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Lucky Romance Episode 6 Kwoncap

Blinded by her quest, Bo Nui kept neglecting the dangers that were surrounding her while she was in search of an alternative tiger. However, a guardian angel was always watching over his lucky charm.

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“Even though you can’t think rationally, pull yourself together.”


Thoughts / Review :

Lucky Romance’s 6th episode rated 8.9% leaving behind Entertainer (7.9%) and Master: God of Noodles (6.9%), I guess it was the .9 Thursday or something! Anyway, this week’s ratings are going to be quite interesting since it is Entertainer’s last airing week and I am really curious to see what’s going to happen on the battlefield. Alright, let’s dive a bit deeper into Lucky Romance’s 6th episode and see what happened after Soo Ho decided to leave instead of listening to everything Bo Nui had to say.

Right before reaching the drama’s midway point, Lucky Romance offered us an episode which was nerve-wracking, but also captivating since it was laying more emphasis on some of our characters’ development through a wide variety of events and circumstances. As episodes pass by I am starting to lose faith in Bo Nui, not because she’s not intriguing as a character, but because she stands on the thin red line between empathy and rage. The 6th episode was the icing on the cake.

I perfectly understand that she has to believe in someone/something in order to turn hope into a more than welcome reality; Bo Ra regaining consciousness. However, she can’t see the forest for the trees and she appears to have lost any remaining traces of logic from the corridors of her mind. I can’t neglect the fact that some really tragic events affected her family and herself to the extent of concealing any sense of normality from her life, but her decisions and the way she was closing her eyes to fraud and danger was testing my limits. The shaman was the one who approached her in the first place and infused all that sense of guilt in her mind by making her feel responsible for everything that happened and will happen since (according to his words) she was surrounded by a negative aura.

He used her weaknesses to make her yet another victim and a slave to superstitions and he keeps using her in order to benefit from her because, sadly, human suffering has a price. Had the shaman told her to sleep with a chimpanzee in the heart of New York on New Year’s Eve after jumping off a train would she do it? Judging from everything going on, the answer is probably positive. At the present, this spiritual maestro conducts a twofold symphony by taking advantage of Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s mother. He pushes Bo Nui closer to Soo Ho while at the same time he sells talismans to his mother in order for her to protect her son from the raccoon he sends after him. Currently, the only bad luck in Bo Nui’s life is that bullshit-teller.

As the full moon was approaching Bo Nui was running out of time and her sister’s binocular view was making things even more desperate. Bo Nui’s dedication to her mission was turning into an ill-natured form of obsession. She was feeling obliged to find a tiger at all costs and without taking into consideration the dangers that were waiting in the corner for her to trip down the stairs (and not only once). And that’s when Soo Ho came into play. Just like his confession box for all things Bo Nui said, it was the first time he ever saw him caring about someone else and Soo Ho kept proving it throughout the episode in a direct or more discreet yet always protective and caring way.

I have already said it quite a few times and I will say it once more since Ryang Ha mentioned it as well. Bo Nui’s really Soo Ho’s lucky charm. She didn’t only bring IF and Gary in Soo Ho’s life when he was in despair after his previous plans didn’t blossom, she also awakens his emotions one step at a time. Soo Ho became her guardian angel even though his twofold task was quite difficult; making IF’s demonstration a moment to remember and protecting Bo Nui at all costs.

These two parameters couldn’t pace together since Soo Ho focuses only on one thing at a time. However, even though she was preventing him from focusing on IF at times, he managed to succeed in both tasks by often combining them with surgical accuracy. His caring about her and his danger awareness as opposed to her complete danger unawareness transformed him into a good form of a stalker, not the one that looks cute in dramas but would actually be quite creepy in real life.

Soo Ho’s quest began the moment he figured out that she would meet someone and thinking that it would be a stranger he followed her around (in his own ajumma-oriented camouflage!) to find out that she was still trying to convince Gary to become IF’s main figure even though Soo Ho had told her to stay out of it. Even though Soo Ho left and didn’t become aware of their full conversation, it was one of the very few meaningful moments of Bo Nui throughout the 6th episode. Through her honest approach and amid facts and hopes somewhere between fate and coincidence Bo Nui made Gary agree by making him understand IF’s very soul and essence.

