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Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

The hospital is a web within a web and the more Young Oh tries to uncover the truth the more he finds himself trapped. Everything his father was trying to keep a secret for decades has come to the surface and the echo of the impact is about to start spreading. However, Young Oh won’t be alone and while some things became more apparent some others have just become more complicated.

Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Kwoncap Dramajjang

“You look sad to me right now, that matters more.
I’ll try to become a better man, at least for you.”


Designing normality. 


Jim Morrison used to sing that “people are strange when you’re a stranger” for different reasons, but let’s see this line from Young Oh’s perspective the moment he found himself out of his cage; in the real world. Due to antisocial personality disorder, ipso facto, Young Oh was a stranger to common people. He could decipher their feelings/intentions by analyzing their facial expressions and body language, but deciphering differs a lot from deeper understanding simply because he couldn’t feel and eventually figure out for himself how emotions were like in the first place. In addition and for the same reasons, common people were quite strange to him because the only world he could understand was his very own microcosm which was devoid of emotion. Young Oh was a stranger in a strange land and his one and only tour guide was none other than his father.

It is true that the students didn’t greet him in the most appropriate way and his outburst was justified, but not the amounts of violence he used. However, it was his very own defensive mechanism when his fragile balance started quivering to an unwelcome tune since he couldn’t see his new classmates’ faces the moment everything was taking place and he couldn’t tell what they were up to. It was like an earthquake only Young Oh could sense and it was visualizing once again how lonely his very own world had always been. Except for the fact that his father wanted to keep his condition a secret from the very first moment Young Oh was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, one could easily tell that their relationship had always been based on mistrust on his father’s behalf. Young Oh tried to make him understand that the other students had started everything and what followed was because he couldn’t decipher their feelings/intentions. His father didn’t want to listen to him because he was quite certain that Young Oh’s condition must had forced the circumstances one way or another.

Letting people around Young Oh know of his condition is also a part of the overall process, not only for the child, but also for the people around him in order for both of them to acclimate themselves in the best possible mutual reality. Instead, Young Oh’s father had always made his son feel like an outcast who should compromise and pretend to be normal after having escaped isolation. Young Oh’s father is more of a tamer rather than a paternal figure. His intentions may be sincere, but his overall approach makes Young Oh look like a wild beast he had to teach how to become a part of a world that was never his own. His father’s austere face and dominant nature, the distance between them and the thought that the only one Young Oh should be afraid of was none other than himself, trying to make him look normal and keeping his condition a secret were parameters that weren’t a part of a treatment process, but something like preserving a sense of fake freedom behind ongoing bars.

The way the camera was capturing the moment behind the school’s railings was highly representative of Young Oh’s own prison. Young Oh trying to imitate others’ feelings in a place like the cinema didn’t do wonders since his smile was too forced and he couldn’t live up to that sense of normality his father wanted him to acquire. When it comes to crying, how could Young Oh ever win over his very own emotional drought and bring tears to the surface? It was simply impossible. At the present, the elevator scene was further proof that Young Oh’s father would never trust his own son and he used Eun Ha’s operation as palpable proof, but he wouldn’t open up his ears to Young’s truth which was making his father’s words look like mere assumptions. We still haven’t witnessed a maternal figure in Young Oh’s past and his father mentioned that he was one of the children that had been left at Grace Home for Children. Could it be that Young Oh was adopted by Lee Gun Myung?

His father stating that he was the one who turned him into a human being was proving to a wider extent the nature of their relationship and in order to maintain the upper hand he reminded Young Oh that the only reason he had returned to Korea was because he still needed him. The way Lee Gun Myung uses his hand to strengthen his authority over Young Oh and the manipulative form of affection he imposes in order to enforce his point of view are omnipresent throughout their tête-à-têtes and the same applies to Young Oh from the other side of the fence. After such interactions he’s always left like an obedient yet somewhat lost child. His shattered stare and that sense of embittered emptiness Jang Hyuk evokes visualize perfectly well Young Oh’s chaotic microcosm.

When it comes to passing for normal, Young Oh was there after Min Jae’s professor chose Sung Eun as his co-author instead of her who had worked so hard on the article that was published. Background discrimination, connections and personal gain are a pestilence and Min Jae became aware of it for one more time, but in a more vicious way. Only Young Oh would be able to brighten her world at that point and he was quite successful after reading through her facial and somatic lines that made him aware of how she was feeling. He simply knew that the right moment for a hug had arrived in order to comfort her and he even chose the right lines to appear like a one of a kind guy that was eager to ease her burden without asking too much! He thought that it wasn’t difficult and he was believed that faking normality had become his alter ego, but reality was bound to disillusion him in a way he’d never expect.

Traces of truth.


In an attempt to prevent his son from committing another crime (or getting framed) Young Oh’s father informed Jin Sung who took his words for granted and arrested Young Oh. She wouldn’t listen to anything he had to say and accused him of violating the psychotropic drug control act. That’s when Young Oh’s low impulse control resurfaced since she was preventing him from saving a patient’s life which was twice as precious since Eun Ha was the only one who could help him prove the whole truth. After grabbing her from the neck he decided to handcuff-take her with him and he ended up at the police station after witnessing his father performing the surgery.

