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Thoughts on Beautiful Gong Shim ~

Hello Dramajjangers

Only a few episodes are left until “Beautiful Gong Shim’s” ending. But better now than never for me to write some thoughts on the drama.

To be honest beautiful Gong Shim is the kind of drama I like and I would watch it sooner or later.

But one of the reasons I did faster than expected was Seo Hyo Rim. I follow Seo Hyo Rim since many years before and I really like her, although she always plays the evil second lead roles. But she is a lovely girl ( you should watch her mcing at music bank and the cute web drama “SETI” with SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong). Well for Seo to play a main lead, I was really excited, but it didn’t turn out that way exactly. I will be talking about that later.

The plot in the first episodes was a bit of makjang to me. I mean the child that has been lost from his real rich family, the evil siblings and the scums are things that we have seen before, especially in soap operas. Despite that “Beautiful Gong Shim” turns out to be a great drama and that’s its beauty.

A huge part of the greatness, is because of the actors. I didn’t know Goong Min before, now I’m introduced to his acting skills and I have to say (hoping I am not misjudging anyone) he is the 70% of this success. I’ve only seen him in “I need in romance 3” and it is was after many episodes that I realised that was him. I’ve also heard he has played the villain in his latest dramas with great responses, I can’t imagine that. His acting skills are amazing and Ahn Dan Tae have become one of my favourite main leads of all times, with the right amount of fun and seriousness. I like the fact that despite the terrible things that he has been discovering for his life, he is still positive and amazing.

2016-07-02 (27)2016-07-02 (28)

Mina is doing a great job as Goong Shim. I didn’t expect from her to be that natural and I think she fits the character perfectly, plus her chemistry with Goong Min is the cutest.

I have to acknowledge the writer’s work here. Because despite the good acting, they have created really strong characters. Gong Shim is not trapped in her image neither brings the drama on her. The first episodes were heading that way, but soon they made Gong Shim the strong girl she is. Plus her, not giving up her love for Ahn Dan Tae is given in a perfect way, without her being easy or annoying. She would even swear and shout out him,even though she loves him and that part is really entertaining.

2016-07-02 (18)2016-07-02 (19)

Director Joon Soo has a big part at the drama and I would say he is well written in the cast as a main lead, I wouldn’t say the same for Gong Mi though.

Anyway Joon Soo, is a lovable character. He is really kind hearted, nice and you can’t help but feel sorry about his one sided love for Gong Shim. But what can I say, he should move on, because it’s crystal clear to him Gong Shim and Ahn Dan Tae love each other. My sympathy for this character was a bit shaken at the last episode, where he lied about the gallery tickets. He reveled the truth soon enough so that was restored. Well I’m really worried, about him wanting to cover up his mother terrible doings, but I wont judge until I watch the next episodes. I am really hoping he is not going to turn into a villain.

2016-07-02 (42) 2016-07-02 (46)

Gong Mi is definitely not a main lead (unfortunately) and I wonder why it is written like this in the cast. As I said before the first episodes where a bit misleading. Because they tried to portray  Gong Mi as the usual evil bitch sister, but they slightly stated changing that. Of course that doesn’t change her priorities, her career and a good marriage. But they tried to show a better side of her, by making it clear that she likes Joon Soo sincerely. Apart the fact that he is a chaebol, which makes him perfect for her. Many times she thinks about him and although she tried to meet new people on blind dates, she still likes him from the first time she saw him. Many people hater her, but I think the writers haven’t done these characters justice, they have somehow left her hanging without completing their plans for her. Plus I like the love line with Gong Mi and Joon Soo. I ship them but this couple has been left behind. I don’t find that necessarily bad, because they might develop this story line after all the family dramas ends.

Which brings me to another thing I like about this drama. The fact that not everything revolves around love, but it still is romantic and cute. I mean of course every character’s love matters to them, but the reality they handle is bigger at the moment, first they have to focus on solving their lives and then their loves.

The drama is developing quickly and that’s a good thing. It would really be a soap opera, if we had to wait until the 20th episode for the grandmother to find out Ahn Dan Tae is her grandson. Plus many things are reveled to the characters and all this tangled mess makes everything interesting on what is going to happen next.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Ken
    July 10, 2016 at 3:06 pm — Reply

    I started watching this drama only because I am a Nam Goong Min’s fan. Great actor who can get well into the skin of the character and can switch gears from bright emotions to dark emotions easily. Shines well in dark characters but can easily do lead roles too. He deserves much more glory.

    Your review/thoughts on the series is spot on and this drama looks like it will breach into the top 10 dramas of this year.

    • July 11, 2016 at 6:23 pm — Reply

      He is a great actor and he needs more recognition for his work. I’m really glad you liked this post.

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