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Vampire Detective Episode 10 Recap

Neither our squad is done with the past nor the past is done with them. Gradually, the circle reaches completion as we dive deeper into our characters’ backgrounds and the various crossroads upon which they met while the drama is steadily paving the way for the answers and confrontations that are yet to come to the surface; in the ongoing present.

Vampire Detective Episode 10 Recap Dramajjang

“Did you know that any being full of desires is dangerous?”


Case 10 – The Evil Chain


Goo Hyung was checking the list of the most wanted criminals and detective Park started talking with a raging suspect he couldn’t really handle, Gyeo Wool! She said that the pocket belonged to her uncle, but she didn’t have a guardian and she said that she had found it inside a taxi. Goo Hyung was checking the pocket and the ID belonged to Myung Geun, one of the most wanted criminals, but he had passed away. Goo Hyung could easily tell that he had faked his death and they would start reinvestigating soon. As for Gyeo Wool, she would stay behind bars for some time!

Yoon San found the phone booth from which Yoo Jin had called him and he went to a nearby store to check the CCTV footage. The moment Yoon San witnessed Yoo Jin alive he couldn’t believe his eyes and lost the world underneath his feet.

In the meantime, Goo Hyung was cooking while Gyeo Wool was enjoying her wine and she could easily tell that he was doing it for Se Ra! She wanted him to start working on her brother’s case and Goo Hyung urged her to have faith in him since he was always thinking of her case, but she couldn’t necessarily believe him since his mind was always occupied by girls!

Se Ra was enjoying Goo Hyung’s kimbap whereas doctor Hwang had a different opinion and ruined Goo Hyung’s mood; partially! Yoon San arrived and he wanted doctor Hwang to analyze the video whereas Goo Hyung noticed what was going on and he wasn’t at his finest.

Gyeo Wool noticed the vibes on the horizon and she asked Yoon San about what had happened to Goo Hyung, but he reassured her that it had nothing to do with Se Ra.

Goo Hyung was finding it quite confusing that Yoo Jin was alive, but Yoon San was intending to find her and ask her directly what was going on. Yoon San wondered what would had happened the day he met Goo Hyung if he had refused to be a part of the mission. It was a thought that kept tormenting him all along the way since the day he lost her and if he could turn back time things could had flown differently.

Yoon San, Yoo Jin and Tae Woo would see the dean and Yoon San was the most relaxed of all. Goo Hyung left the dean’s office and shortly after the dean informed them on the mission which was none other than spying on a criminal organization from the inside in order to help the police force’s investigation. All of them agreed that they would succeed, but Yoo Jin was a bit worried. Yoon San was quite excited and Tae Woo urged him to stop being so confident since it was making people around him nervous. Yoon San pointed out that it was just his very own certainty and there was silent tension between them, but it ended soon.

Tae Woo, Yoon San and Yoo Jin arrived at the house we all know and Goo Hyung greeted them. Yoon San could easily tell that it wasn’t his house since he was searching around for the cups and the sweater nearby was too big. Goo Hyung found possible excuses, but Yoon San told him that he wouldn’t normally hang another man’s pictures inside his house if it was really his own. This house would be their safe haven until they would complete their mission.

Goo Hyung mentioned Myung Geun, the president of CMK Networks which was a distribution company that was following a pyramid scheme. After committing a fraud incorporating billions of dollars with tens of thousands of victims Myung Geun disappeared. The police force thought he was dead, but after the new evidence came to the surface they had started believing that he was still alive, but they weren’t sure for now. The company had changed its name to Challenger and whether Myung Geun was dead or alive that was the place where they’d find the answers they were searching for.

They wouldn’t be the first ones trying to infiltrate Challenger, but everyone who had tried had gone missing. Challenger must have had an informant inside the police force and that was the reason why Goo Hyung visited the academy in order to find possible infiltrators whose names weren’t in the police database. Challenger was favoring skillful college students and this was a plus for Yoon San and the others, but they didn’t have field experience which was a major weakness. Goo Hyung would teach them everything they needed to progress with the mission.

Since the number of victims was continuing to grow Goo Hyung had started believing that there was someone else behind Myung Geun and our team would have to find out the whole truth about Challenger. All of them would have to fill in a consent form. In case anything were to go wrong there wouldn’t be any compensation or explanations and Goo Hyung warned them on the dangers that were lying ahead.  Yoon San agreed to participate and signed the consent form. Shortly after, the other two followed his example.

Late at night, Yoon San was losing himself in his own thoughts and the same was applying to Goo Hyung who was nearby, but he wouldn’t dare approach Yoon San.

