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Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Young Oh meets his younger self and embraces a deeper sense of understanding, but he’s also eager to explore the fields of love by Ji Sung’s side. He doesn’t try to look normal, not anymore. He discovers himself one step at a time without this meaning that he will be able to feel and empathize in a blink of an eye; unless an episode reduction takes place.

Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“What is this feeling?
I want to make an effort.
It may be impossible.
But for once, I’d like to make an effort.”

Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Kwoncap Dramajjang

A change of heart.


The hospital has turned into a secretly boiling submarine volcano that could erupt anytime with unpredictable consequences. The doctor from the past has resurfaced and he’s ready to perplex things even more for reasons we have yet to find out. Soon Ho becoming aware of the fact that Dr. Leenkenstein and his medical malpractice were responsible for Young Oh’s condition is a weapon of mass destruction that fell into the wrong hands of a self-aware businessman; not a doctor. At the same time, Hyun Joon and Soon Ho wanted to promote the regenerative medicine by trying to use the power of the media, but they were unable to bribe the oh so righteous voice of the people for the time being. Of course, one of the finest methods to advertise their product was to approach patients who didn’t have the money to receive treatment and Suk Joo would be the one to pick those who’d take the regenerative medicine.

After supporting the regenerative medicine to the fullest during the press conference there was no turning back. The more the episodes pass by the more he sacrifices a greater part of his humane self and the coldness that embraced Suk Joo was omnipresent when he didn’t even want to listen to a comatose patient’s father’s suffering. His kindness was unable to treat some of his patients, including Ji Ahn, and he put all of his hopes in the research’s success despite his suspicions that things might not flow the desired way. He didn’t want tough medical cases that could ruin the regenerative medicine’s promotion, he wanted cases pacing perfectly well with the research’s latest results in order to strengthen the medicine’s still unclear and hopefully wondrous nature.

He may appear as a rigid careerist trying to hide his doubts and concerns and he succeeds in it, but his innermost hope is that everything will work out just fine and numerous lives will be saved in the process. In the future, if the medicine fails to meet his expectations Suk Joo will live in regret for the rest of his life, but if it will become medical science’s life-saving brigade he will, finally, be able to sleep peacefully at night despite the crimes he had to bury. On a side note, is there anyone else who thinks that the close ups every time Soon Ho offers a cup of coffee to someone else look a bit suspicious? It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s trying to poison Hyun Joon and/or Dr. Leenkenstein (who didn’t drink without getting a whiff of the coffee Soon Ho offered him – it could also be a reference that he knew something) without leaving any traces behind.

A conversation with my younger self.


Young Oh would be in charge of a patient he could relate to and eventually “empathize” with (more like understanding to a wider extent) due to personal experience. His observations that the child (Yo Seob) was being abused by his own mother would be proven correct even though there wasn’t any physical evidence. However, he would never give up his patient no matter what and the more he was interacting with the child the more he was intending to be there for him, not only as his attending doctor, but also as a caring figure in his own way. Young Oh didn’t only look like the child’s much older brother, he was treating him as such and their ongoing interactions felt as if he was talking to his younger self in an attempt to prevent the child from going through unwelcome and heartrending events Young Oh had already experienced and played their own part in the way he developed himself throughout the years.

No matter how many obstacles came his way and despite the fact they that were quite dangerous for his career and reputation he didn’t step back, but this time the flow of events would favor him and he wouldn’t only protect the child, he’d also see through a family’s serious issues with surgical accuracy (metaphorically and literally) and he’d eventually bring its members closer together. Young Oh tried to elicit valuable information from Yo Seob, but he couldn’t understand why the child kept protecting his abusive mother and that’s when Jin Sung enlightened his world. When he could still feel, Young Oh was living with his family before his parents decided to abandon him because of his condition. We didn’t know what memories he may have from these days, but the only parental figure he got to know throughout the years was the one of Dr. Leenkenstein.

