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Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Sometimes, losing a bet may benefit one’s life unexpectedly. Young Oh played, lost and won. Jin Sung was the helping hand that would take him out of the murky waters he had found himself in by treating him as a human being; unconditionally.

Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Kwoncap Dramajjang

“People always want confirmation and comfort when others are in pain.
Love, friendship, pity;
They are nothing more than a cheap relay of signals
People use accordingly by calling them different names.
That’s how people are; normal people who take pride in feeling emotions.
That’s why people can never help others.
The other person’s weakness becomes a sweet sore spot one can attack
Or a disgusting burden one wants to throw out when nobody’s watching.”


A miniature of society where lives matter; a bit more or not at all.


Every passing episode makes the two camps even more apparent inside the hospital, but without this meaning that everything is as stable as it appears to be since Beautiful Mind is plot-twist friendly and has proven it quite a few times up to this very moment. In one hand we have the shady forces that are accompanied by useless doctors and people who are being chased by their own demons while the ones having the upper hand use their weaknesses accordingly. On the other hand, we have doctors who deeply care about their patients’ condition and they try their best to save their lives against all odds. Some of them are qualified, some others have to walk down a long path until they are start honoring their medical gown properly, but they play their own part, one way or another.

The regenerative medicine will be the vehicle that will lead Hyun Joon to his father’s throne. He’s in a rush to acquire the medicine’s approval in order to prove his worth and that’s when the presidential candidate comes into play. The fabricated research results keep reigning supreme and the patients’ health would never matter. All that’s essential is for the medicine to hit the market and the right moment draws near, especially now that Young Oh’s out of the game (or at least they think so). Suk Joo would never stand still and even though he didn’t find palpable proof he could easily tell that his colleague, who was in charge of the research, was lying. We have yet another figure driven by despair. His devotion to the research had ruined his marriage and he couldn’t afford to bring existent malfunctions to the surface. He was creating a falsified success story in exchange for his misery and since he was pacing with Soon Ho and Hyun Joon’s ambitions he thought that everything would be “fine.”

No matter how hard Soon Ho tried to convince Suk Joo that the research was meeting everyone’s expectations he couldn’t earn his trust. Even so, he was pretty certain that Suk Joo would never be able to find proper evidence to prove the opposite even though he was already aware of the rare lesion that was related to the regenerative medicine. Chances were high there would be more side effects that could put a patient’s life in danger, but without Young Oh’s help he would be unable to prove anything. While Soon Ho was thinking that the medicine would shock the world, Suk Joo was pointing towards a different type of a shock and certainly not a positive one. Despite Dong Jae’s arch intentions to help the medical world with transplant deficiency, the medicine had become a wolf in sheep’s clothing bound to do more harm than good while filling a privileged minority’s vaults.

Suk Joo would never give up and he was eager to contact Young Oh, but he was nowhere to be found. Even though Min Jae’s point of view was highly representative of Young Oh’s current condition, after the reflection of his medical perfection had collapsed in front of a patient, her overall attitude was revealing tons of clinical bitterness. She was well aware that Young Oh’s safe haven that was maintaining his peace of mind was the hospital, but now that he was deprived of it she couldn’t possibly tell where he could be. It’s nice becoming a professor after feasting on someone else’s demise, eh? In Young Oh’s absence she may be feeling more comfortable with herself and her decision to betray him as she has all the time to focus on her career as a professor, but things won’t be as easy as they appear to be once Young Oh raids the hospital anew.

Suk Joo meeting Dr. Leenkenstein wasn’t that helpful either because he was searching for Young Oh too, but he was also eager to find out why Suk Joo wanted so desperately to meet Young Oh. However, Suk Joo asking Dr. Leenkenstein how he was feeling now that he had ostracized his son in order to live up to his own principles’ expectations must have struck a chord, although I doubt he could hear its discordant sound. Dr. Leenkenstein always appears as the sharp voice of justice that doesn’t make a distinction, but along the way he forgot about his role as a father. He kept discriminating against Young Oh in the worst possible way by treating him as a weakness he had to hide and not as the son he had to love and help him acclimate himself into society.

Even back in the days, Young Oh never received full answers since Dr. Leenkenstein was keeping him somewhere between ignorance and a truth chopped in half. It was necessary showing him how a family was like through others’ families, but it was all for fake normality’s sake and it was losing its educational characteristic. At the end of the day, he could have shown Young Oh the essence of a family through paternal love and affection even though there wasn’t a maternal figure by his side. Young Oh’s question on whether he would be able to become normal without having to pretend if he tried really hard was crucial, bus his father’s silence strengthened the uncertainty within. He may not had been able to understand the preciousness of life the way it was being reflected in all the humane interactions he was witnessing, but he could easily tell that emotions were an inseparable and essential part of life as opposed to his emptiness.

