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Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap

The reunion of two desolate lovers turned to life, but so did the fear of losing loved ones. Everyone’s getting ready for the final confrontation in a world of shadows.

Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap Dramajjang

“Sometimes, life gives you unfair incidents that don’t make any sense.
When that happens, people need someone to talk to.”


Case 11 – In the Collapsed World


Yo Na had sensed how full of desires he was and she asked him if he knew the dangers that were deriving from this, but Tae Woo was intending to put an end to everything, including his own life. After this, Yo Na would never be able to find Myung Geun who would run away with all of the company’s secrets. Tae Woo eventually pulled the trigger surprising Yo Na who decided to turn him into a vampire with her own blood. While his transformation was taking place he was recalling all the moments that were putting him into despair and Yo Na informed him that it was already too late to go back.

Yo Na poured him a glass of “wine” since he would have to start getting used to the taste of blood, but it wasn’t easy in the very beginning. Yo Na was curious if he was regretting it, but that would never be the case since Tae Woo was overly enjoying his transformation. She wanted to continue their conversation about Myung Geun, but Tae Woo would head towards Yoo Jin first.

Tae Woo untied Yoo Jin who was afraid that they had found out who they really were, but Tae Woo informed her that they couldn’t leave since it was too late. He cut his hand and the wound healed right away in order to show her that he had changed. This was also the secret the organization they had infiltrated was trying to hide. Dying now or later were their only options and Tae Woo was intending to test her in order to save her.

Goo Hyung informed Yoon San that there was nothing they could do for the time being and Yoon San’s agony and frustration was all over the place. Tae Woo called Goo Hyung, but Yoon San grabbed the phone to find out that he should have to go after Myung Geun while Tae Woo will be trying to save Yoo Jin. Going after Myung Geun would offer Yoon San an honorable death. Otherwise, Tae Woo would have to kill him if Yoon San would decide to rescue Yoon Jin. Tae Woo laid emphasis on the fact that Yoo Jin belonged to him and she begged him to let her kill Yoon San since she would be unable to stare at Tae Woo if he would be the one to kill Yoon San. In order for him to accept her request she would have to become a vampire.

Goo Hyung was trying to convince Yoon San that their mission was coming first whereas Yoon San was begging him to let him rescue Yoo Jin despite the fact that the organization knew everything about her and Tae Woo.

The mission was progressing and it would be Goo Hyung’s last chance to catch Myung Geun. Yoon San was heading towards Yoo Jin’s location and he was recalling the captivating moment when he had given her the necklace.

Goo Hyung, detective Park and the rest arrived at Myung Geun’s location and started searching around, but they found out that Myung Geun was already dead. Goo Hyung and detective Park were able to survive the explosion after they discovered his body.


In the meantime, Yoon San found Tae Woo inside the building and they parted ways. He untied Yoo Jin who couldn’t believe that he had come. Yoon San fought hard with everyone in order to help Yoo Jin and Tae Woo enter the car and soon enough all of them managed to escape.

Even though Yoon San was hurt he was only caring about Yoo Jin. She pretended to be sick and Tae Woo stopped the car. Yoon San was overly concerned about her and followed her. He placed his jacket on her shoulders since it was cold. Yoo Jin took off her gun and shot Yoon San whose shock was immense. While Yoon San was agonizing on the cold asphalt he witnessed in fear Tae Woo and Yoo Jin’s car exploding, but he couldn’t do anything except for screaming Yoo Jin’s name and his heart out.

Yoon San was unconscious at the hospital and nights and days were passing by with Goo Hyung being by his side. After Yoon San regained consciousness he wasn’t in the mood for anything and he wasn’t even eating. His tears were proving that the moment Yoo Jin had shot him had scarred him beyond repair.

Tae Woo brought some “wine” in order for Yoo Jin to start getting used to it, but she couldn’t even stare at him and pointed out how disgusting he was. She didn’t want to drink blood, but Tae Woo reminded her that it was only the beginning and promised to protect her. Yoo Jin was glad that she didn’t let Tae Woo kill Yoon San, but he laid emphasis on the fact that he was dead anyway and the only one who was there for her was himself.

Days and nights were passing by and Yoon San was recalling the beautiful moments he had shared with Yoo Jin inside their bedroom and his tears wouldn’t cease flowing. The same applied to Yoo Jin whose thoughts were tormenting her. Goo Hyung decided to resign since he wanted to take responsibility for Tae Woo and Yoo Jin’s deaths.

Yoo Jin was trying to let the sunlight enter her room, but Yo Na closed the curtain. Yo Na took her necklace and pointed out that things like that weren’t suiting her anymore.

