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Lucky Romance Episode 3 Kwoncap

Revelations, complications and tons of humor were the ingredients of the third episode’s recipe. The raccoon has shown its teeth inside the tiger’s den and the cyber tiger will have to start programming his next moves.

Lucky Romance Episode 3 Recap Dramajjang

“Don’t talk to me about logic.
My whole life doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.“


Me every time i watch dramas.

Thoughts / Review :

Lucky Romance didn’t manage to keep the first place with 8% and fell behind Entertainer (8.4%), but its third episode surpassed Master: God of Noodles (7.2%) once again. This time we had the chance to dive a bit deeper into our characters’ past, but not that much. The third episode was presenting us just the shape of things to come and a glimpse of parameters that played their own part in the way our characters developed their personalities throughout the years.

Just like the previous episode, the third one was focusing on its humorous characteristics, but it didn’t neglect its more serious aspects and potential feels which were related to our characters’ internal worlds; solely and through interactions. It may have taken a few light years for Soo Ho to “understand” that there would be a possible misunderstanding had he appeared in front of Gary while Bo Nui was unsuccessfully preparing herself for their date, but lady luck was gentle this time since Gary had already left and Bo Nui found his bouquet of flowers only. Bo Nui wasn’t afraid to say that she was intending to sleep with that supposed-to-be tiger in front of her door even though it was a slip of her tongue and Soo Ho wasn’t afraid to tell her that he didn’t care about anything else except for the fact that she had to contact her boss in order for his plan to progress. At least they knew what they wanted and it was something out of nothing!

Before breaking his temporary chains and escaping her apartment, you have to admit that the “fight” between Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s opposing interests was quite hilarious! If they had weapons they’d certainly use them in order for Bo Nui to silence him or Soo Ho to get out of there after acquiring her cooperation for IF. Both of them are as quirky as ever for their own reasons and Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol are doing a remarkable job!

Life at Zeze Factory has its ups and downs, but it’s never easy since everything depends on Soo Ho’s mood. If he’s ecstatic while programming then everyone’s fine. If his parents or Bo Nui trespass his harmony then it’s a different part of the story nobody wants to experience. Even though they would have to work really heard, his employees were excited with IF since a virtual reality game would give players the opportunity to experience someone else’s life from their sofa. Our cute Dal Nim works as the missing link between Soo Ho and Bo Nui, but he doesn’t really care whether Bo Nui is eccentric (look who’s talking) or if she’s been through a lot, all he wants is to buy IF and turn it into a colossus of a game.

His parents and Amy hold an essential part of the key which unlocks the door to the answer why he’s often an indifferent source of negativity when it comes to interacting with others along with the fact that he’s anti-social. He’s not fond of his parents and he doesn’t really want them in his life. That’s the reason why he tries to exchange their desired absence with money. His mother certainly likes the money she gets from Soo Ho, but in a manner of speaking, she cares about him in a Bo Nui oriented way since she keeps visiting the shaman in order to make his son’s life brighter. I think she was the one who tried to make him a public figure as a child prodigy, something that brought to the surface the panic attacks that torment him up to these days when he’s at the center of attention in front of a crowd.

As for his father, even the thought of him enrages Soo Ho in a blink of an eye, but most and above all it’s his degrading words that hurt him the most along with the fact that he never acquired the sincere understanding and praising he was craving for through paternal love. If he wasn’t his father Soo Ho’s fist would have landed on his face. His father probably wanted a child “just like the others,” but Soo Ho was finding pleasure in numbers and science ever since he was little and he didn’t really need any friends. He was content with the childhood he was leading. Throwing him into the sea in order for him to learn how to swim “just like the others” must had been a traumatic experience that made Soo Ho’s shell even more impenetrable.

The way I see it, the only one who succeeded in breaking through that tough shell was Amy who taught him how to ride the bicycle. It was a relationship that progressed throughout the years, but the moment he found out that she had suddenly disappeared deprived him of actual emotions once and for all. He felt betrayed for the last time in his life and he tried to erase her as one more memory he didn’t want to remember, but Amy’s reappearance brought everything back to the surface. The bicycle miniature on his desk and his flashbacks were proving that he was remembering everything and even though he tried to forget he wasn’t really successful. Bicycling is nice and good for the health, but it’s also something that comforts him and it’s always related to Amy.

You can erase something from your computer or do wonders through programming, but memories and emotions are a different thing. It’s all about emotional literacy, intelligence with a heart, and Soo Ho lacks in receiving and delivering emotional strokes. He doesn’t like animals or plants, living organisms in general. He didn’t like being around humans to start with, but his more specific hate towards women derives from the fact that Amy left a void he couldn’t substitute and/or get over. He was pretty harsh when she met him after all these years, but it was also harsh having been left behind without a notice. She must have had her reasons and i am looking forward to finding out more about her!