It was a very important day at the hospital, not only for some of our doctors, but also for the patient who had been waiting for a heart transplant for years. It would be Shi Hyun’s first transplant surgery and the new anesthesiologist would put to use for the first time everything he had learned. Driven by his feelings for Shi Hyun, Sung Eun became a long distance runner and delivered the heart on time, but while the surgery was taking place Suk Joo realized that the heart couldn’t be used anymore. The flow of events would leave its own devastating impact on Shi Hyun and the anesthesiologist, but Suk Joo would be there to remind them that giving up should never be an option and that even if they had lost a battle it didn’t mean that they had lost the war, not until they would see everything to the very end.

A kingdom’s ruins.


We had the chance to meet Jin Sung’s humble and quirky family with her brother teasing her about her love life and her mother thinking that Young Oh was her darling! The moment Young Oh woke up he was giving you the expression as if he was thinking “Where the hell am I? Is this the afterlife?” and then Jin Sung sprayed him with water to figure out he was at a new environment he couldn’t understand; at least he didn’t grab all 3 of them at the same time by the neck! The moment Jin Sung’s brother brought a patient Young Oh’s seawall started getting crushed over and over again as his father’s words and his last memories before he was exiled from the hospital were overrunning his mind. He silently tried to diagnose the patient’s condition, but he decided to leave as the nightmare he had gone through was still alive.

You have to love the contrast between Jin Sung’s white t-shirt and Young Oh’s black clothes. Gray would suit him best when it comes to visualizing his internal world, but he would look like an ice cream man whose white clothes were ruined inside the washer! However, black is still fine while laying emphasis on the void within as opposed to any shade of brighter colors which would visualize the presence of that precious warmth positive feelings can evoke. Young Oh was deciphering Jin Sung’s overall approach as a form of forced empathy just for the sake of it whereas in fact it was an attempt to help him find some peace of mind at a place where he could be human in other people’s eyes and not a “monster.”

Young Oh’s approach on feelings and the way people use them wasn’t overly wrong. Remaining unconditional and pure in this world isn’t easy, it’s almost a utopia and people’s weaknesses can be used accordingly, especially in one’s darkest hour. However, such a point of view wasn’t coming from a strict rationalist who had experienced emotions and felt betrayed or decided to close the gateways to feelings at some point. It was coming from someone who never received or transmitted emotions and he couldn’t know in the first place the real weight of his words. Jin Sung could easily tell that he was afraid and kept running away, just like when his world collapsed the moment Dong Jae died on his operating table even though it wasn’t his fault and when he had failed to understand the fragile nature of his last patient’s condition.

The flow of events the moment the patient found herself into the water and Jin Sung betting on who was right and who was wrong fueled the fire. Soon enough, Young Oh would start taking over the countryside hospital in his own renowned way to find out that she was suffering from Hashimoto’s disease. Everything was flowing well and Young Oh thought he had won the bet. At this point allow to me to wonder a bit, how the drama can offer us a scene in which Jang Hyuk is laughing without a freaking close-up?! It’s a sin, isn’t it? Anyway, the incorrect information that the grandmother had pushed her daughter-in-law into the water along with Young Oh’s inability to properly decipher all the signals correctly was making the reborn foundations of his self-esteem crumble anew. It was a battle against himself and the fact that the patient’s condition was deteriorating was devouring him because he couldn’t afford to be wrong anew.



Young Oh had found himself on yet another menacing crossroad, a more crucial one because it would either declare his rebirth or it would demolish his world beyond repair. Had he been alone chances were high he’d lean towards the second direction, but he wasn’t and the fact that Jin Sung took him to the countryside in the first place was a wise decision since it would eventually help him stand on his feet anew by making him look at the bigger picture; one step at a time. Young Oh was always hiding. His father was making him feel like a bird locked inside a cage, but he managed to escape. Then he was sent abroad in an attempt to keep him away from his life, but he returned. At the same time, Young Oh was always keeping his condition a secret, but it was revealed and his father ostracized him from the hospital. It was the first time Young Oh didn’t have to hide and the flow of events was making him face himself in order to start redefining himself in a healthy way, without fear, but with passion (in the making).

The fact that the grandmother didn’t want to kill her daughter-in-law, but she was gathering money to make her life much better, made his way of thinking more multifaceted. Young Oh wasn’t overly wrong, that woman was suffering from Hashimoto’s disease. However, relying on a patient’s mind for the first time instead of taking into consideration only the medical symptoms helped him complete his diagnosis which was a combination of Hashimoto’s disease and an autoimmune encephalitis. Patients are human beings, but Young Oh was always setting aside their human nature and was focusing on their patient identity by paying attention to the symptoms. The moment he saw a patient as a human being by analyzing her whole background was a brave step ahead.