Yoon San was all alone, but Goo Hyung decided to join him and Yoon San’s slight laughter was making him feel better. He informed Yoon San that he was intending to become a private detective and asked him if he wanted to join him. Yoon San wondered if they would be able to succeed since Goo Hyung had been fired and Yoon San had been shot and his health wasn’t at its finest. Goo Hyung didn’t know if they’d succeed, but since Yoon San was sharp and Goo Hyung was such a meddler they could at least try to solve the cases that would come their way. He asked Yoon San to re-think his proposal and give him an answer when he’d be ready. Yoon San was curious if he would be able to find the answer to his question in case he’d become a private detective, but he never received an answer.

At the present, Yoon San had the chance to meet Tae Woo who urged him to stay away since he couldn’t possibly tell what could happen to him. Tae Woo made his last request as a friend. Yoon San would have to stay away from him and Yoo Jin.

Back home, Yoon San wasn’t in the mood for anything and he informed Goo Hyung that Tae Woo was alive. Gyeo Wool brought some juice but her bright smile wasn’t enough to brighten their mood and she was left all alone!

Gyeo Wool couldn’t hide her discomfort about the fact that Yoon San and Goo Hyung had so many secrets, but Se Ra was wondering why Gyeo Wool had given her juice while she was drinking wine in the morning even though she didn’t want wine anyway! They were members of the same team, but Gyeo Wool wasn’t feeling well because she didn’t know what was going on. On top of that, she had started believing that her attitude was resembling the one of a man, but Se Ra pointed out that she was very attractive. However, Se Ra was sure that Yoon San and Goo Hyung were caring about her a lot and she informed Gyeo Wool that Yoon San was searching for someone.

Tae Woo’s men were torturing Young Gwang, but he wouldn’t say anything. Yo Na wanted to know where he was and Tae Woo told her that he hadn’t killed him yet. Yo Na warned him that she wouldn’t stand still if anything happened to Young Gwang and Tae Woo told her that he would let him if she would give him the client list. He showed her Young Gwang’s torture and she finally understood that she had risen a tiger. Tae Woo laid emphasis on the fact that he was losing his patience and ordered his men to cut Young Gwang. Yo Na would have to bring him the list before Young Gwang would run out of blood. Yo Na promised that she would rip Yoo Jin apart in front of Tae Woo if she’d find out that something had gone wrong with Young Gwang by the time she’d return.

Yoon San was recalling the past and the hints that were leading him closer to Yoo Jin at the present. Goo Hyung was drinking and Yoon San reassured him that Yoo Jin and Tae Woo were alive, but they didn’t know where to start from. Yo Na appeared and pointed out that the helper list they had in their possession could save all of them, including Yoo Jin. Yoon San had one hour to bring it to her and then she’d let him see Yoo Jin. Gyeo Wool noticed that Yo Na was leaving and she recalled the moment she had talked to her about her brother.

Yoon San couldn’t find the helper list and he was begging Goo Hyung to help him since he had to meet Yoo Jin at all costs. They stopped talking the moment Gyeo Wool appeared and asked them about Yo Na. She pointed out that she had already fooled them once, but Goo Hyung tried to convince her that she was just a client needing evidence about her lover’s affair. Goo Hyung asked her to bring the USB since it had all the information they needed for the client.

Yo Na was inside her car and she was recalling the moment she met Young Gwang for the first time along with their bicycling moments. Goo Hyung gave Yoon San the USB and he left in order to meet Yo Na. He handed her over the USB and she gave him Yoo Jin’s address along with the necklace.

Yoon San went to find her and he started beating up everyone blocking his path. Goo Hyung was overly concerned while hoping that everything would be fine.

Yo Na wanted to know if Young Gwang was okay, but Tae Woo took the USB since he wanted to check it first. It wasn’t the helper list and Tae Woo was enraged. He grabbed Yo Na by the neck and at that point he found out that Yoo Jin’s guards had been attacked.

Gyeo Wool informed Goo Hyung that she had put a locating device on the USB, but it wasn’t only that. She had used her own hacking magic and there was tension between them since they never tell her anything.

Yoon San entered her room and he was able to see Yoo Jin after all this time. Yoo Jin and Yoon San couldn’t hold back their tears and Yoon San took her in his embrace. Yoo Jin urged Yoon San to leave and she reminded him that he had already seen her die. She hurt him by mistake and that was the moment she realized that he was a vampire too. Yoon San wanted her to follow him and she pointed out that they couldn’t run away from everything going on. The moment Tae Woo entered the room he found out that Yoo Jin wasn’t there and he was enraged.

Yoo Jin had decided to follow Yoon San and they were inside his car. Yoon San didn’t have a plan but he was certain that there would be a way out. Yoo Jin pointed out that Tae Woo would go after them, but Yoon San held her hand letting her know that he couldn’t let her go.

