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Suizokukan Girl Episode 3 Review

Shima gets her diving license while Imada struggles with appearing in front of people in the aquarium shows.

Leave it to Shima to get Imada out of his funk though!

It’s nice to see that, while the aquarium environment has changed Shima for the better, she’s also making her impact around, affecting positively her colleagues. (well, most of them anyways.. like, don’t expect mr Hard Ass to change from Monday to Tuesday! :p)

“If you want to hide that much, you will be hiding forever! The fish you love so much, fight desperately to survive in seas and rivers full of enemies. You haven’t learned anything from them!”

Imada, with a little push from everyone and a big “kick” from Shima, finally cast aside his fear of facing other people and not feeling worthy of his position, and took a step forward- just like his favorite leaf fish, there’s a time to be “hiding” but there’s also a time when you have to move around and make things happen. I lol’d when he was doing his dive-show, and when he noticed Kumiko waving at him from the crowd, he was happy but also awkward and that showed in his breathing! DIGGING THEM, yeeeep, bring the group date asap!

Shima and C-1 are slowly becoming the best of buds! She generally appreciates the aquarium more and more, since it brings her fulfillment that she couldn’t find in the office and she’s working hard to catch up with everything that is demanded of her. Even Mr. Shark-man acknowledges her effort, and gave a peace of his mind to Shima’s loser ex-bf, who suddenly wants Shima back, cause he feels threatened by Kaji’s dapper look (“he isn’t bad looking” as Shima pointed out, like..the obvious haha)

Could there be a subtle triangle there? I suppose there might be, but there are more pressing issues at hand. C-1 looks to be in trouble, but I trust the Hamakaze group to find a solution. There need to be more C-1 spin kicks with cringy CGI, DON’T TAKE THAT FROM US!

we are leaf fishes! hiding and moving and on and on again!

LEAF FIIIISH. aren’t we all like leaf fishes! hiding and moving and on and on again!

Onwards to episode 4 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz + huge thanks to candylemon

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