First of all, our team would have to understand the opponent before infiltrating and he told them that the pyramid scheme was strong enough to start a fraud with a simple phone call. Once one gets caught up into their web and gets loans in order to become a stronger member of the pyramid he/she starts bringing in others and so it goes on until the fraud explodes. Tae Woo couldn’t understand and detective Park arrived to aid them! Of course, he brought chicken with him and Goo Hyung used the world of chickens to make everyone understand. Detective Park was finding Goo Hyung’s flow of thoughts nonsensical, but once Yoo Jin asked him to stay after Goo Hyung urged her to do so detective Park sat down!

After Goo Hyung’s further explanation Yoon San still couldn’t understand why one had to lose so much by borrowing money in order to bring in more people and that was the point; nothing was making any sense. Due to human nature and greed, once one sees loss he wants to pass it to someone else. Once one of them would be able to enter the company he/she would have to bring in another one and Goo Hyung thought that they would be safe as college students since their identity wasn’t a part of the police database. In case anything went wrong chances were high they’d disappear after a few hours.


Yoon San wanted to infiltrate first, but Tae Woo wanted to do so and urged Yoon San to hold back his pride since it was an important mission. Goo Hyung put an end to the tension between them by stating that Tae Woo and Yoo Jin would be the ones to sneak in first. He didn’t want personal emotions to get in the way of the mission since Yoon San and Yoo Jin were dating. Yoon San and Goo Hyung would be a part of the backup team!

Hyun Tak who was a diamond member was their secret contact and he introduced Tae Woo who was wearing glasses with camera. A presentation based on network marketing began and shortly after he started negotiating his membership status. Since he had the money he wanted to start from the sapphire level right away. Goo Hyung prepared the money for him and Tae Woo’s sapphire membership began!

The moment for him to introduce Yoo Jin had arrived and he presented her as his girlfriend, but once they were asked how they first met they gave different answers. Tae Woo was able to chase away any suspicion. In the meantime, Yoon San could see everything along with the fact that Tae Woo held Yoo Jin’s hand and he wasn’t pleased. Goo Hyung wanted them to start dating “properly” in order to avoid possible mistakes inside the company. Yoon San agreed with a heavy heart, but it would make things safer for both of them.

Yoon San was playing chess on his own and Tae Woo wanted to figure out whether he was fine or acting as if everything was fine, but Yoon San told him that it was a part of their work. Even so, Tae Woo couldn’t believe that Yoon San was so calm. At least not to the extent of looking like he didn’t care about what Tae Woo was doing at all. He asked Yoon San if he had ever been jealous of him, but that would never be the case since they were friends and Yoon San urged him to protect Yoo Jin.

Doctor Hwang called Yoon San on the phone and told him that he had figured out the taxi’s plate number. He took the same taxi.

Yoo Jin was reading Stephen King and Yoon San laid back on the bed by her side. He told her how pretty she was every time she was reading a book or focusing on something and she reminded him that he had told her the same thing when he had asked her out for the first time. He urged her to stop worrying since Tae Woo would protect her and he reminded her what he had told her the moment he gave her the necklace.

He had placed it around her neck under the cherry blossoms and told her that they should trust and protect one another under any circumstances. Of course, a sniper kiss was essential and the same applied to a hug!

Yoon San told the taxi driver that the girl was someone precious to him, but he urged Yoon San to be careful.

Tae Woo and Yoo Jin went to the movies and he wanted to make the “date” look as real as possible even though she wasn’t feeling so well about it. He had taken his role too seriously and Yoo Jin was feeling uncomfortable while trying to keep a balance between her feelings and the mission. In the meantime, Goo Hyung and Yoon San were eating and Goo Hyung could easily tell that Yoon San was overburdened by Yoo Jin and Tae Woo “dating” even though he denied it.

Both of them had enjoyed the movie and Yoo Jin thought that she should come with Yoon San the next time. Tae Woo’s mood was a bit ruined, but he said that they should go all three together. Yoo Jin had noticed that there was tension between Tae Woo and Yoon San sometimes and he told her that it was because they were so much alike from the fact that both of them were hating losing to their similar tastes. The moment he mentioned that the same thing applied to choosing a woman Yoo Jin felt uncomfortable, but Tae Woo said that he was joking. He wondered if she wanted to find out anything about himself since it was their first “date,” but it didn’t make her mood any brighter.

Yoon San was losing the world underneath his feet as he was eagerly waiting for Yoo Jin’s return and once she came back home she could easily tell that he was up because of her. He admitted that he was waiting for her and took her in his embrace.

The procedures inside Challenger were becoming more… challenging and every time Tae Woo and Yoo Jin were coming back home Yoon San was eagerly waiting for her. Tae Woo and Yoo Jin got promoted to ruby members and they were becoming stronger with the passing of time while Yoon San and Goo Hyung were working at home with all the information they were gathering.