Trying to understand the relationship a mother and her child share was something inconceivable for Young Oh and Jin Sung, his emotionally literate Wi-Fi, would unveil her point of view on motherhood, the magic it evokes and the way it is being filtered through a child’s eyes. She successfully resembled it to a human being’s first love because it’s the first bond one makes the moment he/she is born and while the child is dependent on his/her mother and her love a mother’s love is unconditional. Even when things don’t flow as expected, just like in Yo Seob’s situation, the heart whispers everything it desires and Yo Seob’s heart wanted him to keep believing in maternal love with the hope that things would change for the better. A child doesn’t erase a parent so easily, especially during early childhood when love or the longing for love are essential. Erasure comes later on and it’s a fully conscious decision even though the internal struggle may never subside and Yo Seob hadn’t reached that point yet.

It was a conversation that was depicting how much Young Oh was caring about Yo Seob, but it was also shedding more light on how Young Oh was seeing normal people when he was a child. Normal people who could feel and empathize looked like aliens that had come from a faraway galaxy and they could communicate with one another through invisible antennae Young Oh couldn’t see. It was like Young Oh was the one and only citizen of planet earth that had been colonized by an alien force he couldn’t understand but tried to profile and imitate. Just like Young Oh craves for Jin Sung’s presence in his life, Jin Sung telling him that earthlings could connect to their Wi-Fi network wherever they were and anytime they’d want to was her own indirect reference of enjoying his presence in her life. Isn’t it beautiful when people really want to see one another and are in the process of fully realizing it while having their own way of communicating?

Another interaction of major importance took place and it was the one between Young Oh and Min Jae. Once again, Min Jae was the one who approached him anew, but this time Young Oh said everything he had to in order to make things clear once and for all. The first time she approached him and told him how surprised she was that he could still treat patients Young Oh restrained himself and the same thing happened this time, but it was his final warning. Even though she really wrote a thesis based on Young Oh she couldn’t understand the reason why Young Oh was drawn into Yo Seob’s world. Being cute was nothing more than a survival skill in nowadays society and a DNA game that was leaving Young Oh unaffected. Payback time always arrives for everyone who considered him a psychopath and Young Oh always finds the right timing to pay back in their own coin. Min Jae wasn’t an exception and he didn’t need her help in diving deeper into Yo Seob’s world either. She was already aware of his inability to control his impulses, something that could result in a neck-grabbing eruption, but Young Oh made things clear for one last time in order for her to not experience what “ the third time’s the charm” means after her betrayal. The message was clear, they were just colleagues, but they’d have to co-exist in one another’s absence. Any lingering feelings were shattered that day and no fucks were given by the audience.

Eventually, Min Jae would clearly state that Young Oh was the only one to perform surgery on Yo Seob’s mother who had collapsed after Young Oh prevented her from abusing her son even more. That’s when Young Oh’s problems started coming to the surface. The oh so righteous anchorman who was Yo Seob’s father had witnessed his wife collapsing after Young Oh “pressured” her, but he wouldn’t pay attention to the fact that his wife wasn’t only abusing their own son, she was also suffering from a brain tumor that was affecting her mood and was making her more violent. The oh so righteous anchorman had also overheard the useless doctors’ conversation and he knew that Young Oh was a “psychopath.” It’s a card he’d use to make Hyun Joon pace with his flow in an attempt to bury the whole truth.

And you know what? He’s good in what he does, he’s such a great asshole stating that if his words were to lose their power he’d be unable to convince the public about the regenerative medicine’s wondrous nature! Young Oh reminded Hyun Joon his responsibilities as an attending doctor, but Hyun Joon warned him that the anchorman knew that he was a “psychopath” and that Yo Seob would be his last patient if Young Oh would decide to go against his orders. Hyun Joon said that he didn’t know the reasons why he was keeping Young Oh at the hospital, but allow me to write them down for him. Young Oh had saved Hyun Joon and his father’s lives and had helped him progress with his own plans, he was also saving the day every time the hospital was about to mire in the mud and one last indirect reason has to be the fact that both of them struggle for paternal recognition, but under different circumstances.