Young Oh didn’t succeed in making her think a bit more when it comes to the reasons why his father wanted her to arrest him, but the ampoule test’s result which was all about vitamins did the talking and Young Oh was released. The team leader of the violent crimes squad was quite insightful and it was a mind-awakening moment for Jin Sung. What had just happened was a two-edged knife, she had either set a perpetrator free due to lack of evidence or she had committed abuse of authority by falsely accusing an innocent citizen. Jin Sung realized that it wasn’t a yes/no game filled with direct and absolute answers. She had also become aware of the fact that she kept causing troubles with her explosive temperament. Self-awareness is a virtue she has to start leveling up along with her detective skills that are a quite a mess, but learning from one’s mistakes is also essential; nobody’s born perfect!

Young Oh’s low impulse control kept reigning supreme and he wouldn’t find some peace of mind until he would figure out that Eun Ha was still alive. After dragging Jin Sung all over the place his next victim would be Min Jae who was eager to help him but found herself on the wall like a sticker! Young Oh forced his father in front of everyone to let him be in charge of Eun Ha and he acquired Hyun Joon’s permission to solve the case before the JCI evaluators would arrive. That’s when Young Oh’s real plan began and he acquired Eun Ha’s cooperation that would lead him to her research which was inside a USB sticker.

He was the only one who could help her leave the hospital alive and faking a cardiac arrest was the only way out. Those who were determining Dong Jae’s life inside the operating room were Young Oh as the lead surgeon and Yoon Kyung as the anesthesiologist who was responsible for the patient’s vital signs; Young Oh wasn’t the murderer. Her daughter and Chul Min had the same rare heart lesion and the fact that the same treatment method was used on both of them was proving that they were receiving treatment from the same doctor; Suk Joo wasn’t the only one who was in charge of her daughter. Young Oh was masterful in eliciting important information and taking her out of the list (even if she did anything she was just a pawn on the murderer’s chessboard) by awakening her trauma that was born when she was desperately longing for a transplant to arrive for her daughter (which would mean another child’s death).

Fragments of injustice.


It’s something to be somewhat proud of when your assumptions appear to be pacing with the drama’s flow (for the time being). I had already pointed out that the watches may had been the same, but the hands were quite different. Young Oh’s father may not be following the finest methods, but he tries to protect his son in any way he can even though Young Oh thinks that his father tries to protect himself (and in a manner of speaking it may be true, but he protects both of them in a wrong way by estranging himself from his son). At the same time, Soon Ho’s stench had surrounded my nose for some time now and Hyun Joon had a lot to lose in case something went very wrong. Soon Ho has powerful connections and I am referring to Hyun Joon’s father. At the same time, Hyun Joon can’t acquire his father’s trust (and in that manner of speaking, he’s closer to Young Oh than he thinks) and he’d do just anything to prove his worth. Soon Ho and Hyun Joon share an interdependent yet foul relationship that can’t shatter so easily. If one of them goes down then the other will follow shortly after. Hyun Joon may not be fully aware of everything Soon Ho was doing (this is only an assumption), but the moment he found out that Young Oh was pointing his arrows towards Soon Ho everything had started changing; in the shadows.

Chul Min’s son came back to the surface as an ambitious motorbike thief and he ended up getting caught by Jin Sung who would head towards his place in an attempt to help him in any way she could. Young Oh would go there in order to find anything that could help him find out who Chul Min’s doctor was. Jin Sung eventually apologized, but she could easily tell that Young Oh and his father weren’t having a healthy relationship. Her flow of thoughts was interrupted by the post-it notes that were actually parts of a prescription which was revealing the doctor’s name. In the meantime, Suk Joo had acquired Dong Jae’s office and the medical records Jin Sung had requested finally arrived. At this point, there are three good people who know who the murderer or one of the culprits is: Young Oh, Jin Sung and Suk Joo.

Suk Joo would meet Soon Ho (who was Chul Min’s target and not the presidential candidate) right away and Young Oh would head towards the meeting after revealing everything to Hyun Joon. Hyun Joon put all the blame on Young Oh during the meeting, but the most unpleasant surprise was the fact that Young Oh received Min Jae’s arrows. Young Oh’s condition was a part of her knowledge field and she had been able to diagnose his symptoms. She revealed that he was suffering from antisocial personality disorder in front of everyone; something that could frame him as the murderer. I don’t think that Min Jae was involved in something shady. My personal assumption is that she was driven by despair thinking that she and her efforts would finally have a chance of getting acknowledged inside the hospital. Stabbing Young Oh in the back at that point could become the vehicle for the personal advancement she deserved, but she was unable to achieve for reasons I already explained.