The more Bo Nui opens up her heart about IF the more heartfelt it gets and the reason why she worked on it was none other than Bo Ra. It was all about places she’d want to visit, things she’d want to do and how she’d want to be like after regaining consciousness and IF would be the vehicle for Bo Ra and other sick or “common” people to experience a different and glamorous life; “the best life.” Gary returning to Korea and meeting Bo Nui anew while at the same time Zeze Factory wanted to make him IF’s main figure possessed a sense of fated events in Bo Nui’s eyes. Just like Gary came back, Bo Ra could have her chance of regaining consciousness; a parameter that would make Bo Nui re-embrace happiness.

Soo Ho’s next step would be to proceed with the dates and he used the official contract he was obliged to fulfill as a necessary excuse to make Bo Nui’s brain more vibrant. He took her to a wide variety of shamans, fortune-tellers, bullshit-tellers, etc and Soo Ho kept owning them one after the other like a maestro through science, possibilities and common logic. Showing her that believing in superstitions to that extent was ridiculous and urging her to visit a psychologist if she really wanted to talk to a professional about everything that was overburdening her didn’t have the desired outcome since Bo Nui’s blinders wouldn’t let her give up her nonsensical mission.

And no, saying that she was fully aware of how ridiculous living in a world of superstitions was and that she could take care of herself didn’t work for me this time because the following events prove the opposite. It’s just an excuse Bo Nui uses to give means to what she wanted to do with the utmost hope that it would help Bo Ra regain consciousness. Trying to rationalize the absurd is a crime against intelligence no matter how devastating her life may be. I couldn’t forgive Bo Nui during the scene in which Soo Ho saved her the moment she was about to get kidnapped by a bunch of no-humans with not so kind intentions. What did Soo Ho earn for saving her life, integrity and reputation? This: Bo Nui misinterpreting his sincere caring for trying to prove how ridiculous she was for one more time and thinking that he kept ruining her mission.

Once again, one of her most renowned excuses came to the surface (that she wouldn’t share more of her thoughts [do you really have any left?] because he would never understand) and urged him to stop trying to ruin her mission unless he was intending to sleep with her. The only thing Soo Ho could do up to IF’s demonstration was to willingly trespass her work rights as a contract employee and keep her occupied at the company in order to prevent her from doing anything (more) stupid.

Allow me to go a bit backwards in order to unveil some of my thoughts concerning Gary and Amy. I am a bit disappointed with the way Lee Chung Ah’s talents are being wasted in Lucky Romance. She’s got so much potential as an actress, but her role tends to become (if it isn’t already) a table tennis ball inside a tennis court for two (and yes, I am referring to Bo Nui and Soo Ho because Gary, no matter how great he may be as a character, is a second lead, at least he has a strong background story trying to find his father and make up for all the lost time). What does Lucky Romance try to achieve through Amy?

Had she been a long distance runner it would had been more interesting since she keeps going here and there trying to convince Gary (but Bo Nui does), trying to get closer to Soo Ho (but he keeps pushing her away and keeps seeing her under circumstances), trying to approach people around him in order to be able to chase away the clouds of misunderstanding (but she won’t have her chance yet). Amy is a substitute card so far and she’s always one step behind the flow of events, she’s the last character to find out what’s going on. It pains me seeing Lee Chung Ah in such a clichéd role, but because I love her I hope that things will get more intriguing during the forthcoming episodes.

At least she graces me with her astonishing presence and she manages to unveil her humorous aspects through quirky scenes and it really is something. I will put my trust in her conversation with Gary who’s quite observant! Amy said that Soo Ho thought that she had used him just like everyone else. She kind of admitted it, but her bittersweet smile was proving the opposite as it was hiding aspects of her sudden disappearance back in the days we have yet to find out (hopefully).

Gary is a great dude and a character I like a lot, the way he talks about Bo Nui is always filled with affection and his lips always drip honey about her. Revealing to Amy that he and Bo Nui were sharing memories, happiness and friendship (“everything that is great”) was making his face shine twice as the sun and he was there for her right before the full moon would barge in. Once again, Bo Nui’s senseless point of view was coming to the surface.

The scariest part was that she hadn’t learned anything from the fact that she almost got raped by a bunch of no-humans yet she kept accusing herself and her bad luck because nobody was contacting her at the chat-room. She even asked Gary if Amy knew a tiger in Korea, there’s a severe blackout in her brain and Gary and Soo Ho’s caring words go in one ear and out the other! Gary laid emphasis on everything that was essential by simply reminding her of her own words; if she wanted something with all of her heart then it could come true. He couldn’t really understand her mission, but he could sense her immense and unparalleled love for her sister and it was all that mattered.

