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When the absurd substitutes logic, hope can become a dangerous illusion. Even when it comes to faith, one should embrace it in healthy ways.

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Kwoncap Dramajjang V1

“Think of me as a lamp post.
You called me a talking lamp post.
I can talk, walk and hold the umbrella for you.”

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Kwoncap Dramajjang V2

Thoughts / Review :

The 7th episode managed to achieve the drama’s second best ratings to date, 9.8%, leaving behind Entertainer (7.5%) and Master: God of Noodles (6.9%). Lucky Romance has to be one of these rare occasions: I started watching the drama mainly because of the actresses and the things they do to my heart, but I ended up hanging in here because of the actors. My discomfort has nothing to do with acting, both Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Chung Ah are exceptional in their roles respectively.

My issue is character-related, especially when it comes to Bo Nui whom I kept supporting up to the 5th episode even though many things didn’t make much sense, but from the 6th one and on she started causing me brain hemorrhage. I hoped that things would get better during the 7th one and that some sort of logic would electrify her brain, but the opposite happened. 75% of the times she says something I lose x brain cells per second (it’s a new measurement unit), x ∈ [15, +∞). The fact that Lee Chung Ah’s character had some proper development was a powerful emotional boost, but Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Soo Hyuk were the ones who were keeping Lucky Romance intact with their acting, facial expressions and character dynamics, so I can only be thankful for that.

Bo Nui at the hospital was a shadow of herself, but it was the only place she would visit after her mission had failed. She had to make sure that her sister was still alive, but the same applied to Soo Ho as well. If Bo Nui wasn’t taking herself into consideration all this time, at that point she had reached a brand new level, but there was someone out there pacing with her flow, silently sharing her pain and being there for her. I am referring to Soo Ho who tends to become a category of his own and a different type of the prince on a white horse. The umbrella scene was captivating and all that mattered at that point was Bo Nui.

He even gave her some space to breathe while she was drinking, but she started wallowing in self-pity anew and Soo Ho had to save her once again from yet another no-human with “oh so manly” intentions. Instead of thanking him for having saved her life and reputation so many times she got even more enraged the moment she found out that he was the one who had called the police. “What’s wrong with being filmed?” was one of the most excruciating lines I’ve ever witnessed in dramas. I can’t even share a few thoughts on that very specific line because anything I may say will be pointless, the question speaks for itself and proves for one more time the severe brain damage the shaman and the superstitions have caused after all the traumatic events she had to go through in her life. I can understand her despair, but I can’t accept the loss of her parents, her sister’s comatose condition and the need to believe in someone/something as excuses anymore for everything nonsensical she says/does. She’s depressed and delusional and she needs medical treatment.

She simply doesn’t listen to anyone except for the shaman and her non-existent brain. Every time Soo Ho tries to bring her back to reality, infuse some logic in her life and present facts as opposed to superstitions she’s always ready to say that he would never understand her. Even though Soo Ho can’t feel the same amount of pain he can understand everything she went through and everything she keeps going through day by day as her wounds keep bleeding to the extent of overshadowing reality beyond repair. Bo Nui had already started thinking that she’d have to bid her sister farewell and even though Soo Ho kept reminding her that Bo Ra was alive Bo Nui was quite certain that one of the following days she would depart from this world because she was unable to save her.

It is indeed like knocking on a deaf man’s door, Bo Nui simply denounces any voice of logic and follows the microcosm the shaman crafted for her, but it indirectly or directly affects her place in the real world along with her emotional harmony and safety. If she can even believe in a cactus in order to chase bad luck away then I should start praying to the almighty dolphins, flying squirrels or whatever comes to mind! I have to admit that Bo Nui isn’t only irritating to me, she has her own moments that evoke tremendous amounts of feels. One of them has to be when she was all alone inside her house and suddenly her face and smile brightened up the moment she was recalling how life was like when Bo Ra was there, but when she returned to her own reality all lights faded, along with her smile. Another one had to be the fact that she praised Soo Ho and his caring attitude towards his employees in a sincere way and brought some comfort to his parents.

It must had been Soo Ho’s first piggyback ride ever or something, but even though she was getting on his nerves he never really gave up on Bo Nui. The autopilot of his feelings would never allow him to leave her all alone in that condition. You have to admire how our innocent Soo Ho was such a gentleman even though he left her like a potato sack on the floor in the beginning! He was trying to take care of her with the least possible physical contact, there was so much quirkiness and affection throughout the whole scene! And they did sleep “together,” literally; they just slept facing one another.

“Every day is like walking on thin ice.
I don’t know when it will break, so every second is painful.
This is my reality, do you know that?”

While Bo Nui was with Soo Ho someone else was in dismay. Gary couldn’t reach her on the phone and I laughed so much when he was at the bus stop and he thought of Bo Nui and Soo Ho on the bed! It looked more like bed-wrestling rather than a forthcoming “oh, tiger!” interaction! He even fell asleep in front of her door while waiting for her to return. His last hope would be the owl that would keep searching for Bo Nui throughout the night.

The next morning, he was relieved to find out that she had returned and that Bo Ra was alright, but this didn’t mean that the possibilities of her having slept with Soo Ho ceased existing and they were even affecting his training! The next step for him would be to visit Soo Ho and ask him directly, but Soo Ho masterfully evaded Gary’s emotional interrogation by… preserving his employee’s privacy. Their ongoing “confrontations” are quite hilarious and they brighten Lucky Romance’s ambiance!