Young Oh didn’t leave Yo Seob alone in his hour of need and his conversation with Jin Sung was already shining through his approach, but he would also gather valuable information that would help him make a few things clear in front of the anchorman. Young Oh’s approach was masterful and he made the child realize that everything he was going through was because of his mother’s health issue that was devouring her personality and was transforming her into a violent person. The moment Yo Seob said that his torment was bearable was doing justice to Jin Sung’s approach, but Young Oh also found out that the father didn’t care about his own family and Yo Seob losing his mother would mean that he’d be left all alone in this world. We already knew that cars and trucks didn’t have brakes in the world of dramas, but Beautiful Mind taught us something even more valuable; stretchers (of doom) have no brakes either (well, it’s not like they usually do, but the people pushing them can easily stop them in a direct line, not in drama land though). Young Oh taking the child in his embrace and saving his life was such a beautiful scene, we rarely see him so unconditional and concerned about someone else.

Young Oh would confront Yo Seob’s father face to face and would utter all the truth he was avoiding to take into consideration. While he was neglecting his family Yo Seob was being abused without any injuries being visible, but he wouldn’t say anything in an attempt to protect his mother and himself because he was afraid of being left all alone. Just because Young Oh’s surgery was successful it didn’t mean Yo Seob’s condition was stable. After everything he went through he’d need continuous treatment, otherwise he’d lost the ability to feel and empathize and he’d become like Young Oh, a “psychopath.” Young Oh’s sincere and meaningful monologue didn’t only make the mother positive on getting operated on by him, she also intended to admit her abusive behavior and start filling Yo Seob’s world with beautiful memories after taking a divorce that would liberate them from an indifferent father who cared only about his reputation and was putting all the blame on his wife.

It wasn’t only the first time Young Oh would relate to a patient, something that would resemble the very soul and essence of empathy since he took all necessary parameters into consideration, it was also the first time his father would be proud of Young Oh for making a patient his priority and never giving him up no matter what. He admitted that his father’s words on empathy being necessary while treating a patient were right, but he was disarming when he used his “if the truth hurts, prepare for pain” card. Dr. Leenkenstein was bombarded with tremendous amounts of truth the moment Young Oh told him why he was able to empathize. Young Oh could revisit his own childhood through Yo Seob and we don’t know if Young Oh was physically abused, but Dr. Leenkenstein’s method was more of a form of psychological abuse rather than an attempt to treat him and it stroke a chord multiple times.

At the end of the day, Young Oh had set the right foundations for a whole family’s happiness and he had earned the parents’ sincere gratitude, but his last interaction with Yo Seob was a masterpiece. He kept reminding him that “people may lie, but their body can’t,” something he should really treasure if he’d become a doctor in the future, but he didn’t remain at that. Young Oh knew how lonely that world was and how difficult it would be for Yo Seob to adapt to such an empty reality and be accepted for who he was along with how tough it would be to get close to others while being afraid of being isolated, but with proper treatment and a reborn familial environment he would avoid entering that frightening world. Young Oh urging him to forget about the time they spent together was because their interactions were encapsulating painful memories for Yo Seob, memories he should forget. Young Oh kept protecting him all along the way from the very beginning to the very end and advised him to live free and energetically in order to leave behind the static dismay of the past and never find himself anew in such a cruel situation. The moment he tried to caress Yo Seob’s head was one of the most precious aspects of the episode, it was palpable proof that something underneath the surface was changing, but he didn’t want to deepen his bond with the child since he had already asked Yo Seob to forget and move forward towards a brighter future. He was the last chapter of a painful era igniting the beginning of a new horizon.

“Feel like singing love.”