P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: Things aren’t flowing well for Beautiful Mind since its 5th episode rated only 3.5% which must be one of the lowest ratings I’ve seen this year. Doctors (18.4%) and its preset popularity is one of the reasons, Monster (11.1%) that already has its own dedicated audience is another one. Beautiful Mind, sadly, found itself in the wrong place at the right time, but I hope that it will cross the finishing line intact. Except for the fact that I like the way the drama progresses, the only good thing I can think of is the fact that the global audience seems to enjoy KBS’ Monday-Tuesday dramas even though the ratings don’t seem to be their strongest card in Korea. Judging from the preview, Young Oh will probably admit that he had killed Dong Jae. He must have something in mind, he would never enter the wolf’s lair without a plan. Jin Sung will sincerely take Young Oh’s side for the first time but the violent crimes’ squad leader will point out that she wouldn’t be able to change anything since everyone was already considering it a closed case. Soon Ho will start showing his teeth in a more palpable way the moment he will threaten Suk Joo by making him wonder who could be the next one in line. Young Oh will confront Hyun Joon, but he will taste in the first place why his father had always been against the idea of him becoming a doctor. Most of the people will start treating him like an outcast inside the hospital and the ethics council will relieve Young Oh of his post. Because people forget everything prior to a misstep or a misunderstanding, the second one being the occasion here, and because a scapegoat was needed. Some things became more apparent but some others became way more complicated at the same time. It’s a vicious world, isn’t it?! Come forth, 6th episode!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. Lisa
    July 5, 2016 at 9:14 am — Reply

    That elevator scene between Young Oh & his father was the creepiest scene so far imho! I am beginning to wonder if it’s not his father who’s the psychopath of the story; crafting a mini me in his sick twisted way. Didn’t he tell him he was an abandoned child as well? Is it possible that Young Oh doesn’t really have the disorder but something different, like asbergers?
    Anyhow, I think the father is a dangerous man and don’t find his protectionism very convincing!
    Thanks for the recaps!!

    • July 5, 2016 at 12:11 pm — Reply

      They have quite a few creepy moments together, but this one was one of the creepiest for sure and his father’s words were as sharp as a knife! I don’t want to touch Young Oh and his father’s cards further than what they appear to be for the time being. Especially when it comes to Young Oh because it wasn’t his father who diagnosed him, but another doctor. Could be a misdiagnosis, but i don’t want to think of something like that because it would ruin a big part of the drama for me (at least for now), i prefer Young Oh having antisocial personality disorder. As for his father, he doesn’t look very human himself, but in case he has APD too it could explain his “treatment” method throughout the years and his obsession to keep his son’s condition hidden (just like he did when it comes to himself and kept fooling everyone – if that’s the case). But for now with these two specifically i want to stick to what i enjoy the most, Young Oh having APD and his father trying to protect him in his own ineffective ways as the web inside the hospital becomes more complex. He did say that he was an abandoned child though, that would explain the absence of a mother and that his current father could have adopted him, there’s lots of food on the table and it appears one dish at a time xD

  2. Charlene
    July 5, 2016 at 11:59 am — Reply

    Such a good series. Hate to hear it’s not receiving the ratings love. I do see that people are giving it love in the comments. I do have to wonder if elder Lee also as some form of ASD. He comes off as very emotionally closed off. Did he get YH as some for of experiment. He was proud to state to YH that he was the one to make him human. What to say about MJ. Girlfriend you was wrong on some many levels. I believe that it was the promise of a fellowship that got her to turn on YH. I did love the scene of YH and JS at Kang son apartment. This was a scene that show that they would be good together. YH face was so clueless when she asked him if she could scream if she was happy to see him. Dude was lost. Much love for this drama. As alway a wonderful recap.

    • July 5, 2016 at 12:24 pm — Reply

      I love this drama, it keeps playing tricks on my brain and almost everything can change with every passing episode! The ratings aren’t representative of the drama’s ambiance, sadly, and i don’t think they will change for better given the circumstances, i just hope that it won’t affect the drama in any way :/ The father could have antisocial personality disorder too, he reveals “emotions” only when he imposes his authority over Young Oh with these creepy smiles, but i do think that he cares about Young Oh in a really ineffective way. Good point, that could be the Frankenstein reference to the drama, adopting a “problematic” child (if that’s the case since he stated that Young Oh was left at Grace Home for Children) and make it “human” (probably like father like son if the father really has a like-minded disorder too and kept hiding it throughout the years). Min Jae disappointed me a lot at the end of the episode, but i think it was out of despair because her hard work wasn’t receiving the praise it deserved and she couldn’t move on with her career. She must had thought that helping the hospital’s major sponsor at that point with an accurate diagnosis it would make them, finally, recognize her worth. I really didn’t see that coming and i wonder how things will progress with Min Jae! It almost felt like Young Oh and Jin Sung would dance when he caught her before falling off the chair after he startled her! It was a really beautiful scene and he really looked so lost when she asked him if she could scream for being happy, he must had thought that she was crazy, something like “What is she talking about, i didn’t read about that twofold ‘feeling’ ” XD Thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. prettysup
    July 8, 2016 at 7:34 am — Reply

    Poor LYO was actually named after a number! The father.. I really hate him now.

    • July 9, 2016 at 12:18 am — Reply

      Number 205 if i remember correctly! XD It’s sad. :/

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