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Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo / The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Episode 1 First Look

Yoshiyama Mihane (Kuroshima Yuina) is a senior highschool student leading an ordinary life, until the moment she acquires the ability to travel through time.

Mihane uses that ability for her own gain, starting to “predict” things so she can become famous and then to avoid things, such as a bad (in hindsight!) haircut, or getting a love confession from her best friend, Asakura Goro. (Takeuchi Ryoma)

Her other “best friend”, is Fukamachi Shohei (Kikuchi Fuma) who is actually responsible for Mihane’s newfound ability; in reality, he’s someone who has travelled from the future to conduct a certain experiment and accidentally messes up in the school lab, causing Mihane to gain the leap-time power. He makes his way around by altering people’s memories, so he can not be found out before he’s able to carry his mission.

The first episode was quite enjoyable, filled with humorous moments and carrying an amusing atmosphere; Kuroshima does a great job portraying loud and brash Mihane, who finds her new ability a gift, since she hasn’t been enjoying highschool life much, after she had to pull out from the boat-club due to an accident. She eventually finds out that messing with time is no easy task, and avoiding responsibility by switching time frames to her convenience, can be dangerous.

Kikuchi and Takeuchi are also doing a decent job, as her faithful companions, spending their time goofing and playing around with her.

The show deviates from the anime movie quite a bit (but it resembles the original novel apparently? I haven’t read it though, so I can’t really confirm for sure) so I’m looking forward to seeing the changes, especially when it comes to the main trio’s dynamic. Shohei seems he has taken a liking to Mihane (did he rewrite the childhood memory of Goro and her to cover his bases or for something else?) and Goro already likes her while Mihane thinks love is a hassle that will ruin a good friendship.

Well, time waits for no one and Mihane will have to learn to accept the outcome of her actions without having to “cheat”, and deal with her choices on her own. (even if it is a helmet haircut!)

it's sort of a cute look though!

it’s sort of a cute look though!

Onwards to episode 2!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz + huge thanks to jigokuheaven


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