It didn’t mean that Young Oh would change overnight and he was still keeping his clinical and devoid of emotion and empathy world intact, but enriching it with a sense of deeper understanding he has to keep nurturing was already making him twice the doctor he was. It was the first time Young Oh really needed someone’s help even though he thought it wouldn’t help at all, but it was better than expected and the help he received didn’t only strengthen him, it also made him see things a bit differently and unlocked the first door on the pathway leading inwards; there where another Young Oh remains asleep. Young Oh lost the bet, but he earned something far greater, the power to call himself a doctor anew and a brand new horizon to explore.

P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: Doctors remained in the first place with 18.8%, Monster secured its usual perimeter with 10.5% and Beautiful Mind with 3.5% reached its personal bottom for the second time, but you know what? Fuck ratings, alright? The ending of the 7th episode graced us with two beautiful smiles on Jin Sung and Young Oh’s behalf that were highly representative of their mutual development through their ongoing interactions. Wasn’t adorable the way Jin Sung was staring at Young Oh? And what’s even more important now that the 7th episode has reached the end? Of course, the forthcoming 8th one that will lead the drama to its midway ground and the preview was really something! Young Oh was already orchestrating his return to the hospital, but the circumstances will make his re-appearance even more bombastic! Atrocious people like Hyun Joon whose sense of humanity is below Young Oh’s empathetic inability are losing the world underneath their feet when they find death at their doorstep. Knock, knock! This time death came for his father and I can’t tell yet why Hyun Joon appeared devastated. Is it because he can’t afford to lose his precious (ha!) father or because he hasn’t gained the throne yet? We will find out soon, but one thing’s for certain, the only person who can save his father’s life is none other than Young Oh, the savior machine! Now that Suk Joo will be able to meet Young Oh anew the alliance will start turning to life and alongside Jin Sung all three together will start their own war for personal and like-minded reasons at the same time. I have already positioned the canons at my balcony, how about you?


-There is no one who would throw away the future into the sea.
Didn’t you have a moment when you desperately needed someone
Although you knew he/she wouldn’t be of any help?
-A human body never lies.
The world I live in is a perfectly logical place
That isn’t polluted by emotions or sincerity;
That’s why i still love medicine.
You asked me earlier if I desperately needed someone
Although he/she wouldn’t be of any help.
I did, but it wasn’t as bad as expected.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. July 12, 2016 at 2:05 am — Reply

    Wow, you’re fast; I’ve barely started watching the episode yet :p I will return.

    • July 12, 2016 at 12:08 pm — Reply

      Used to be more commando, not anymore, just sometimes xD

  2. Charlene
    July 12, 2016 at 8:52 am — Reply

    Fantastic review. Opening scene was a killer. Elder Lee is nothing but a clinical machine. Loved the added dimension to YH without them doing a presto change of his main self. KMJ can still go and kick rocks. Hopefully DR Hyun will stay the course and not be corrupted. So far just from my thoughts it could be the main nurse, the older Dr in the ambulance and Dr Hyun that will be on YH side.

    • July 12, 2016 at 12:12 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much!! 🙂 The opening scene owned, i really love all these scenes that take us back into Young Oh’s past, they make things even more insightful and intriguing at the same time, they reveal a few things but not everything yet. True that, the writer elicited that new Young Oh dimension through an ongoing flow of events that would make him understand a few more things after receiving the help he needed. It didn’t feel forced, it was natural and was bringing forth feels for Jin Sung and Young Oh, especially at the end! 😀 I agree on the people you describe as the ones who will be on Young Oh’s side from the hospital, but i also wonder if there are going to be more murders :O

  3. prettysup
    July 12, 2016 at 12:05 pm — Reply

    Love this episode, eager to see how YO will return to the hospital and fight the corrupted ones there!

    • July 12, 2016 at 12:07 pm — Reply

      Yup, he was reborn and became even more stronger, now he’s ready to kick some a$$! 😀

  4. chikorita
    July 13, 2016 at 10:05 am — Reply

    I love your review. I’m a new reader here 😀

    • July 15, 2016 at 1:22 am — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words, hope you’ll enjoy your stay here! ^-^

  5. kd-addict
    July 15, 2016 at 2:15 am — Reply

    Thank you so much for your recap! I had a hard time understanding about his diagnosis when i watched, because it seemed he was correct at first, and yet he wasn’t. Now that you explained it, i understand the woman had more than 1 issue and by him understanding the whole nature of the human being both a physical body as well as an emotional one, he could diagnose all the problems. Such a fantastic drama, and yet totally underrated.

    • July 15, 2016 at 12:15 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank so much for your words! I am glad i could be of some help ^-^ Yup, he was half-correct at first because he hadn’t paid full attention to the overall issue, plus there was the misleading assumption that the mother-in-law had pushed the woman into the water, but Jin Sung helped Young Oh look at the other side of the same coin too and he didn’t only make a full diagnosis, he strengthened his self esteem anew and was reborn 🙂 Totally underrated, Beautiful Mind deserves more love!

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