Tae Woo, Yoo Jin and the rest of the Challenger team were drinking, but Yoo Jin ended up passing out inside Tae Woo’s car. While he was staring at her he turned off the camera and Goo Hyung tried to contact him, but he wouldn’t reply. Tae Woo wondered if he wasn’t good enough for Yoo Jin.

Yoon San was overly concerned, but once Tae Woo piggybacked Yoo Jin back home Goo Hyung started shouting at him. Yoon San urged him to stop doing that since the whole situation was already uneasy for everyone.

Tae Woo was sitting all alone and he was recalling a variety of scenes that left their own impact on his feelings, but soon enough Goo Hyung contacted him and told him that they couldn’t reach Yoo Jin. He started looking for her, but once Yoon San told him to be cautious Tae Woo got enraged and threw away his glasses since he didn’t intend to take orders from Yoon San.

Tae Woo entered a room but soon enough Yo Na left him unconscious after he witnessed the blood and the bottles of “wine.” Yoon San and Goo Hyung were worried because they didn’t know what was going on.

Once Tae Woo regained consciousness he saw Yo Na who was well aware of what he had been doing since she had found his glasses. He found out that Hyun Tak was dead nearby and he urged her to let Yoo Jin go. In order to leave her alone, Yo Na wanted Tae Woo to bring her Myung Geun and she told him his exact location. He would have two hours to bring him, otherwise Yoo Jin would die.


Myung Geun pointed his gun at Tae Woo who managed to disarm him. Since he survived the ultraviolet rays Myung Geun was certain that Tae Woo was human and wondered if Yo Na had promised to turn him into a vampire if he’d take him to her. Tae Woo became aware that Challenger was dealing with human lives and that they were approaching people with a patient in the family. They were turning the patients into vampires through an injection and they providing the family with blood in exchange for the family’s blood. From that moment and on, the family members were living as different people with new identities. Once a family member was violating the vow of silence by revealing the company’s secrets they were ending up dead. Myung Geun was one of the helpers because of his daughter. As for the detectives who vanished, they were probably dead. Myung Geun told him that Yo Na would kill Tae Woo and anyone around him even if he’d take him to her.

Tae Woo returned empty-handed. He shot Yo Na but her wound healed right away and he was convinced that she was a vampire. Yo Na grabbed him from the neck and she was about to drink all of his blood, but Tae Woo told her that she would never find Myung Geun in case she did so. Tae Woo wanted her to turn him into a vampire because he needed the power she possessed in order to have everything he wanted.

Yo Na had sensed how full of desires he was and she asked him if he knew the dangers that were deriving from this, but Tae Woo was intending to put an end to everything, including his own life. After this, Yo Na would never be able to find Myung Geun who would run away with all of the company’s secrets. Tae Woo eventually pulled the trigger surprising Yo Na who decided to turn him into a vampire with her own blood. While his transformation was taking place he was recalling all the moments that were putting him into despair and Yo Na informed him that it was already too late to go back.


~ Thoughts ~


Even though the ratings dropped a bit since the 9th episode (0.918), the 10th one rated 0.894 which is certainly better than the ratings of the 7th/8th episodes. The 10th one was a very insightful episode as it was bringing the pieces of the puzzle closer together. We’re just a few steps, 2 episodes to be more precise, before the drama closes its curtains and the whole picture is way more apparent as we’ve left behind the phase of assumptions and we’ve entered a more concrete motive that clearly depicts what happened.


Through excessive flashbacks that were shattering Yoon San and Goo Hyung’s tranquility and peace of mind we had the chance to witness everything that happened right before the moment that scarred Yoon San’s body and soul. I am referring to the human Yoon San. His gunshot wound may have healed after the transformation took place, but he kept his internal world intact, along with the heartache and the longing to meet Yoo Jin anew. Yoon San has inherited a kingdom of pain and his only motivation to keep going on is Yoo Jin oriented; whatever the future may bring.


Except for the doleful reminiscence, the devastation of Yoon San and Goo Hyung was being “adorned” to a wider extent by the what-if factors. What would have happened had Yoon San said “no?” It was his own decision and certainty that made the others follow his footsteps. What would have happened had Goo Hyung chosen a different infiltration team? While he was focusing on Yoon San due to his relationship with Yoo Jin he was unable to read through the lines and uncover Tae Woo’s ravenous desires. What if Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool hadn’t crossed paths at the police station that day? It was a sense of timing that forced the cogwheels of fate spin mercilessly.


