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Vampire Detective Episode 9 Recap

Our squad members found themselves somewhere between real life and the digital world. They had to combine their talents in order to reach the truth that was hiding under many layers, amid deceiving diversions, but the blood can’t lie.

Vampire Detective Episode 9 Recap Dramajjang

“I can’t keep my feelings on the inside no matter what.”


Case 9 – Broadcast of Death


Yo Na was checking her diary and after smiling at Young Gwang’s picture she ended up burning it while bidding her smirk farewell. In the meantime, Young Gwang kept telling Tae Woo that he didn’t know anything and that president Joo was the only one who was aware of everything he was after. Tae Woo couldn’t believe him, but Yoo Jin urged him to stop being so cruel. He pointed out that he had left behind his human nature ever since his transformation took place, but Yoo Jin would choose to go back to when she was human if she could. Tae Woo threatened her that he could just kill Yoon San anytime since he was well aware that she was looking after him in secrecy. He warned her for the last time, if she wanted Yoon San to stay alive she would have to stay away from him.

Yoon San was fixing the wooden railing while Goo Hyung was trying to coordinate him, but at the same time he was pointing out that he should had been more careful while punching someone since they could have avoided things like that. Yoon San was about to leave, but Gyeo Wool arrived and told them that they weren’t doing a proper job. The moment she touched the wooden railing Yoon San and Goo Hyung lost the world underneath their feet, but the doorbell saved her.


A father wanted our squad to investigate his son’s death, but he couldn’t call it a murder directly. His son was broadcasting on Aria TV and Gyeo Wool could easily tell that his son was Kim Wook who was quite famous and died while eating during his broadcast. Kim Wook was making lots of money through cashpoints and his father wanted them to find the person who would had given him 300,000 cashpoints if he could finish all the dishes within 3 minutes, but Kim Wook ended up passing away. All his father wanted was an apology and our squad would have to find the culprit.

Our squad was watching one of Kim Wook’s broadcasts in which he was demonstrating his eating skills and Gyeo Wool pointed out that she had never seen Yoon San eating. Both Yoon San and Goo Hyung were trying to convince her that she was wrong and Se Ra’s broadcast saved Yoon San for the time being! The video would never be enough and she graced our team with her cute skills in person. She informed them on Zen of Sword, the “president” who was none other than the person offering the most cashpoints, but she didn’t know anything else about him. She invited them to tomorrow’s memorial broadcast where they would have a chance to uncover the truth since Zen of Sword would offer many cashpoints to the winner.

On their way to the memorial broadcast Goo Hyung was playing Se Ra’s video on the repeat and he was singing along. He was having so much fun, but it was such a nerve-wracking experience for Gyeo Wool and Yoon San! Gyeo Wool had a bad feeling about everything that could happen at the memorial broadcast and she couldn’t understand Zen of Sword’s logic. Once they arrived they noticed Kim Wook’s father who was already there.

Producer Im introduced the famous broadcasters to our squad. Shin Sun was the 4th most famous broadcaster on Aria TV and he was renowned for his refreshing voice trough his talk shows. Judi was the 2nd most popular broadcaster who was focusing on exercising, yoga, etc. Cook Young as the 3rd most popular broadcaster and cooking was his specialty whereas Mi So was the most famous and she was a makeup artist, but her cuteness had already started getting on Gyeo Wool’s nerves! Our squad was surprised the moment detective Park arrived under the nickname Food Fighter who was Aria TV’s 5th most popular broadcaster.

Goo Hyung couldn’t believe that a detective was also a broadcaster and he couldn’t even stand his haircut despite the fact that detective Park said that it was trendy and that broadcasting had its own socio-scientific aspects! Detective Park could help them with the overall investigation but he pointed out that there wasn’t any evidence and they couldn’t do anything since offering cashpoints wasn’t a crime. Yoon San told him that all Kim Wook’s father wanted was an apology.

Everyone was getting ready for their broadcasts and producer Im was showing our team how things were working behind the scenes. Everyone was eating and Mi So’s cuteness had already started making detective Park melt since he shared his food with her! Amid teasing and arguments things became more serious the moment Judi told them that Zen of Sword wouldn’t appear so easily, but Goo Hyung informed her that all they wanted to find out was his identity. The moment Judi referred to them as private investigators Gyeo Wool got enraged and reminded her that they were private detectives! Yoon San was remaining silent while keeping an eye on everyone, including Kim Wook’s father who was nearby.

Yoon San wanted to encourage Kim Wook’s father and he pointed out that everyone there were his son’s friends, but Kim Wook’s father had a different opinion; they were there to make money. He pointed out that Kim Wook was always a loner who was getting bullied at school, but he was always finding comfort while broadcasting. It was feeling like the only way for him to communicate with others and even feel them like friends. What was hurting him the most was the fact that he wasn’t close enough to his son because he was working as a taxi driver.

Judi accused Mi So of badmouthing her in order to get her viewers whereas Mi So argued that Judi lost her viewers because her broadcasts weren’t interesting. On top of that, she referred to a wide variety of rumors that weren’t complimenting Judi that much, but soon enough their quarrel reached the end after Judi’s explosion.

Shin Sun was waiting for his guests to arrive and Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung were nearby. Once the members of the idol group Fresh arrived Goo Hyung took a picture of the whole broadcasting team.

