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Suizokukan Girl Episode 2 Review

Shima learns the glorious technique of wan-tan-men from Imada amongst other things.

That wan-tan-men technique was really great though- keeping focus and synchronizing your movements with short words is not that easy a feat. (maybe I will try wan-tan-men and finally learn how to properly operate both my hands in keyboard and finally master the only track I’m interested in playing!)

“A roster may be important, for investigating people’s work, to improve management. But rather than just data, I believe people at HQ should see things here with their own eyes. It’s true I didn’t want to come here. You dumped me, I was abandoned by HQ, and I lost everything. But..I’ve decided to do the best I can here. So I belong here now.”

Shima continues to learn things from the aquarium; practical stuff always come in handy, but the most important ones are taught by the staff’s attitude and outlook towards the sea creatures, which allow her to build up her character and understanding towards others. After messing up with the MC role, she worked really hard to fix her mistake,s and being very alert towards her surroundings made her appreciate her co-workers more than before- that was also a nice bonus, trolling Yagami like this. I didn’t think she would give him the employees-chart, but I didn’t expect her to draw out all the good traits of her fellow workers like this. Team spirit ftw!

Kaji remains a hard ass (srsly, he could get a medal for that!) but he couldn’t put down Shima after seeing first-hand how she has started to really care about the place. The chores he made her do in order to “force” her to quit, backfired as they gave a bigger incentive to Shima (it’s nice how everyone else is backing her up though) but then again, maybe that was his test all along? Either way, Shima ain’t having it and it’s good to see her standing up to him and proving him wrong time and time again. Kaji, you need to mellow a little bro. (there was a mention about an incident a decade ago, so maybe that is what affected him? We’ll find out in the next epis.)

Well, Hamakaze Aquarium is in good hands, and with a little luck and a bit more effort, it will rise to the number 1 spot in the country soon! Assholes from the HQ can try all they want, as long as C-1 is obeying his true mastah (yes, that is Shima!) and does another amazing high kick spin, there’s nothing to fear!

p.s I wouldn’t mind a tiny romantic subplot between Imada and Koshiba- he was so adorably awkward around her, give us more scenes along with Shima bringing him collectibles. (that scene was hilarious)

Onwards to episode 3 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to candylemon

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