However, it was too late to go back in time and change the flow of events. Everything had been said and done and all that could be done was to find answers or even bring closure to an unsolved case that changed their lives irreparably. That night when Goo Hyung was keeping his distance from Yoon San, but still being able to witness his despair under the dim light’s sleepless stare, both of them looked like the solitary keepers of two isolated lighthouses.


How many times do i have to say that Lee Joon is a great actor and one of the finest of his generation? I never get bored saying it and his presentation of Yoon San owned so much during this episode! One of the many moments Lee Joon shines the most is when the character he impersonates is in a relationship he cherishes , especially when the feelings are mutual! He gives voice to his character’s internal world in a naturally vibrant and gracious way that gives you the impression as if he is invigorating the flames of love deep within every passing second. When one of his characters is in love, Lee Joon manages to keep that character’s feelings fresh and it was more than apparent every time Yoon San was with Yoo Jin. The sniper kiss, the different hugs that were varying from longing to the bliss of the moment, the smiles, everything was so natural and alive as opposed to Yoon San’s agony at the present. Lee Joon brings forth the two sides of the same coin with remarkable excellence.


Yoon San was sharp and observant, laconic yet straightforward and dedicated to the people he cared about, but also when it comes to his duties, since then and he (and his post-transformation enhanced self) kept proving it all along the way throughout the episodes at the present. He was exemplary during the mission and managed to keep the extension of his personal feelings on the outside and that was more than apparent the moment he urged Goo Hyung to stop shouting at Tae Woo when Yoo Jin was drunk. He was maintaining a golden balance between being concerned and professional.


On the contrary, Tae Woo was all about personal feelings all along the way. If Goo Hyung’s intention was to avoid such an involvement, he didn’t succeed in it as Tae Woo kept feeding the snake on the inside. Yo Na’s comparison was so right. Tae Woo was keeping his poison on the inside for way too long and he ended up poisoning himself to the point of no return; and the people around him. He was loathing Yoon San’s observing charisma and clarity, tranquility and awareness and out of all the women in Korea he fell for Yoo Jin. He knew he could never have her, so he did all things necessary to acquire her physical presence in his life.


The more Tae Woo was succeeding in the mission and more he thought he was getting closer to Yoo Jin who was feeling uneasy with the “dating” part of the story from the start. There wasn’t any emotional crossover between them and it was natural for Yoon San to be waiting for Yoo Jin every time. It was a dangerous mission and a tiny bit of jealousy never hurt anyone because his trust towards her was always reigning supreme. Yoon San’s disarming smile the moment he told Tae Woo that he had nothing to be afraid of because he was his friend was what hurt Tae Woo the most.


The moment Yoo Jin found herself in danger Yoon San’s concern was translated as an order from Tae Woo who was already in a maelstrom of thoughts and unfulfilled desires. It was the excuse he was searching for in order to erupt and do things his own way. In a manner of speaking, he wanted to prove that he could save Yoo Jin on his own, but the sudden turn of events was bringing him before ongoing dead-ends and he chose the easy way out in order to re-join the game from the other side of the fence and in a more powerful way.


This is what happens late at night when you’re trying to sleep and you suddenly think of dramas.

The give and take pyramid scheme which was an excessive sense of draining rather than taking was intriguing and if one was taking something then it was none other than a never-ceasing sense of demise with mere loans of survival. Ah, Lee Chung Ah! She graced me with some of her most frightening smiles through the arrogant projections of Yo Na. I would turn one (or more) of my veins into a garden hose for her to drain all life from this humble body if she could just let me witness this menacing bliss in person!


Judging from the preview, Yoon San will feel obliged to figure out what happened to Yoo Jin now that he knew she was alive. Flashback-wise, after his transformation Tae Woo will consider Yoo Jin his own. While our squad didn’t know where to start from, Yo Na will appear and she will ask them to bring her the list she needed in order to help them meet Yoo Jin. Gyeo Wool will notice her leaving and she will wonder who she was and what was going on. She’s still in the dark, but she bears witness of peripheral aspects. Did i see correctly? Did Tae Woo grab Yo Na from the neck? How dare he do that to his own vampire-mother who fed him her own blood like the mother breastfeeds her newborn child?! Okay, i will set the fanboy within aside (not really). Yoo Jin will ask Tae Woo to let her kill Yoon San, probably because she knew that Tae Woo was intending to do so himself and she knew that it was going to be a most unpleasant experience. As for Tae Woo telling her that Yoon San was already dead, i think it was related to the explosion we witnessed during the preview. But Yoon San can’t die, can he? Not before he finds redemption for all the suffering he went through and some answers to his heartrending questions! Anyway, Yoon San can’t die in general, he already died once and it’s more than enough! He must have vampire babies with Yo Na for all eternity! Okay, i will stop now, for real; until the next week!


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