Back in the days, when that girl confessed her feelings to Young Oh his enthusiasm was immense, but it wasn’t for reasons we all know. It was because he had received valuable information about what was happening to people when they were falling in love! His reaction, if he could feel her beating heart under chest, was literal and hilarious since we know his condition, but it made him look like a weirdo to that girl’s eyes! Love’s characteristics were mere chemical reactions and their effect had an expiration date in Young Oh’s world and he was fine with that, but he would never expect that he would eventually want to really get closer to that feeling called love. Everything started with the soju bottle cap ring he kept and he never thought that it would give birth to his very own and humble Jin Sung oriented collection that was adorned by her handkerchief and a lottery ticket that never won, but brought him closer to something far greater that doesn’t have a price.

Jin Sung surely is Young Oh’s emotionally literate Wi-Fi, but he’s also a Jin Sung oriented GPS always tracking her down and the magnetic field between them becomes even stronger; mutually! Young Oh’s hug followed by his words that he couldn’t feel anything didn’t leave Jin Sung unaffected, on the contrary! She kept kicking throughout the night and even though she tried to hide everything from her brother she unintentionally revealed that it was all about Young Oh. She desperately wanted to find out what that hug and those words meant and she was getting cutely enraged even at the thought of Young Oh teasing her or not finding her attractive. And it’s a case indeed, a case of the heart our inexperienced darling has to solve even if it would be for hug-dieting reasons she should treasure!

Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Dramajjang Kwoncap Jin Sung Wi-Fi Young Oh GPS

I came, i saw, i connected.

Young Oh is the most reflexive player ever and he reaches higher peaks with every passing episode. Through a humble retrospect of their interactions from the moment they met up to the present he asked her why she ran away from him even though she saw him waiting for her and he received an equally great answer in the form of a question; “am I a joke to you?” You can’t deny it, she’s made some progress and the fact that he occupies a part of her brain as she tries to decipher her own feelings through Young Oh’s approach is a brave step ahead! Of course, Young Oh hadn’t won the lottery, but it was a great excuse to see her without having to justify the natural attraction he feels. Young Oh always shows her that he wants to be close to her through her Wi-Fi assistance and countless other excuses. After all, repetition is the mother of all learning and Young Oh is the father of adhering to it! Something tells me that the coins he gave her will commence Jin Sung’s very own Young Oh oriented collection! I don’t know how others would feel had they been a Wi-Fi, but Jin Sung was overly excited and the next time they meet out of the police station his calculation approach was a total mindfuck. The last one was depicting that he had been eagerly waiting for her for a long time to finish her shift and he’d never miss his chance to eat with her (assistance included)!

After infusing the seeds of harmony in Yo Seob’s family Young Oh needed his Wi-Fi to express how different that medical case was for him since it was resembling empathy without having to rely on body signals. That tennis ball would never stand a chance harming Young Oh in any possible or impossible way, but Jin Sung’s instinctive reaction could be her own excuse for hugging Young Oh, not only as a reward for his progress, but because her feelings were telling her to do so even though she wasn’t fully aware of them. They resemble one another so much while being seen through different sides of the same prism and as diametrically opposed characters they complement one another so damn fine! “You didn’t feel anything, did you? Same here!” Yes, we believed you, little squirrel darling! Young Oh has some of the most interesting wrist-grabs around and they possess different dynamics coming from someone who cannot feel or empathize, but he’d sincerely want to give love a chance even if he was almost certain that his efforts wouldn’t bloom with emotion. He was overly direct towards Jin Sung for the first time and excuses were no longer needed. Time stood still and I desperately needed an ambulance for my heart; “it’s you.”


