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Love Song Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary :

Masamura wants to schedule a full examination for Sakura as things are not looking good, while Kohei reminds Tsurumaki of their deal.

Mami talks with Soraichi about Sakura being down lately and how it seems she has lost her enthusiasm about her upcoming debut, and Masamura informs Kohei about Sakura’s condition and urges him to be there for her when tre results come out next week.

In her last day before she moves out, Mami makes Sakura’s favorite curry and thanks her for always being there for her- she tells her that she loves her and asks her to take care of the wedding speech.

Sakura receives her results which aren’t positive, as Masamura points out; she needs to have a surgery to remove the tumor from her throat, and that might affect her vocal cords; Sakura is concerned about having to deliver Mami’s speech soon but Masamura tells her she should have the operation as soon a possible, because it might spread further.

On her way out, Kohei waits for Sakura, who pretends that she did a check out routine- Kohei tells her that Masamura told him the truth and wants to know if there’s anything he can do about her. Sakura replies that the only thing she would want from him is to love her back, but since he can’t do that, he should stop being so kind to her; she wishes him good luck with writing Cheryl’s song and upon her return to her apartment, she breaks down while Soraichi consoles her.

Soraichi finds out about Sakura’s condition, and tells her she shouldn’t worry about Mami’s speech but worry on becoming well and have the surgery; he invites her to spend time together in the day and they go to a beach where they scream out their worries. Sakura notices a girl who sits alone a few meters away, and is surprised to find that the girl is also struggling with stutter. She cheers her up, by telling her that she has gone through the same and while things seem tough, in the end she will surely become happy and stronger.

Soraichi accompanies Sakura to Masamura, where she announces she’s gonna have the surgery afterall. She then tells Soraichi that she would like to sing on her own for the last time, before the surgery and he helps her practice.

Sakura visits Natsuki later, and tells her about the condition; she asks her if it would be okay to sing her sister’s song for her last live. Natsuki gives her the permission along with an apology for her behavior the last time they met.

Sakura passes around flyers about her last live and is received well- she saves the last flyer for Kohei, and wants his permission to sing Haruno’s song as well. Kohei tells her that it’s totally okay for her to sing it, since she loves the song so much and promises Sakura he will be there for her last live.

Everyone gathers for Sakura’s last live, from her boss, her co-workers, to Natsuki and Mami but Kohei is struggling with time as his meeting with Cheryl is taking more than he expected it to- he tells Tsurumaki that he won’t go in Sakura’s concert but he better make her debut happen, if he is to meet with Cheryl and listen to her demands.

Natsuki informs Sakura who’s waiting for Kohei, that he won’t make it in time because of his meeting, and Sakura steps on the stage; she reveals to everyone that she has been struggling with stuttering and been trying to hide it for her whole life, but is now confident to let her true self show, and wishes everyone enjoys her singing.

After the concert ends, Soraichi confesses to Sakura that he’s in love with her and wants to be with her for as long as he can- Sakura accepts his feelings, and they kiss, while Kohei is having difficulties working with Cheryl.



Reflection Corner :

love song ラヴソング ep 8 0100004

What a great episode that one was- Sakura putting into practice all that she has learned so far, despite having to face the worst and most dangerous time of her life. I liked that scene where she encountered that little girl in the beach, and talked to her as if she was talking to her self; accepting who you are, and moving forward.

love song ラヴソング ep 8 0100002

I felt like Mami gave her a very strong push, by stating how she was able to overcome the difficulties because of their friendship (what a great scene with the aishiteru-s and such lol, idk why but at that moment I remembered Lelouch’s “aishiteru” in Nunally in Geass and I lost it!). It was a simple declaration, but Sakura needed to hear that as well as Soraichi’s constant presence around her; he was great this episode, as he was there for her, supporting her in his own way. (screaming in an isolated beach is SO LIBERATING though!)

Kohei is trying his best for Sakura as well, but he failed to realize that there are particular moments, where you have to be there for someone who needs you, by actually, physically being there (like he did when he waited for her in the hospital); he missed Sakura’s last concert in an effort to seal the deal for her debut, but he didn’t understand that Sakura simply wanted him to be there.

soraichi's look tho aka SO IN LOVE WITH YOUUUU

soraichi’s look tho aka SO IN LOVE WITH YOUUUU

It seems like Sakura is willing to try with Soraichi (“I guess I loves ya even tho you sucks ya know!” lmao epic declaration!) after seeing him trying so hard for her, but I’m not sure if it’s a genuine effort or an attempt to mend her broken heart? Possibly both. I’ve gotta say, that Soraichi won a lot of points the last couple episodes, trying to do right by her, so I’m rooting for them as well. Like I’ve said, I ROOT FOR EVERYONE THAT MAKES SAKURA HAPPY (hell, I’m rooting for Mami&Sakura, and you all know this is THE REAL couple of the show, hehe)

It was good to see Natsuki apologizing, cause really she was a tool last epi- it was also nice to see her acknowledging how strong Sakura has become; even stronger than they thought she was.  SAKURA YOU SUPERGIRL

Onwards to episode 9 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to heiwa fansubs @ DA (link in the useful links in the footer sidebar)

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