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Suizokukan Girl Episode 4 Review

Shima’s new boyfriend, Bikkin, forces her bitter but meaningful tears.

lol Bikkin though- it does make a great nickname for C-1!

So C-1 might have left the aquarium lands to rest from the (still very much cringy lol) tiring yet legendary jumps and transferred to dolphins paradise, but his death wasn’t in vain. It brought the aquarium team together and Shima learned the universal, ugly but solid truth- valar morghulis!

It did make sense for her to get attached to C-1 like it was her cherished pet, and her emotional reaction was understandable; but, Kaji was also right in telling her that she has to be more level-headed, as there are many creatures that need taking care of. Mr. Shark Man is slowly becoming Mr…well, still Shark Man but, without sharp teeth? lol

When Shima’s old colleagues showed him the embarrassing photo of hers, I was sure he was gonna delete it the sec his eyes flashed angrily, haha. He is strict and harsh, but he’s fair so it’s nice to see him  “stand up” for Shima and believe in her character.

Shima now realizes why everyone respects him and look up to him, and she even shows glimpses of appreciating him a bit more than just her senior (and there was a tad jealousy in the end, when she found out his old girlfriend is coming for an interview in Hamakaze)

Isokawa got his own small storyline, debating whether he was gonna switch careers and thankfully he did not, as he’s an awesome vet, Yoshizaki is still hilarious as ever showing everyone that there IS (romantic) life to be found outside the aquarium and my boy Imada is soon gonna make a proper move to Kumiko, instead of sending her mails about the weather, lmao.

“Lives begin and end with every passing day. We never get used to creatures dying. But for new lives to begin, we can’t just stand still. Every human and animal life has an end. Passing on the baton of life goes hand in hand with living. For the sake of those lives, we have to keep moving forward.”

Hamakaze team keeps on surviving and growing together!

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Onwards to episode 5!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to candylemon

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