P.S. or Anatomy of a Heart: I wrote this article with a heavy heart and it may not have come out exactly the way I wanted it to, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. The shadow of a possible episode reduction is upon us while a truly great drama is steadily heading towards the end. It’s something that makes things a bit more difficult for us, the audience, who kept loving this drama even more with every passing episode. Why? Because things are about to become even more meaningful and intriguing and if the episode reduction takes place the drama’s swansong won’t remain intact since the Beautiful Mind team will be forced to put everything in the compressor in an attempt to present the most proper outcome they can, but without leaving unaffected the drama’s natural flow and gradual development on its way to completion. Even if it’s going to please us up to an extent, it’s going to leave us incomplete with a bitter taste on our drama lips and the “what if” factor won’t leave us alone for a long time. If they wanted to reduce the number of the episodes they should had done it earlier, not now that the drama has almost reached the end. I do understand that profit is of major importance for a channel and that the ratings weren’t the desired ones, but it’s not fair neither for us nor the drama and everyone working hard on it either. I just hope that they will decide to let the drama air its remaining six episodes as planned. Sadly, pretty faces and flatfooted scenarios we’ve seen countless times before sell more than thought provoking and intriguing dramas that have the potential to play the piano with one’s brain cells. I am disheartened, but I hope that the episode reduction won’t take place because Beautiful Mind deserved double-digit ratings and it certainly doesn’t deserve a butchered fate right before closing its curtains. It’s a shame it’s so underrated and even though it hasn’t reached the end yet it has delivered all the right vibes that could make it one of 2016’s most well-conceived and well-executed dramas. In case of a happy ending if the episode reduction takes place, I simply don’t want Young Oh to wake up one day, take the regenerative medicine that will regenerate his frontal lobe or at least a part of it in order to start feeling and empathizing and then they lived happily ever after, not without the in between gradual magic we’re going to miss. As for the Olympics being the reason behind the possible reduction (and not the ratings), well, people may lie, but their body can’t. The 10th episode made me “feel like singing love,” but now I just want to howl at the moon.


Me, right now.

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  1. raindrops1
    July 22, 2016 at 2:39 am — Reply

    Great recap! You have a wonderful way of sharing what happened in the episode and weaving it with your wonderful/thoughtful insight. Sigh, it seems so unfair to cut eps when they are so close to the end. I will stay optometric that the writer will give us the best possible ending.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:00 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words, they are truly appreciated! 😀 It is very unfair, they chose the worst possible timing to do it :/ But i think i should embrace your way of thinking, the writer has treated the drama remarkably well up to this very moment, so let’s remain positive and hope for the best possible ending, this writer wouldn’t give up so easily! 😀

  2. July 22, 2016 at 2:59 am — Reply

    It must have been really difficult to write this after hearing about the possible reduction, but I thought you still managed to convey your thoughts very well.

    We’re all really upset about the looming threat of episode reduction. Sure, I enjoy drama fluff here and there, but this kind of news makes me want to boycott mindless popular dramas. Beautiful Mind is really something special. It’s different, it keeps us guessing, the main couple has their very own vibe…

    I agree, we need to see the in between stuff. Although they can still grant us a happy ending, it’s the journey that leaves the lasting impression. The flow has been fantastic up to this point.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:07 pm — Reply

      There was a pew pew laser war going on in my brain after i found out what was going on, almost all of my thoughts were “episode reduction” oriented! Gomawoyo, it felt a bit more like a quest rather than an article at times xD

      I was in a like-minded flow of thoughts, watching “underground” thingies and keeping away from me popular dramas, channels’ expectations are met with easygoing dramas whereas the meaningful ones that walk a different path are usually condemned, not because they don’t do a good job (they do!), but because of the way things are :/

      Yush, the overall journey has the real magic and they’re going to cut down a few of the in between destinations, let’s hope that the writer will still manage to hold Beautiful Mind’s wheel masterfully against all odds, just like Young Oh throughout the 10th episode!

  3. prettysup
    July 22, 2016 at 3:04 am — Reply

    Thanks for your beautiful recap! I can sense your heavy heart when I was reading it, or perhaps I was sensing my own heavy heart? LOL.. reminds me of the scene which YO was measuring his own heartbeat.

    Anyway since the episodes cuts have been confirmed, my only hope is that the drama can give us a well-rounded ending that does justice to all the beauty it had been showing so far. Fighting !

