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Omukae Desu Episode 9 Recap / Series Finale

Recap – Summary : After successfully launching their first rocket together, Katou and Madoka are trying to recruit new members for the rocket club.

However, Madoka’s serious approach doesn’t leave room for anyone else to consider applying, and Katou tells Sachi that he mistakenly thought Madoka was becoming more sociable. Sachi disagrees, and tries to cheer up Madoka but at that time, Nabeshima arrives with a new feisty ghost, Ritsuko.

Ritsuko worked in a designing company when she slipped in one of the work sites and fell from a high spot; she explains that before she transfers to the other side, she wants to see two of her co-workers, Asami, with whom she was also roomates, and Hiroshi, get married. She needs  Madoka and Sachi to help her in her Cupid Operation, as she’s sure they both love each other, but can’t figure out why Asami rejected his recent proposal.

Nabeshima recognizes Asami, as he believes she’s tied to his past and is possibly his younger sister, and picks up an argument with Ritsuko, that she should leave her alone if she doesn’t want to get involved with Hiroshi; Ritsuko is adamant that Asami likes Hiroshi but Madoka and Sachi can’t think of a way to get close to them and help  with the operation.

That changes when Katou tells Madoka that 10 persons unexpectedly signed for the rocket club and they need to find money for a welcome party. Sachi comes up with the idea of joining as part-timers at the Luke Lighting company Hiroshi and Asami work. However, things remain distant between them, as Asami turns down Hiroshi’s offer to help her clean Ritsuko’s stuff from the apartment they shared together. Ritsuko notices that Asami secretly sews back a button in Hiroshi’s jacket, and tell Madoka and Sachi that they need to persuade Hiroshi to try again with Asami.

Hiroshi treats Madoka and Sachi as a welcome to beers and food, and Sachi lies that she and Madoka are together, so she can swift the conversation and ask Hiroshi if he has someone he likes- he eventually admits that he likes Asami and while things were going very well between them, she turned down his proposal without ever explaining why. He’s sure he might have misjudged the vibes between them, but Ritsuko gets into Madoka’s body and urges him to try again with a new plan this time.

Madoka collapses after Ritsuko drinks a bit through his body, and Sachi carries him home. Nabeshima scolds Ritsuko for possessing his body without asking, but Sachi notes that Madoka has been a bit down recently after Chisato left, but when he’s occupied with the part time job, he seems to be doing better. Ritsuko reveals that Asami doesn’t have any relatives and since her older brother passed away, she has been looking out for her- after she graduated from highschool they started living together, and she really wants to see her happy.

Following the plan, Hiroshi asks Asami to accompany him in an aquarium, where he will meet Madoka and Sachi  to give them advice on how to repair their relationship- he notes that going alone is weird for him and while Asami is hesitant at first, she eventually accepts to go with him. The plan goes awry though, as Madoka and Sachi end up arguing about the festival day and the kiss that almost happened, not allowing Hiroshi to pinch in and “give them serious advice” as they had agreed. Asami thinks that them quarreling means they care for each other and they should try again, but before she’s ready to leave, Hiroshi finds the chance to propose to her again but while Asami thanks him, she rejects him yet again.

At that time, the police arrive and want to question Hiroshi, about the circumstances of Ritsuko’s death- apparently, one of the screw in the handrail was removed and they conclude that it must have been a murder. Ritsuko relays the message to Madoka and the rest, and Madoka believes that maybe Asami is avoiding Hiroshi because she thinks that he had something to do with Ritsuko’s death. Sachi doesn’t agree with that, but the police end up arresting Hiroshi, since they found the removed part inside his house. Hiroshi says that he’s innocent before he’s taken away and Asami seems to believe him.

She later reveals her past to Madoka and Sachi, about how Ritsuko was gonna marry her brother, Manato, but that didn’t happen since he sacrificed his life to save her, when she was still young and nearly slipped through a cliff- she admits that since Ritsuko never realized her dream of becoming a bride, she feels like she doesn’t have the right to marry either, despite loving Hiroshi.

Nabeshima confirms that Asami is his sister and Ritsuko was his girlfriend, but he thinks that telling Ritsuko that wouldn’t matter right now, since grim reapers and ghosts are prohibited of having relationships; he begs Madoka and Sachi to try their best to make his sister happy and help Ritsuko transfer to the other side without regrets.

While police is still holding Hiroshi, Madoka and Sachi find out that another employer was killed a few months ago, Ikeda- Ritsuko recalls that he had wanted to meet her the night he died about a project in the company, but she never got to know what was it.

