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Lucky Romance Episode 5 Kwoncap

One way or another, Bo Nui sets hearts aflame. She had already conquered Gary’s heart, but at the same time she steadily awakens Soo Ho’s feelings. Tigers, roosters and raccoons are forming their own emotional jungle and things have started becoming more complicated!

Lucky Romance Episode 5 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“Did you really think that she loved you?”


Thoughts / Review :

The 5th episode rated 8.4% and Lucky Romance managed to leave behind Master: God of Noodles (7.9%) and Entertainer (7.2%). Another battle has been won, but the Wednesday-Thursday war still rages on, especially now that we are about to reach Entertainer’s last airing week. The 5th episode was story-progressing to the fullest as a few things became more apparent while at the same time we managed to dive a bit deeper into some of our characters’ psyche. It’s not only about who they were, which was of major importance in who they are the present. It’s also about character development, mainly through interactions, but also when they are alone and the imaginary mirror is the only judge.

We’re on a crossroad upon which Soo Ho’s caring attitude and feelings have started blooming whereas Bo Nui can’t set aside her mission to sleep with a tiger since, according to the shaman’s words, it would benefit her sister’s health. There’s a certain warmth between them at times, but it didn’t progress throughout the continuation of the 4th episode’s last scene. Soo Ho became aware of her “oh, tiger!” intentions and he wouldn’t have signed the contract had he known that from the start. Some of his words may have felt harsh, but they were mere observations of her overall approach since he would never be able to imagine the reason behind Bo Nui’s “desire” to sleep with him just once at that point.

She was trying to make him understand that she was overly serious and she even begged him, but it would never work, at least not at that point. Both of them were lost in their own thoughts with Soo Ho being unable to take her words out of his mind and Bo Nui’s desolation was omnipresent since she had found herself at a dead end and the clock kept ticking on its way towards the deadline. It was quite devastating the moment she said that she was craving for a normal relationship (a normal life in general), but Bo Ra was above everything and everyone else.

Gary always comes to Bo Nui’s emotional rescue and this time he became aware of a few more things about what’s going on. He found out that Soo Ho was the tiger she had to sleep with in order for Bo Ra to regain consciousness, but even though he was considering the shaman’s words pure nonsense he couldn’t even imply that she had lost her mind. He’s well aware of the traumatic events in her life and he could easily tell that she would do just anything to be of any help to her sister. Bo Nui didn’t put the blame on Soo Ho and accused her selfish behavior, but this didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be disheartened after things didn’t work out. Taking her to the tennis court and helping her “forget” for a little while was of major importance.

It was an explosion of “happiness” until her internal world started coming back to the surface because she couldn’t really treasure anything nice; not before her sister would wake up. Such moments are humble fireworks in her night sky and she couldn’t hold back her tears while Gary was simply urging her to let it all out in order to soothe the tension within for the time being. Eventually, he followed her pace and both of them were shouting their heart out. The moment they laid back reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but this is what happens to me every time I witness like-minded scenes, not only in Lucky Romance, but pretty much everywhere.

The overall tennis court scene’s continuation was possessing a heartrending “what if” factor because they couldn’t change the past, but there was a bittersweet sense of hope that was pointing its arrows towards the near future. Gary wouldn’t have turned down his father’s invitation to sleep on the same bed the day before leaving Korea behind and Bo Nui would have done anything to prevent her sister’s accident from happening. When he was trying to hold her hand his fans appeared and it was the moment of the great revelation; Puku was Gary Choi! Bo Nui was proud of him and she was quite clear that she didn’t want to take advantage of his money and fame even though he was intending to help her in any way he could, but the fact that she asked him about the Canadian tiger turned him off big time! She certainly has a tiger auto-pilot, even after deep and meaningful scenes chances are high the “tiger” subject will come to the surface in a quirky way!

The 5th episode had quite a few challenges for Soo Ho, hadn’t it?! He had to head towards his personal confession box about all things Bo Nui in order to find some answers. His conversation with Ryang Ha may had been hilarious, but it was quite insightful and the key question was “is she pretty?” Soo Ho’s positive answer came out effortlessly even though he tried to take it back. Subconsciously, he’s fallen for Bo Nui and as episodes will be passing by everything will keep becoming even more palpable and conscious. As for the time being, Bo Nui’s words kept haunting him pretty much everywhere to the extent of being unable to focus at work. The “malfunction” of his seemingly impenetrable “security system” has begun and the “virus” of emotional strokes is expanding its territory.

Soo Ho’s workplace had turned into a living hell. In one hand, he was trying to master the art of avoidance while trying to act naturally yet masterfully failing at it, but his smile was really something and was making his delusions feel so real! Bo Nui wanted to resign, but Soo Ho had a different plan for her since he had found out that her childhood friend was none other than Gary Choi. He didn’t necessarily convince her that he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable at her presence, but he made sure she’d realize how helpful it would be if she could succeed in convincing Gary to become IF’s main figure. It was actually the first time Bo Nui opened up her heart concerning IF. So far, it was feeling like a game she had programmed just because, but the truth was that she had worked on it in order to make people happy by offering them the chance to live the life they had never imagined. Soo Ho’s smile after her IF-oriented confession was enough to prove that his circuits had been overrun by a different type of electricity!