IF’s demonstration was a day of major importance for many people and for different reasons. This time everything would flow according to plan in order for Soo Ho to not collapse on stage. He would put on his earplugs, take his pills and there would be no cameras, IF’s demonstration chamber would be a fortress and Soo Ho would never need a talisman. The opening was quite pompous and imaginative, just like it should, but Gary’s appearance owned!

It felt as if he came from another world and it was pacing perfectly well with IF’s philosophy giving a player the chance to enter another world, someone else’s life. He didn’t have to say anything, Gary’s looks did the talking! Even though I consider such outfits quite verbose (I am being polite here) I actually liked that jacket for reasons I will never understand, but it looked like a garden in space and it was really something!

Bo Nui’s tiger frenzy would climax just a few hours before the deadline which would supposedly condemn Bo Ra to an everlasting coma. The same applied to the dangers that were more alive than ever before while almost everyone was celebrating the demonstration’s success. Soo Ho would follow her once again and in order not to lose her he arranged a meeting with Amy who thought that the ice between them had started to melt (poor noona baby!).

Gary would appear on the TV, but for a limited amount of time since all he really needed were a few moments of publicity hoping that his father would see him. Amy would take care of the details and Gary would head towards Bo Nui’s house with the hope that she would be there without proceeding to the final phase of her mission, but the vibes he received were ominous and he started searching around for her.

There are so many names to choose from, why should they name that no-human Cha Do Hyun?! I mean, it’s a sacred name and if, for whatever reasons, it was a reference to Kill Me, Heal Me (which i doubt) then it was a failed one! Anyway, Bo Nui’s guardian angel was there and at the same time he was taking Bo Nui’s words into consideration since he was respecting her. He was meaningful and masterful, protective and discreet at the same time.

That no-human was intending to videotape everything for his friends to see and God knows how they’d use that video in the future. The moment he became forceful the cops entered the room and showed Bo Nui the dangerous reality she was refusing to see. Soo Ho moved in the shadows to protect Bo Nui and her reputation in any way he could. He prevented her from getting harmed (physically and emotionally), tricked and (ab)used and without being in Bo Nui’s field of vision while at the same time offering her a more palpable sense of reality with the police force’s appearance.

Soo Ho has come a long way from the arch emotional strokes to jumping here and there like an ecstatic octopus while waiting for Bo Nui’s message and from being on the other side of the wall witnessing Bo Nui’s most sincere confession (even though she was practicing) to deeply caring about her and eventually saving her numerous times in a single episode. At this point, Soo Ho doesn’t want her to sleep with a stranger, he knows what she’s going through when it comes to her sister, he has feelings for her and he hopes that things will become mutual in the future.

Bo Nui was a shadow of herself, but the ending of the episode was pointing towards the direction that they could actually sleep together just a little while before the shaman’s deadline under the full moon’s sleepless stare. We’re only 6 episodes in and there are 12 more lying ahead. If they sleep together things will become even more complicated since Soo Ho will want a proper relationship and even though Bo Nui has shown some caring vibes for him, she doesn’t burn with emotion for Soo Ho; yet.

And then there are Gary and Amy and let’s not forget the hints of a birth secret behind Young Il, Soo Ho’s mother and Soo Ho himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if the shaman and his oh so wise and insightful words were behind this too. I hope Bo Ra wakes up without Bo Nui and Soo Ho having to sleep together because in case they do and she regains consciousness Bo Nui’s mind will become even more distorted.

And since I love this drama even though it gets on my nerves at times and since not everything makes much sense, allow me to share some silly thoughts. Imagine Bo Nui and Soo Ho sleeping together inside her comatose sister’s room. The next morning Bo Ra regains consciousness and witnesses them in one another’s embrace sleeping with not so many clothes on, but being under the sheets. A possible conversation would be like:

– Bo Nui?! What’s going on?!
– Eh? Bo Ra! You finally woke up, the shaman was right!
– What are you talking about? What’s going on here? Who is that man?!
– Soo Ho! *enter here one of Hwang Jung Eum’s renowned screams the moment she figures out that Soo Ho’s next to her, remembers what happened last night and that Bo Ra is there; awake*
– *Soo Ho wakes up from her screams and realizes what’s going on – enter incoherent and primitive screams while he’s escaping jumping like a kangaroo*
– *Bo Nui gets dressed and she hugs Bo Ra with tears in her eyes*
– *Soo Ho eagerly waits for a message – Gary waits too – Amy waits for Soo Ho to go out with her – Tom Waits – I am also waiting for the next episode; impatiently*


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