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Beautiful Mind Episode 1 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Somewhere between a rigid heart/sharp mind and a passionate heart/righteous mind the mystery begins to unveil its contours, but it will take some time until the truth comes to the surface.

Beautiful Mind Episode 1 Dramajjang

“The probability of saving the patient was low.
I wanted to see if my probability or your idealistic belief was right.
It was a game. Or a bet, if you will.”


 A world so cold and accurate; absence of emotion.


Welcome back, Jang Hyuk! The modern era had been craving for your presence after 2 Sageuk dramas in a row and I hope that Beautiful Mind will be highly representative of everyone’s expectations. It’s been almost 10 years since we last saw him in the role of a doctor, but this time things appear to be very different from everything we had witnessed in Thank You. Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk) is a renowned neurosurgeon and his observant nature helps him notice underlying parameters based on unfolding symptoms and/or characteristics that could betray one’s condition. He was the only one who had figured out that the boy couldn’t hear and that was the reason why he hit his hand on the glass; there wasn’t any reaction.

Even though he’s sharper than a scalpel when it comes to foreseeing the progress and outcome of a medical occurrence he’s as clinical as his field of knowledge. Unlike the cardiothoracic surgeon Hyuk Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min), he’s not an idealist and he doesn’t believe in miracles. He’s solely based on modern medicine’s powers along with his own skills; if either of them says “no,” it’s final. He’s devoid of empathy and on top of that, feelings don’t seem to be his strong point. The fact that he wants to marry Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) would never be enough proof of lurking feelings. I am really curious to find out why/how he is that way at the present, how/if he will be able to re-embrace emotions and where his relationship with his father will lead us to. By the way, is Young Oh the handsome Korean equivalent of Dr. House but in a whole different environment?

A relentless pursuit.


I am really happy that Park So Dam, our talented and beautiful young lady, is Beautiful Mind’s female leading figure. She really shone in Because It’s the First Time (she also has quite a number of movies on her back) and something tells me that she will do her wonders once again in her second drama attempt. Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) is an overly passionate police officer and she doesn’t place anyone above the law, not even herself. Bringing criminals in front of justice must be her innermost bliss, but justice is like a plague in the world of dramas, especially if the one who commits a crime wields power. The flow of events and her excessive passion as a police officer made her get emotionally involved in a case that should have never seen the light of day. She didn’t only want the patient to survive in order for her to find out who did that to him, she also didn’t want his son to be left all alone in this world.

The more she was witnessing that someone was trying to bury the case the more disheartened she was feeling because neither the truth would shine nor the victim’s son would ever witness justice being served. However, this didn’t mean that she would ever give up no matter how dangerous things could get. Jin Sung appears to be quite quirky, but she’s serious when it comes to preserving the law and even though she’s dating Suk Joo I am more than interested in witnessing her interactions with Young Oh; episode by episode. They are diametrically opposed characters and other than both of them knowing their job pretty well there’s nothing else that connects them at this very moment. Things started in a not so pleasant way between them, but it’s a part of the magic while witnessing them steadily getting closer together (if that will be the case here).

And the mystery begins.


The victim attacked the presidential candidate for a reason still unknown and I have to admit that he was quite unlucky Jin Sung didn’t catch him before entering the hospital because he would still be alive! He was kidnapped, he found himself at the hospital in critical condition and ended up passing away. If this wasn’t enough, his body had been switched before the police force’s autopsy would take place and the video of the surgery had been deleted. This is where things start becoming a bit complicated, especially for Young Oh who will find himself right in the eye of the storm as a suspect to Jin Sung’s eyes while at the same time Suk Joo already thinks that something doesn’t pace well with Young Oh’s diagnostic excellence.

The reasons why he wanted the video for himself and went to check the victim’s body at the morgue have yet to come to the surface, but I am focusing more on Shin Dong Jae (Kim Jong Soo), who was quite friendly with the presidential candidate, when it comes to switching the body. When Young Oh told his father that he didn’t get caught was most likely referring to the fact that he performed a surgery without his father knowing! There’s something shady and blurry in the overall ambiance, but this case is only the beginning and Beautiful Mind appears very plot twist friendly. Young Oh may be mysterious and emotionless, but in case he used his scalpel on Jin Sung there must had been a medical reason after an instant diagnosis or something! Nevertheless, Jang Hyuk’s facial expressions were straight from planet hell!

P.S. or Autopsy of a heart: Beautiful Mind’s first episode rated only 4.1% and the drama seems to be following KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama curse when it comes to ratings. The first episode was neither captivating nor indifferent, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Such dramas start unveiling their true colors from the 3rd/4th episode and on since the pilot episodes work more like a generic and slightly “chaotic” introduction in order to start watering the seeds of mystery that have yet to blossom in the near future. As for the medical scenes, they neither arouse my brain nor bring me discomfort. They’re just a necessary evil when it comes to medical dramas and i’m just neutral, but this doesn’t mean that the overall approach wasn’t pacing perfectly well with the pompous hi-tech vibes Korean dramas are losing themselves in quite often. The cinematography was highly representative of the drama’s demands since it was quite clinical inside the hospital, but when the director’s lenses start playing with the lighting factor that’s when things become even more intriguing. Judging from the quite vast medical team, most of the drama’s scenes will take place inside the hospital, but this isn’t something negative as long as the plot will keep things interesting because if there’s something i’m not afraid of then it has to be the acting. Alright, it’s almost time to dive into the 2nd episode and witness the further complications!


“And there was one more reason.
I wanted to see your face.
I wanted to see your confident facial expression
After the game was over.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. phelia
    July 9, 2016 at 10:41 am — Reply

    Now I just can’t wait anymore. I’ve just started this drama today and i like it! Okay, Jang hyuk is a big reason and i know that he’s gonna kill this role. i love him in modern drama (not a fan of saguek) Plus, Oh jung se, San ahhhh oops. I seriously can’t hate him here. lol

    First thought of Young Oh: Dr. House, is that you? lol Really love House but never expect that Young oh can be his rival. ps. Why do i love this kind of doctors? Trouble makers are bae <3

    EP1 is good. I've watch some of doctor dramas (mostly j-dorama) and so far this drama is already in my fav list.

    And the Young Oh name reminds me of another trouble maker kid, the Oh Young from Rough play. cool name to both of my ultimate bias. hehe

    • July 9, 2016 at 12:13 pm — Reply

      Same here, i prefer Jang Hyuk in modern roles and i was glad Beautiful Mind’s storyline doesn’t take place centuries ago! XD Aye, Oh Jung Se is here too (and now that you mentioned it, i have to finish Vampire Detective’s last ep recap! XD )
      There are Dr. House vibes for sure, i highly enjoy such doctor roles and Jang Hyuk already nails it! You’re gonna get even more impressed in the forthcoming episodes, the drama has many things going on.
      True that, Young Oh and Oh Young, two great characters with their own issues! 😀

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