woobin and Suzy.

The main theme is the love of the main couple No eul and Joon young. Or should I say the one sided love of Joon young. Well this is not the case either because in the flashbacks it seems like Noeul liked him first. It goes like this. No eul liked Joon young, she wanted to confess  – She saw him with her friend, she gave up – then her friend cried because she got dumped, No eul messed with Joonyoung – Joon young noticed her – he made her life difficult – he then learned about her family – wanted to help her – she disappeared – he met her again during college – the fake dating – he is the reason she got in an accident he disappeared – he meets her in the present after searching for her but she is in love with Ji Tae.

Wow that is a complicated relationship. I usually love dramas that give flashbacks and this not an exception. I prefer when the leads have a connection from the past, because the great love that happens it is more believable when it has some story behind it.

                             2016-07-22 (6)

2016-07-22 (7)

2016-07-22 (5)

Joon Young is kind of the typical “I give you tough love main lead”. He loves No eul you can see it everywhere (Woo Bin is doing a great job portraying the character, he fits these kind of guys perfectly). But he treats her bad, even though he feels guilty for the past.

No eul is a character that has been through a lot and you can’t really blame her for trying her best to survive. Many people are complaining about Suzy’s acting, but until now it is ok to me plus she and Woo bin have a great chemistry.

Most of the characters are tolerable, until now. Even Choi Hyun Joo, that is covering up the real hit and run culprit, is not an evil person.

The only character I find hard to like is the mother. I mean what is her deal? The line that was over the top “You took my smart son and made him a clown”, she means that every star is a clown and her son isn’t smart anymore because he is a celebrity? I mean ok I would understand if she wanted the best for him, but it seems like she wanted him to become a prosecutor, only to be able to present him to his father one day as his son (he was unaware of), that became like him. She really has done some unforgivable things from my point of view. Like throwing away the concert tickets in front of Joon young. Not letting him eat, I come from Greece and this is really strange to me, because a Greek mom’s no1 question is “did you eat?” and it plays all day.

I don’t even know were to start with the things and the secrets of this drama.
– Joon Young’s terminal illness.

– Joon Young’s father.

2016-07-22 (8)

– Choi Hyun Joon covering Yoo Jung Eun.

2016-07-22 (14)
– Choi Ji Tae knowing everything and lying about his identity.

– JoonYoung causing the accident of No Eul.

Ji Tae seems to have a main role. He knows everything, but still chooses to stay by his father’s side, even marrying Yoo Jung Eun? Does he have a bigger plan? He is definitely in love with No eul, but this love aint happening.

2016-07-22 (29)

The most important is Joon Young’s illness. Which causes him to be in pain, and it seems to make his short-tempered personality even worse. I mean his decision are not always wise, like confessing to No eul at his concert. His mood is always up and down. Did you see him kick her, when she was by the sea calling Ji Tae and confessing to him?

Joon Young’s death is somehow foreshadowed from the beginning. The touching part of the story is his promise to God, if No eul would survive the accident then he would give up his happiness. It seems like he traded his life for hers.

I ship the couple and this is a strong reason to keep watching the drama (you should remember what a hard time I had during another oh hae young). Well the drama has many cliches, when it comes to the love story and generally the soap opera like plot. But it seems like people have worked on it a lot. For me the next episodes will be critical on how the drama will develop.

Joon Young and No Eul really need to get their poop together (excuse my language). They both make mistakes and act immature sometimes, well the up and downs are given to kdrama until we reach episode 9 (commonly is the episode were the main couple gets together). I don’t know how the island air made Joon Young make up his mind for No eul, but it seems he is gonna be cold to her for some more episodes.

I am interested in what is coming next and do you all remember one teaser were Joon Young carries an injured No eul into an office, how is that connected?

What do you guys think of this drama?

p.s some eye candy for you all ♥

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  1. Mohammed
    July 26, 2016 at 3:43 pm — Reply

    I have similar thoughts as you in this drama, i enjoy the fact its an old school, calm melodrama with flawed characters. It works despite the cliches because the focus isnt makjang twists or shouting, fighting between the leads. I like the focus on the characters who has some real human flaws. Joon Young is just so lonely because the two woman he loves dont like him back or return his feelings right now. Its sad he couldnt enjoy the fame, his power even before his illness because the touching promise he made to give his life for No Euls.

    Im a patient unlike many fans i can wait for the characters to really understand, know each other in the present times. Some fans act like this is simple romance drama with cute bickering all the times in the first 6 eps.

    Its a fresh twist that they are really not first loves who had chance to be together as teenagers, they had off timing from the beginning when they liked each other.

    • July 27, 2016 at 2:47 pm — Reply

      I’m glad you wrote this comment because you made me see more things about the drama and the characters. I had never thought before how Joon Young didn’t get any love back from the people he treasured. Not only his mother and No Eul, but the thoughts for his father must trouble him too.
      Yes and it’s much more realistic how they weren’t actually ever a couple, because their life problems would not let them reach sincerely each other.
      They first have to “understand each other” first like you said and then be together, because they never really did that.
      Thanks for sharing your perspective : )

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