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:10 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a lot for your words once again!!! Probably it was because of two heavy hearts doing the “tomato” dance! XD Haha, true that, that scene owned and he really hoped that his heartbeat would be faster! XD

      Hope so too, we’ve lost two hours of real drama pleasure, but we still have 4 hours waiting for us, we’re going to lost some character development, but i hope the writer will be able to hold the drama’s remaining aspects tight together and present them in the best possible way! Fighting!

  4. Gee
    July 22, 2016 at 3:08 am — Reply

    “As for the Olympics being the reason behind the possible reduction (and not the ratings), well, people may lie, but their body can’t. The 10th episode made me “feel like singing love,” but now I just want to howl at the moon.”

    Perfectly said! Lee Young Oh would approve! 😉

    Looks like the episode reduction came true… And also true is that it’ll leave a “what if” in our minds for a while.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much! Young Oh is our teacher and we’re his humble students! 😀 The episode reduction will certainly deprive us of some of the drama’s in between development magic and there’s going to be a “what if” factor alive in our minds, but let’s hope that the writer will do some wonders, just like up to the 10th episode, and we’ll be able to cherish the best possible outcome 🙂

  5. Coffeeboy
    July 22, 2016 at 6:31 am — Reply

    Great recap, i love how you analyse all the aspects of the story.
    The writer and director collaboration for this drama is really good. They are on the same wave length, which doesn’t happen often in k-drama imo.
    Jang Hyuk and the supporting cast also very good in their craft.
    Such a shame that the drama is being cut down. Hope it doesn’t affect the drama quality.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:24 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words!! Totally agree, both writer and director work really well together and it’s being reflected throughout every episode! Jang Hyuk was the perfect choice for such a demanding role, but also the rest of the cast (whether they appear a lot or not) are doing a good job and live up to their roles’ expectations. The cast couldn’t disappoint and the writer/director combo prove that they couldn’t either, only the episode reduction could and it sadly took place. Let’s hope that this combo will help the drama preserve everything it stands for in the best possible way. 🙂 Another drama i was enjoying a lot but was cut down by 2 episodes while it was reaching the end was Plus Nine Boys and i never truly recovered because it was one of my 2014 favs xP

  6. Rachel
    July 22, 2016 at 10:49 am — Reply

    Awwww, I am sad too. This is a good drama and kept improving with every episode. Thought provoking and intriguing, I agree with you. And specially Jang Hyuk is being so charming… it is a pity and I am feeling bad for the drama team, because they are doing a great job.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:26 pm — Reply

      It’s a sad turn of events both for us and the drama/cast/team :/ Jang Hyuk really poured heart and soul in such an empty but willing to feel character so far! Let’s hope that the remaining 4 episodes will reward us in the best possible way and will make up, somehow, for the loss of 2 hours 🙂

  7. Charlene
    July 22, 2016 at 11:05 am — Reply

    As always your insights are on point. Such a deep and meaningful episode. It is such a shame that they decided to cut the episodes down to 14. It totally pissed me off to find out that they even wanted to cut them off at 12. In my years of watching dramas it seems like the K audience love their frothy dramas. Dramas with heavy themes seems to not be their cup of team. To me it was almost the same with Beautiful Bride.
    I have love that both the actors that play YH and Daddy Lee have posted positive messages to the fans today on their IG.
    It will take a lot for me to invest in a KBS drama in the future.
    Again love your insights as always.

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much once again for your words, Charlene!!! 🙂 While Mondays’ episodes are great, the writer seems adore the Tuesday ones a bit more, that’s where most of the depth and meaning of Beautiful Mind can be found, along with the most crucial feels! 😀 It is very sad they decided to cut down the number of the episodes, but gladly enough they didn’t reduce it to 12… two more hours only would totally ruin the drama beyond repair, but i hope that the writer will do a good job in the remaining 4 hours 🙂 True that, easygoing dramas are the ones that make the earth keep spinning lol! My Beautiful Bride <3 One of the best kdramas of 2015; acting, music, cinematography, scenario, feels, fight choreography, it had everything and i didn't really care about the absence of laughter, so it had the full package for me! I am still waiting for the writer of Cruel City and My Beautiful Bride's next effort, i will watch it like there will be no tomorrow!!!
      It's good to know that Jang Hyuk and Heo Jun Ho posted positive messages and i am pretty certain that they're going to do their best up to the very end! I was thinking exactly the same, but somehow i'd like to watch Uncontrollably Fond hoping it will present some old school drama feels. Thank you for more time, it's truly appreciated! 🙂