Ritsuko thinks that Ikeda might have been murdered by the same person she was, and wants to go to the afterworld and meet him in case Ikeda saw the murderer’s face; Nabeshima tells her that if she does that, she will be able to come back only as an evil spirit, and since grim reapers aren’t allowed in the afterworld either, only the living with special ability might have a chance- but that is also dangerous, since they have a limited time and they can only do it while having a near death experience. Sachi volunteers to take that spot, but Madoka tells her he won’t endanger again, and feels like he should be the one to do it, as he wants to do his best to make Asami and Hiroshi happy, as well as Nabeshima and Ritsuko.

Madoka tells his family not to bother him at all and open the door in his room for the next hour, because he will be having an experiment with Sachi, while his parents wonder what kind of experiment that might be.

Nabeshima manages to put Madoka in the state needed for him to enter the afterworld- he disguises him in the pink rabbit outfit and manages to trick Shinozaki who doesn’t notice that Madoka is in there.

Madoka is unsure where to search for Ikeda, but he meets Kazuya who gives him directions to the pond where all the men named Ikeda gather- he finally finds the right man, and he tells Madoka that somebody in the company was laundering money and he thought that Ritsuko knew about it. He even left her a USB stick with the info, but Ritsuko missed that, and lost it somewhere in her desk. Ikeda reveals that it was Yoshioka, a man working in the company, who murdered him and after Madoka learns of that, he’s ready to head back and make it in time. Kazuya asks him if he wants to see Chisato before he leaves and Madoka decides that he should pay her a visit since he has a bit of time left.

Meanwhile, Sachi admits to Ritsuko that she had a crush on Nabeshima, since he was the only one to praise her and felt like doing something useful with the part time job he offered her, but Ritsuko replies that real love is being with someone that’s always by your side and she was happy that she experienced that once.

Madoka finds Chisato in the middle of a field, and she’s surprised to see him there- Madoka tells her that he’s still alive, but had to find some info in order to help someone in the real world. Chisato notes that he’s still doing her best and that’s good to see. Madoka tells her that he didn’t have a chance to tell her a proper goodbye as he wanted and admits that he too liked her in highschool, but he hadn’t realized it then. Chisato doesn’t really believe him and tells him that the one he really likes is Sachi, but at that time the horns go off that someone is in the afterworld without permission- Shinozaki realizes that Nabeshima tricked him and orders Matsumoto to track Madoka down in the afterworld, while he and Mayuri will head to his house to find proof that Nabeshima had a hand in all this.

Madoka and Chisato run away from Matsumuto and his men, while Sachi tries to keep warm Madoka’s real body, since the time is ticking away, whereas Mayuri makes her way into the Tsutsumi residence but Ikuo misunderstands the situation as a love triangle, and holds her back from entering Madoka’s room, claiming he’s protecting her.

Kazuya and Reiko’s father comes to his aid, while Madoka is trying to find the clay pipe Nabeshima told him about, if things turn south. Chisato doesn’t know where that is, but Madoka hears Sachi’s voice calling him to come home and eventually is led to the right place.

Before he enters the pipe, he repeats to Chisato that he did like her back then and thanks her for letting him realize that. Chisato believes him and thanks him back as he makes his way to the real world, and gets back in his body. Sachi is happy to see him back but their moment is soon broken up as they need to quickly act normal, so Shinozaki and Mayuri don’t find anything suspicious.

After everything is in the clear, Madoka tells Ritsuko about who the murderer is why she was murdered, they realize that Asami might be in danger, since she was gonna clear Ritsuko’s desk on a day off, after Yoshioka’s orders.

Asami finds out about the fraud after she unlocks Ritsuko’s locked drawer but before she’s able to do anything, Yoshioka is already there and ready to get rid of her, after admitting that he was the one to murder Ritsuko and Ikeda. Nabeshima protects his sister though, after his punches actually do land on Yoshioka- the police soon arrive and arrest him, while Nabeshima returns the pink rabbit back to Asami who’s in awe of what’s happening.

Madoka tells Ritsuko to borrow his body, for a few last words to Asami- Ritsuko tells Asami that she shouldn’t feel guilty, and she should go on with her life happily. She urges her to be honest with herself and run to Hiroshi and wishes her all the best.

After Hiroshi is released, Asami waits for him and after they get back to the office, she’s the one that proposes to him, which he immediately accepts. Sachi comes up with an idea to lend her body to Ritsuko, so she can wear a wedding dress through her before she departs, and everyone gathers in the church looking happy- Nabeshima is glad that Ritsuko will go to the other side without regrets, and he indirectly bids farewell to his sister, after getting into Madoka’s body. He thanks Madoka for all his hard work, and encourages him to be honest with himself and Sachi.