On the other hand, Amy’s approach became more strategic and she invaded Soo Ho’s office and life to a wider extent. He wasn’t really pleased with the fact that she moved into the same building and he made her aware that he had his own plan in approaching Gary even though Amy was intending to monopolize Gary’s part in the overall project. It’s an ongoing push and pull. Amy keeps pulling, Soo Ho keeps pushing and they keep meeting somewhere in the middle with Amy’s enthusiasm losing its brightness due to Soo Ho’s careful and often straight forward steps.

Promising that she would be able to enter his office every time she’d want to if she’d be able to acquire Gary’s agreement felt like a game and Soo Ho gave me the impression that he knew what he was doing. He had put his trust in Bo Nui who had a special relationship with Gary. If he had been saying “no” to Amy all this time then Bo Nui would be the only one who could convince Gary. Plus, this turn of events would prevent him from letting Amy enter his office anytime she’d want to see him! However, Bo Nui’s first attempt wasn’t successful since Gary wasn’t considering himself that great or someone who could positively influence people and it was all because of his overall approach towards his father throughout the years.

Gary proceeded with the missing person flyers with his father’s picture, but he also placed the owl after taking into consideration Bo Nui’s words that it would keep its eyes wide open at night in search of his father. Just like Bo Nui, Gary needs to believe in something that could help him find his father and soon enough valuable information came his way. It was Bo Nui’s turn to support him and after witnessing his desperate longing she decided to accompany him. One could witness the little child within Gary who was curious if his father would recognize him and what he should say to him once he’d see him after all these years. His blissful state of mind didn’t last for too long since he found out that his father had left his belongings inside his room and never came back.

His father’s diary which was filled with Gary-oriented thoughts was breaking him apart as Gary was able to witness his father’s happiness through his son’s accomplishments, but the most heartrending moment was when he found out that his father had traveled abroad to see him. The meeting didn’t blossom, but witnessing his son happy was all Gary’s father could ever ask for. Gary’s volcanic tears gave birth to one of Lucky Romance’s most emotionally charged scenes so far and Lee Soo Hyuk’s interpretation felt so sincere and captivating. Bo Nui was there to take him in her embrace, but she also let him sleep on her shoulder on their way back home. However, her broken mirror was a bad omen, especially for a superstitious person like Bo Nui!

Our innocent Soo Ho wondering what Bo Nui wanted from him when the answer was more than apparent was quite hilarious! Let’s say that she wants the tiger to unleash his fury! The broken mirror did the talking and Soo Ho found both talismans and started entering the world of superstitions in order to uncover the truth. His mother’s talisman was to protect her son from the raccoon that was after him and Bo Nui’s super butterfly was to help her seduce him. If this wasn’t enough, he also found her diary and became aware that she had profiled pretty much everyone to reach the answer that Soo Ho was the one and only sacrificial offering with strategic accuracy!

Soo Ho felt used for one more time and wanted to know the whole truth since they had met quite a few times before their realities joined forces for IF. All he received was Bo Nui’s apologies and his shouting voice brought Gary to Bo Nui’s aid. “Did you think that she loved you?” This was one of the most accurate lines of the 5th episode since it was presenting the hurtful truth before Soo Ho’s very eyes; shot through the heart! Soo Ho was losing himself in his own thoughts inside his car, but Bo Nui decided to return to him and i am glad that it’s a Korean drama and we’re not playing Grand Theft Auto! Ryu Jun Yeol’s facial expressions were an ongoing masterpiece throughout the episode whether they were minimal or more powerful and ranging from a smile or a slight sense of surprise to disheartenment, a clinical sense of anger,  or eruptive activity.

Korean dramas’ salt and pepper is in the details and Lucky Romance lays emphasis on some of them that consist of a part of the overall magic. One of them has to be the distinctive lessening/increasing distance between the main characters that changes according to the interactions and the circumstances and another one has to be the close-up factor on our main figures’ hands that work as an extension and further expression of their feelings.

The full moon approaches in a menacing way. However, the real danger will appear the moment Bo Nui will decide to meet men that could help her fulfill her mission, but they will try to take advantage of her desperation for their own shady reasons. By the way, am I the only one who thinks that there could be a birth secret concerning Soo Ho, his mother and Young Il? Anyway, time to head towards the 6th episode and rejoice through feels and humor!

“I’m ironing my precious red underwear.
It’s a good-luck charm, the talisman of victory!”


To coach you for the Olympics of Tokyo, because…

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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. June 12, 2016 at 9:04 pm — Reply

    I also think there’s a birth secret. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his father is not actually his father. It may actually be a relief since the restaurant man is quite nice and not a total jerk like the man he believes to be his father.

    In regards to this statement you made: “Soo Ho’s smile after her IF-oriented confession was enough to prove that his circuits had been overrun by a different type of electricity!” – I like the way you explained this. Soo Ho totally surprised me and it was a wonderful moment. I remembered thinking “Soo Ho.. Who are you?” It seemed so out of character for him, but she’s been bringing him to life.

    Merci pour vote Kwoncap. À la prochaine.

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