  8. prettysup
    July 22, 2016 at 1:10 pm — Reply

    “Sadly, pretty faces and flatfooted scenarios we’ve seen countless times before sell more than thought provoking and intriguing dramas that have the potential to play the piano with one’s brain cells”… Spot on !!

    • July 22, 2016 at 1:28 pm — Reply

      Sad but true >.< There should be a protective veil or something for dramas that successfully offer something different and meaningful!

  9. balca
    July 22, 2016 at 4:10 pm — Reply

    Many thanks for your recaps, insightful thoughts on BM. English is not my mother tongue and so I can’t write much things. Only wanted to let know how I appricate you. BM is truly GEM and Jang Hyuk is versatile actor. I was really upset about shortening series. Best regards from Kazakhstan.

    • July 22, 2016 at 4:27 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you very much for your words ^-^ English ain’t my mother tongue either so everything’s fine! 🙂 Totally agree, both Beautiful Mind is a great drama and Jang Hyuk is a multifaceted actor that perfectly suited that role! It’s really a shame they shortened it, but 14 eps as a whole is better than 12! Less damage, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any damage at all 😡 Let’s hope for the best and let’s keep supporting the cast, the whole Beautiful Mind team and the drama!

  10. July 23, 2016 at 2:35 am — Reply

    Maestro! Thank you for showing Beautiful Mind plenty of love. After that horrible setback, it’s been heartening to know there are still so many people who love the drama. Jang Hyuk is <3 in this and I totally adore Young-oh and Jin-sung together.

    I hope all has been well with you 🙂

    • July 23, 2016 at 1:06 pm — Reply

      Chiaki senpai!!!!! Gyaboooooooooooooooooooo! You’re welcome and thank you so much! Beautiful Mind deserves so much love, especially now that it’s wounded! The love for this drama is immense, global audience, but also knets who had been watching it, supported it against the episode reduction 🙂 I can’t imagine anyone else bringing to life the role of Young Oh, Jang Hyuk simply owns, but so does uri couple and the way it has developed so far. Summertime, some sort of tranquility and time shall tell, hope life has been gentle on Chiaki senpai too! ^-^

  11. Catalina
    July 23, 2016 at 6:50 pm — Reply

    “The 10th episode made me “feel like singing love,” but now I just want to howl at the moon.”

    Sigh, exactly what I felt (wanted to laugh and cry at that phrase xD, that’s one of the many charms of Beautiful Mind by the way, those conflicted feelings, bittersweet). Listened many times the song that is played along that sublime last scene (even if I’d probably find it too cheesy for me in the future), found myself humming it all day, smiling like an idiot as if I’m the one in love (and the one being confessed to).
    Lee Young Oh makes my heart flutter even reading your recap, reading it was like watching it again.

    This 10th episode made me confirm how grateful I am to have found this drama, and how great it is that with every episode it really, sincerely, got better and better.
    The thing is that it’s a balanced mix of genres, they depend on each other, or at least this romance wouldn’t be the same without the mysteries and reflections about the complexity of human existence, emotions and behaviors. Even though Lee Young Oh is presented as a cold, heartless character, the more I see it, the more I feel like watching such profound, delicate and vulnerable, but strong at the same time, person. His relationship with his father depicts how indeed a father decision/attitude/actions can determine a child’s life, that’s a matter anyone can relate to. And it’s heartbreaking. My heart aches at least xD.

    It’s not about a romance one dreams of having, I don’t know how to properly put it into words(doesn’t help either that english is not my mother language), but it is so much more than a mere love story. You could say it’s Lee Young Oh story rather than Lee Young Oh and Gye Jing Sung’s love story? But the latter is of great significance to the first.