Soo Ho is quite a complex character with many issues and I won’t rush to shoot him down. Even though I don’t approve of his overall behavior in the form of a genius “misanthrope” it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand where it’s coming from, but he’s an adult responsible for his words and actions at the present. The past is, well, the past, and he has to face it if he wants to embrace his humane side. One thing one may notice is that when he’s in dismay he recites backwards the multiplication tables of double digit numbers, it’s something that soothes the tension within. Soo Ho is my current guinea pig, I want to see how/if he will change for the better and which higher peaks of negativity he can reach.

Duchi, Bo Nui found out that her supposed-to-be ideal tiger was Gun Wook, Puku, her childhood rooster friend and that revelation shattered her expectations to pieces. The fact that she won’t stare at him the way he’d probably want her to for non-tiger reasons is beyond his imagination at this point, but he also found out information he’d never expect. Bo Nui’s parents’ death and her sister’s condition will make him even more empathetic towards her and his feelings will most likely grow stronger.

Amy could easily tell that she was the reason why he returned to his old neighborhood and urged him to keep his Gary Choi identity a secret in order to avoid any further complications. However, she was unable to overly understand this superstitious frenzy inside his apartment, but she helped anyway so that Gary’s sleep would become more peaceful and fortunate under Bo Nui’s instructions!

Recently, Gary’s past started becoming more specific the moment one of his biological father’s friends visited him and things appeared to be much different than the way he thought they were. His mother started her life anew by another man’s side in Canada after his father sold everything he possessed in order to support his family there. The truth was more than he could handle, especially after he found out that his father had been forced to resign, yet he was always eager to get a glimpse of his son after all these years through the videos his friend was giving him. It’s a painful chapter in Gary’s book and trying to find his misunderstood father who helped him in any way he could to become an athlete of stardom status feels essential.

Bo Nui didn’t want to work for Zeze Factory even though working there for three months was an essential part of the contract. Back in the days, she hadn’t listened to Bo Ra’s words concerning the bad dream she had seen and she competed for a position at Zeze Factory, but that’s when the accident happened and the rest is history. Only the shaman’s words would convince her to work there after putting the blame on her. This ongoing victimization of Bo Nui as the one being responsible for every misfortune in her life makes things more difficult for her since she can’t see the forest for the trees. Staring at her sister through binoculars was rather painful to witness. She’s so concerned about Bo Ra, but she avoids staring at her directly or even touching her because she’s afraid that things could get worse.

When I say that see keeps pushing her luck away on her own, despite the tragic events in her life, it’s true. She was caring more about:

  • the ritual that would protect the company from her ominous vibes (even though it was quite hilarious, especially the moment she noticed Soo Ho’s sleeping fortress inside his office and scared him to death)
  • placing the super butterfly talisman under Soo Ho’s desk
  • forming her own protection circle around her desk and placing charms from a wide variety of religions
  • desperately searching for a tiger at her workplace

She didn’t read her own contract and tore it apart, she even had her boss recite for her all the favorable conditions that would take a weight off her shoulders, she didn’t work and she even brought in the reporter Soo Ho was trying to avoid and his explosion was justified at that point. However, before we condemn her, she has to believe in something no matter how weird it may appear. In a manner of speaking, she was right asking him to stop talking to her about logic since her life doesn’t make any sense. Had life been gentle on her and her family then more things would make much sense. All she’s left behind with is a comatose sister whose condition has made Bo Nui feel responsible for everything and she’s eager to do just anything that could help Bo Ra regain consciousness and be well. Sleeping with a tiger it is and it occupies her mind to the extent of becoming something more than just an obsession!

The enigmatic and intriguing figure that has been chosen to be the game’s main character is none other than Gary Choi! It’s not going to be an easy task, but he’s close to Bo Nui even though she’s not aware of his stardom status yet and things will most likely progress naturally after he finds out that she works for Zeze Factory. Bo Nui is more profitable than Soo Ho would ever imagine, but the fact that she’s an inseparable part of the contract has its own cons, especially after she found out that he’s not just a tiger, but the tiger! Approaching him the “oh, tiger!” way won’t be easy, but using the contract to her own benefit will make things complicated in a quirky way!

She used to invade his thoughts, now she’s about to invade his life in a more palpable way after demanding to go out together for the following three weeks. We have two deadlines, Zeze Factory’s game clip presentation and Bo Nui’s “oh, tiger!” bedtime stories! Alright, it’s time for me to enter the world of the 4th episode!



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