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Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki Review

Maeda Atsuko portrays Yuriko Busujima, a young woman who aspires to be a political journalist- in the meantime, she passes her time picking lovers, based on their croissant-table-manners.

Busujima’s childhood left an ugly mark on her; her father abandoned his home to stay with his the woman he was cheating on her mother with. From that time, she decided she would never trust men, but since she also can’t live without romance (lol, this series’ tagline is “dedicated to women who cannot live without romance!”) she has established a simple rule on dating : she needs a backup  boyfriend at all times, so she won’t end up feeling lonely when one of the two men she’s dating on a regular basis, eventually dumps her.

Yeah…I guess, upon reading the synopsis of the show, Busujima doesn’t sound like the smartest cookie in the neighborhood, nor the ideal main character one might root for; she has a redeeming quality that is important though – she’s very honest. Well, she’s not honest to herself at times, but she’s always upfront to others, when it comes to what she likes doing/dislikes doing.

There is the argument that dating multiple people at the same time might be deemed obscene, but when somebody is straightforward with their dating habits from the very start, can it still be considered unethical? Is there a line drawn by itself, or is it drawn by the people participating and agreeing/disagreeing on this confusing involvement with others?

The drama plays around that theme and it concludes that love is something exclusive afterall but there’s a whole lot of mess before you’re able to recognize that feeling; there is also the parallel with the world of politics, and how betrayal and distrust runs through every facet of the society- as well as the opposite, since you can also find loyalty, albeit in a smaller percentage than the former.

Maeda does a very good job in depicting Busu-chan, who initially seems like an air-head, but she works really hard in the cases she’s assigned to, she learns the difficult way how things can come to bite you in the ass if you’re careless, and ends up realizing that an avoidance of broken heart, isn’t something that you can calculate.

Her main love interests, are Midori, or Mii-chan (Watanabe Daichi) a goofy, good-hearted musician that has stayed with her the longest out of every other lover she ever had, and Ozu, (Arai Hirofumi) a mysterious, attractive top-journalist, she feels an unstoppable attraction to.

Special shout-out to my favorite character in the series – the cafe owner. He tells nothing, he hears everything and he never judges, just passing around his tasty hand-made croissants. Legend!

It’s not a must-see series or something great, but it’s watchable and doesn’t lose its pace at all. Seeing that it belongs in the late-night drama schedule, there will be some ~steamy~ scenes (nothing too much though) and cursing, so if that’s a red flag for you, you should stay away.

the shiz my eyes have seen, if you only knew

the shiz my eyes have seen, if you only knew!

If you’re up for a different touch though, I’d probably suggest it; it’s only 10 episodes, 20 mins each, so you won’t waste much of your time, if you don’t end up liking it. At the very least, there are a handful of nice croissants shots in this drama, a jammy ED, and of course, the legendary Toya-san! Can we have a series through Toya-san’s eyes though, THE SHIT THIS MAN HAS SEEN AND HEARD lol.

Overall Grade7,35 / 10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to manatsu @ DA

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  1. Mohammed
    July 6, 2016 at 8:16 am — Reply

    I have seen this listed in dramacool, thought the synopsis was interesting in how she could lie to herself,live dating like that. Shame the eps are 20 mins per minute, was hoping for longer, more in depth look at her lifestyle.

    Which guy is the first lead? The goofy, longtime friend or the other guy? I like underdog and just having empty attraction,sex with someone you dont like/love is really unappealing, a turnoff.

    • July 6, 2016 at 9:38 am — Reply

      Well, I’d say that the top journalist is a bit ahead than the musician, yeah.
      She does like all the guys she dates though, she just has that one number rule (obviously that will change eventually)

      • Mohammed
        July 6, 2016 at 12:01 pm — Reply

        Interesting and i hope its any good.
        This is why i watch this type of Jdramas because they deal romance with more realistic, darker ways. I like kdramas but they tend to have few types of romantic dramas.

        The musician is an long time friend type and those guys never get the girl i remember in Japanese rom coms specially compared to the mysterious lead role guy 😉

  2. Myra
    August 13, 2016 at 6:52 am — Reply

    The girl was so naive… she’s supposed to be in her late 20s (I guess) but they seemed to portray her last love as her first love (teenager naivety). It makes sense since it was the first time she dated exclusivley someone.

    Anyway the guy was interesting, I disliked him but at least there was something.

    • August 13, 2016 at 10:44 am — Reply

      Well, she went in head-strong and sadly fell flat on her face.

      Yeah, he was weirdly-interesting!

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