    So, for such delicate drama I would hope for a gentle treatment of its story, that’s why it is saddening that they decided to cut it into a 14 episode drama. Maybe they will do it successfully, As you say, there will be some magic that we’ll miss. Magic that would make everything even more meaningful than it is. I don’t know if they have enough to fill 6 episodes, but I do feel that Lee Young Oh and also his romance, need that time.

    I don’t know anymore. I just signed the petition to keep its original length, now I just hope for Beautiful Mind to end smoothly.

    Thank you for your recap, it’s refreshing. The way you word the scenes and also your feelings is beautiful.

    • July 24, 2016 at 4:01 pm — Reply

      And these were the full moon days so chances were high we could turn into a werewolf or something! XD I love that song too, it paces perfectly with our unique couple and it’s the couple scenes it mainly adorns making them even more powerful 🙂 Young Oh pew pew lasers your heart and you gladly accept the beams! 😀

      Totally agree, i can only be thankful too for having started watching (and writing about) this drama, i was 50/50 during the first episode, but from the second and on the drama sparks and fireworks started growing in numbers; geometrically! There was no turning back and it was only getting better and better and even better. XD

      True that, there’s a wide variety of genres without making the drama feeling overloaded, on the contrary. The writer/director combo maintain a golden balance and they keep the two main figures, especially Young Oh, at the center of everyone’s attention while the rest of the cast appear when they have to. It embeds lots of existential questions and points of view about morals, society, people and existence itself and yes, Young Oh is truly vulnerable in his own way and dependent on his father. It feels like he’s trying to break free sometimes in an attempt to fully become himself after having been accepted for who he is. “His relationship with his father depicts how indeed a father decision/attitude/actions can determine a child’s life, that’s a matter anyone can relate to.” Very very true! *gives ice cream to chingu’s heart to stop aching for a while* XD

      English isn’t my first language either, so no worries, but no worries anyway! ^-^ Yush, it’s more than one of the many love stories we’ve witnessed on screen and i agree, i consider Young Oh the drama’s main core too with everyone around him and everything that happens being there for us to witness his development, even when it comes to a different type of a romance. While Jin Sung is essential for Young Oh and his development with Park So Dam doing a great job, Young Oh’s dynamics are endless as a character. It’s something like Young Oh being the car and Jin Sung the fuel 😀

      I will agree once again, both Young Oh and the drama needed that 6-episode time, it could even be a 20-episode drama or something since it has lots of development potential, but life isn’t fair :/ I hope that everything will work out as fine as possible now that we have 2 less episodes to look forward to 🙂 Let’s hope that the petition will play its own part!

      You’re very welcome and thank you very much for your words and for sharing your thoughts, they are very much appreciated! 🙂

  12. Catalina
    July 23, 2016 at 6:55 pm — Reply

    Oh! I forgot to ask, I think I missed the scene where her handkerchief ends in his hands, which episode, or when was it?

    Thank you 🙂

    • July 23, 2016 at 8:55 pm — Reply

      It was in the 6th episode after Young Oh cut his chest inside the interrogation room ^-^ I will reply to your other comment later on or tomorrow because i will probably go out in a while! 😀

      • Catalina
        July 23, 2016 at 10:14 pm — Reply

        Now I remember!! Thank you very much, the puzzle pieces now fit xD

        • July 24, 2016 at 3:46 pm — Reply

          You’re welcome! 😀 Let’s hope that the next episode will be great! ^-^

  13. Fictionesia
    July 24, 2016 at 12:48 pm — Reply

    Hello everyone, I dont intend to spam here. Please forgive me. I would like to share the link so you could support against the reduction episode of Beautiful Mind Gomawo chingu ya

    • July 24, 2016 at 3:46 pm — Reply

      Nothing like spam and nothing to be forgiven here, thanks for sharing the petition link!!! ^-^

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