Bo Nui is as directionless as a broken compass. She went to the shaman right away to figure out what would happen and what her next steps should be, but he wasn’t there. It was the first time we witness her having to make her own decisions and there was no place left for logical thoughts. She took into consideration the worst case scenario and things became even more dangerous, not only for herself, but also for her sister. Nobody can deny her love for Bo Ra, but I can’t accept the fact that she was preparing to bury the dead while Bo Ra was alive and her condition was stable.

Gary has spent more time by Bo Ra’s side than Bo Nui since the accident took place and he entered her room only once! His love for Bo Nui was more than vibrant the moment he urged Bo Ra to wake up in order for her sister to start cherishing the life that was taken away from her. Bo Nui wouldn’t even listen to him that she should put her trust in Bo Ra waking up, she had already made her own “diagnosis.” Bo Nui hugging Puku left a bittersweet taste. Of course, I loved the scene, but she will never see our lovely Puku the way he’d like her to and he’s such a great character, he doesn’t deserve to go through heartache!

I like the quirky ambiance inside the office, it has its own humorous aspects and Dal Nim along with Ryang Ha are a powerful combo and a source of positive energy. What I don’t really enjoy is the way everyone favors Seung Hyung because she’s “pretty” whereas they mistreat Dal Nim quite often. I personally find her very cute and I adore her explosions, but there are also her feelings and caring attitude towards Soo Ho who brings forth the poet within! As for Ryang Ha, he has become the person who knows the spiciest details inside Zeze Factory and keeps lighting hilarious fires here and there! One a side note, the birth secret behind Young Il, Soo Ho’s mother and Soo Ho becomes more possible as an option with every passing episode.

Soo Ho, the office ninja, wanted to check if he was pretty enough to appear in front of Bo Nui, but Amy arrived. Eventually, Ryang Ha played his own part in making Soo Ho want to kill him, but he gave him the necessary pass to short things out with Amy. We got to dive deeper into the reasons why she had left without saying anything. She wanted to run away from herself and not Soo Ho. If there was something she didn’t want to do was to use him; it was never the reason why she approached him in the first place. Back then, the moment he entered the library and found her sleeping was cuteness overload. His smile after helping her with her thesis and putting on her shoulders his shirt was depicting his very own sense of completion every time he was doing anything for her!


Amy has her own traumatic background after the loss of her brother. Her mother was suffering from depression, her father had lost his son and student and Amy had decided to follow her brother’s pathway in order to continue his legacy, but she was never really interested in physics. Soo Ho had become her father’s favorite student with the passing of time and Amy had approached him in order to see what kind of person her father’s chosen one was. Amy wanted Soo Ho to understand her since she wasn’t there for forgiveness, but he prove once again how crystal clear his memory was even though he was trying not to remember.

Amy’s 2004 was actually Soo Ho’s 2005 and the fact that he put back the bicycle miniature on his desk meant a lot; Amy’s image had been restored in his eyes. Her eruptive bliss inside her office was the coronation of the first palpable step that was leading her closer to Soo Ho and the free pass she was craving for was the most valuable reward! I was as happy as Amy was because of Lee Chung Ah’s more meaningful scenes; Mrs. Flying Heels did her wonders!


After reading the letter and noticing that Bo Nui had taken with her all of her belongings Soo Ho could easily tell that something wasn’t flowing well and the phrase that kept occupying his mind all along the way (“I wish you all the best”) had started echoing differently and in a more menacing way in his ears. He has observed her enough to get to know her and since she was believing that Bo Ra would pass away she had decided to follow her in the afterlife. That was the reason why she was helpful towards everyone at Zeze Factory and she kept wishing all the best to everyone she knew. You can consider it her last euphoric moments before taking her own life. It was the first time Gary and Soo Ho would team up for Bo Nui and Bo Ra’s sake, it’s really wonderful having two great male leading figures in a drama.

What does the drama try to achieve at this point? In one hand it shows how dangerous it can be when one blindly believes in superstitions to the extent of losing his/her personality and becoming a puppet to a shaman’s oh so wise words and predictions. We have Bo Nui trying to rationalize the absurd and ruining her life even more with every passing episode by denouncing logic. By the end of the episode she had almost reached the point of no return and she was taking her sister’s fate in her own hands for the first time and not in a good way. On the other hand, it makes superstitions… breathe and feel real?

For penguin’s sake, Soo Ho wrote his father’s name in red and he had an accident and I laughed my lungs out, but please, decide the pathway the drama will keep walking on! The truth paces with logic or superstitions, it lies somewhere in between (logic and faith) or is it out there the X-Files way? Had Soo Ho kicked Bo Nui by mistake in his sleep then Bo Ra’s leg would move 5 centimeters in one direction instead of moving her finger the moment of their physical contact? It was overly cute and I’m all in for some sense of magic in the world of dramas, but Lucky Romance confuses me and plays piano with my brain cells!

Even so, I highly enjoy the drama, as much as nonsensical as it can get there’s an equal and even greater amount of feels, laughter and (quite often) meaning (the latest one doesn’t apply to Bo Nui, it’s an achievement she hasn’t unlocked yet). And I will say it once again, I understand her suffering and she has all my empathy for everything she went through, but she has nothing to do with her parents passing away and her sister having an accident. These unwelcome and unfortunate events may have directly affected her life by turning it into a living nightmare, but they don’t justify the nonsense she keeps losing herself in. Instead of growing stronger after breaking apart she keeps shattering to grains of sand her remaining pieces. Even when it comes to faith, one should embrace it in healthy ways.


Alright, I am curious to find out what the 8th episode will bring and I hope that Bo Nui will start welcoming logic up to an extent as we’re about to reach Lucky Romance’s midway ground. One thing’s for certain, Bo Nui’s going to occupy Soo Ho’s brain to a wider extent 3 months before IF’s beta version!


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