Goo Hyung found the USB’s last location, but he didn’t want Gyeo Wool to follow him since it would be too dangerous. He promised to tell her everything after he’d come back. Goo Hyung found Tae Woo instead of Yoon San and since Tae Woo who captured him in order to force Yoon San and Yoo Jin to go to him.

Yoo Jin was curious why Yoon San wasn’t asking her about what had happened to her, but he was well aware that she didn’t want to talk about it. He kept holding her hand all along the way. Yoon San hid Yoo Jin inside an abandoned house after protecting her with from the very early morning light and he covered all the windows.


~ Thoughts ~


Vampire Detective’s 11th episode rated 0.628. It wasn’t only the drama’s lowest ratings to date, but also the first time it fell below 0.7. Just like the previous episode, the 11th one was progressing hand in hand with the past, but it was also leading the storyline just a few steps before the end. Most of the questions have been answered and all that remains is to find out who will break right before Vampire Detective’s curtains fall.


Truth be told, we didn’t learn many new things when it comes to the past throughout the 11th episode since the previous one’s solid ground could lead to quite safe and logical assumptions. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode because it was making things even more concrete with unarguable proof while keeping all the suspense for Vampire Detective’s swansong. On top of that, it was laying emphasis on many of our characters’ feelings or desires back in the days that were leading to various shades of the void within.


Yoon San is undeniably the drama’s main figure, but Vampire Detective was always giving a wide variety of characters the chance to shine depending on the case and the episode. We’ve reached a point in which we can perfectly understand each and every figure’s psyche no matter how secondary or tertiary a character may be and regardless of their overall screen time. The 11th episode was showing the contrast of emotions right before the undercover mission would reach the end and everything that followed and left behind deep scars (Yoon San, Yoo Jin, Goo Hyung) and a twisted sense of fulfillment (Tae Woo).


Somewhere between flashbacks and new scenes we had the chance to witness Lee Joon in full grandeur. I’ve said countless times how multifaceted and talented he is and it won’t hurt to say it one more time until the next time. Lee Joon was emotionally dazzling through Yoon San’s distress before hearing news from Tae Woo to his determination to save Yoo Jin and from his omnipresent relief after escaping altogether to the agonizing screams on the cold asphalt after having been shot by the woman he loved, from considering her dead and being unable to do anything about it to the futility of life he was visualizing inside the hospital, from his moments by the river while in search of a meaning to the heartrending reminiscence of beautiful memories by Yoo Jin’s side (Lee Joon is really exceptional in depicting the male side of freshness, enthusiasm and affection in relationship oriented scenes) and from the uncertainty of the present to his decisive and combative spirit being depicted through the really intriguing fight choreography, from the bittersweet completion the moment he saw Yoo Jin after all these years to the ceaseless desire to find a way out for both of them and from being unable to let go of her hand to protecting her from the forthcoming sunlight. Quite a huge sentence, isn’t it? But it’s just a glimpse of Lee Joon’s capabilities and this episode was encapsulating many of his aspects the way it should.

Despite the events in previous episodes, Yo Na’s ageless love hadn’t ceased existing and she was still caring about Young Gwang. She was showing it in her own menacing way towards Tae Woo who had chosen a solitary path of destruction in order to gain “everything” or nothing. Gyeo Wool was still in the dark because she didn’t know what was going on even though she’d been witnessing a few things here and there, but it was Yoon San and Goo Hyung’s way of protecting her from things she shouldn’t become aware of because they could put her in danger. It does explain why she’s not appearing that much in the latest episodes, but it doesn’t change the fact that i would like more airing and participation time when it comes to Lee Se Young.


Goo Hyung taking full responsibility for everything that happened back in the days, staying by Yoon San’s side and eventually taking him under his wings was a very touching aspect of the story, but his caring attitude would lead him inside the tiger’s den right before the end. Concluding, something i really liked about this episode were the parallel scenes of Yoon San and Yoo Jin’s like-minded feelings in solitude in the past that were rewarded with a short-lived yet necessary emotional climax by the end of the episode; the calm before the storm.

Yoon San will find himself at the center of a vicious battlefield since Tae Woo has the upper hand after having captured Goo Hyung while desperately wanting Yoo Jin by his side in a world devoid of Yoon San’s presence. Yoon San always puts his life on the line for his loved ones, but this time things aren’t that easy and choosing between Goo Hyung and Yoo Jin would never be an option for him since he would want to save both of them. Yo Na will also play her own part and something tells me that she will favor our squad against the rebellious and over-ambitious tiger she raised. “You’ll get to see how Yoon San breaks down;” let’s see who will break down at the end of the day!


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