Before Ritsuko hops into the vespa, she thanks Nabeshima for the fun they have had, since it reminded her of the time Manato was around.

After everyone flies away, Sachi asks Madoka if he saw Chisato in the afterlife- Madoka tells her that he did, and Sachi nods, ready to leave. Madoka stops her by telling her that she looked beautiful in the wedding dress before, and asks her to go out with him. Sachi is surprised at his words, and asks him if he has reached a conclusion if he likes her or not, as he stated once- Madoka implies that he has, and she asks him to state it properly. Madoka approaches her and kisses her. Sachi wonders what that was, and Madoka goes on about what a “kiss” is, before she punches him playfully in the stomach as they both smile in the end.

Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 1000007

Well, that was a fun and touching finale!

You couldn’t notice that it was lengthy, because so much stuff was happening and the pace was pretty good- which indicates that it did its job very well.

First of all, I need to start with this :

omukae desu ep 1000009


His backstory was short but it was warm and fuzzy, since, how can you NOT love the story of a brother protecting his sister? His constant bickering with Ritsuko was also fun to watch. (“your uselessly cute pink outfit!”)

omukae desu ep 1000010

The story of his sister, Asami, was also likeable- she finally let go of her guilt and sadness, and took a chance at happiness with clumsy but soft-hearted Hiroshi, as her brother and Ritsuko wished for her. Really liked the last scene, when Nabeshima borrowed Madoka’s body to “deliver” his sister to a brighter future.

Madoka ~*happily*~ letting others borrow his body (that sounds wrong lool)  these past epis, though. Well, he did come a long way compared to the beginning, as he truly understood the meaning of helping others and lend a hand (or a body) to assist them in their happiness.

omukae desu ep 1000012

And that’s why in the afterworld it was nice to be reminded of that,  seeing him being supported by the people he aided in the past, and also being able to properly bid farewell to Chisato (lmao at her scene of eating onigiri in the middle of nowhere!)

Sachi also let go of her insecurities about being useless and the need to be praised by others, and focused on the people who are beside her, and don’t want her to be anybody else, than herself; Madoka, that is.

omukae desu ep 1000013

The scene where she was keeping him warm and pleaded for him to come back showed her (limited edition lol) affection and caring towards Madoka, as she seemed to be hit with the realization that she also actually has feelings for him.

The ending scene did feel a bit abrupt but at the same time it was SO them, lol. When she asked him about the kiss aka ‘ tell me you like me you idiot ‘ and he replied with the technical definition of a kiss, I was like OF COURSE HE WOULD SAY THAT, haha.

omukae desu ep 1000016

I guess it was a parallel to the ending of the premiere, except that time it was only “verbally” and without real feeling; now, after so many missions and endeavours they went through together and the fact that they both admitted to liking each other, (indirectly, but still clearly) it’s a whole other deal.

I’m gonna miss the shenanigans and the weekly ghost-ventures. (I won’t forget that particular track from the music score that reminded me of Macross meets Gundam lol, the OST was nice) . I’m definitely gonna miss the misunderstandings in the Tsutsumi residence (his whole family was hilarious in misunderstanding EVERY.THING) and Shinozaki’s and Mayuri’s expressions after always failing to disband Section 2, lol.

I think Omukae Desu did a good job for it was supposed to do, and maybe even took  a step further than “just adventuring with ghosts”. Each character got taught that this is an interwoven world, and meeting and helping others, without needing a specific reason for that, is the least you can do. Give a little (ghostly!) love, it will all come back, right?

omukae desu ep 1000015

Farewell but not goodbye Omukae Desu- I will remember you every time I munch on something in the middle of a field!

Overall Grade : 8,51 / 10

Chan- OTP : 8,77 /10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz

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  1. bluelysia
    July 5, 2016 at 12:47 pm — Reply

    I love Madoka’s dad misunderstanding too LOL
    like he told Mayuri “something between man and a woman might happened, and it’s better that you don’t know.” OMG HAHAHAHA
    Overall, I didn’t expected Omukae Desu to be this great, except I still feel like the love between Madoka and Sachi is rushed and a little bit vague, but whatever, I will take happy ending instead of none.
    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • July 5, 2016 at 3:52 pm — Reply


      Hmm, I didn’t feel it was rushed (especialy since the confession came up in the last ep lol) since they were together ALL the time from the beginning and had that sparkle from the get go- I suppose it could have been fleshened out a bit better, but I was satisfied.

      You’re welcome! : D

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