Producer Im was informing someone over the phone on everything going on because of the detectives’ presence and Yoon San appeared to find out if he could get the viewers’ personal information during the broadcasts, but it wouldn’t be that easy. Producer Im admitted that Zen of Sword’s approach played its own part in Kim Wook’s death, but he considered it an accident. Even though people like Zen of Sword were essential to Aria TV it didn’t mean that everything going on was moral.

Detective Park was eager to help Mi So during her broadcast, but Gyeo Wool would be more helpful and even though she didn’t want to be there she was forced to do so! The broadcast was about to begin and everyone was getting ready. Soon enough, every broadcaster greeted his/her audience and their schedule began! Gyeo Wool wasn’t intending to participate in Mi So’s attempt to transform her from a mean girl to a pretty girl, but once one of the viewers was surprised to find out that she was a girl she changed her mind in order to prove him wrong. Truth be told, she started enjoying the overall process!

Goo Hyung had his own moment to shine through his doughnut kiss with detective Park in order to earn some cashpoints! At some point Zen of Sword entered Mi So’s broadcasting channel and Gyeo Wool kept trying to find his location while Judi changed her program in order to make him enter her own channel. Gyeo Wool went to inform Yoon San and Goo Hyung but they were focused on her face and she started feeling shy because they were praising her. Of course, she erupted the moment Goo Hyung pointed out that she had finally started looking like a girl and she decided to leave!

Zen of Sword kept entering every broadcaster’s room and giving cashpoints while Gyeo Wool kept trying to find his location. Goo Hyung wanted Yoon San to start a chat conversation with Zen of Sword and he was writing everything Goo Hyung was telling him to in order to provoke him and earn some time for Gyeo Wool to track him down. She found out that he was in the exact same location as them and shortly after the lights went out.

They heard a scream and everyone rushed to Judi’s aid. Yoon San witnessed the blood and the knife the culprit had used to harm Judi belonged to Cook Young, but it was obvious that he wasn’t the one who had attacked her. Outside of the building, Yoon San’s insightful stare led them to a warehouse where they found Zen of Sword in flames and Kim Wook’s father tied up. After Yoon San investigated the warehouse he met the rest of our squad and detective Park and they went to see Kim Wook’s father and the others.

Yoon San urged Kim Wook’s father to reveal the truth since he couldn’t tell how he was able to see Zen of Sword hanging himself because he was blindfolded. Yoon San couldn’t see any wounds on his body that would justify the blood he had found and Kim Wook’s father eventually admitted that he had killed Zen of Sword and had put him in the trunk of his taxi.

He admitted he didn’t want to kill him at first and all he needed was an apology. There was a flashback scene in which Kim Wook’s father had returned home and his son had prepared food in order to eat together, but he was enraged at the fact that Kim Wook was never going out of the house and left. Later on, Kim Wook was broadcasting again, but his viewers could easily tell that he was depressed. His father was one of the viewers and he witnessed Kim Wook saying that when he was online he wasn’t feeling alone anymore.

Kim Wook’s father was waiting for Zen of Sword and after he entered the taxi he gradually realized that the driver was Kim Wook’s father and Zen of Sword started becoming ironic and he wasn’t respecting Kim Wook’s memory. Without thinking, Kim Wook’s father grabbed him from the neck and ended up stabbing him. The fact that he had asked for our squad’s help was in order to create an alibi.

Detective Park arrested him and Yoon San pointed out that Kim Wook’s father wouldn’t had been able to find Zen of Sword on his own. Yoon San revealed that Judi was the one knowing Zen of Sword’s real identity since she had met him after exchanging messages with him. Judging from the direction of her wound, he pointed out that Judi had harmed herself. She revealed that she had met Zen of Sword who wanted to please his nasty desires. She wanted to get revenge and that was the reason why she went to meet Kim Wook’s father. At the end of the day, both of them headed towards the police station.

Yoon San received a phone call and he heard a familiar voice calling him by his name and urging him to be careful. Yoo Jin ended the phone call right away and Yoon San called that number back, but Yoo Jin left in tears while Yoon San was losing the world underneath his feet.

~ Thoughts ~


The 9th episode was quite an intriguing one even though it didn’t have any action, well, not in the traditional way. Everything was taking place inside four walls and behind a screen, but in a world so vast, multifaceted and ever-changing; online. It’s Gyeo Wool’s territory and everything started progressing the moment she tracked down Zen of Sword’s location which was none other than the place our squad was. It was another episode that was preserving our squad’s strength through unity since pretty much everyone played his/her own part when the timing felt right.


As i already said, Gyeo Wool played her own part while Goo Hyung was the one sending the right signals to Yoon San’s fingers in order for him to keep Zen of Sword online so that Gyeo Wool would have all the time she needed to uncover his location. In the meantime, Yoon San kept doing what he knows best, observing everyone around him and deciphering any characteristic that could lead him to the truth whereas his insightful stare did the talking for one more time the moment some blood made its appearance.


Almost everything was explained as the story was gradually reaching completion. Maybe i am stupid, but who was impersonating Zen of Sword while the original one was no longer among the living? Kim Wook’s father was with our squad the moment Zen of Sword appeared online and Judi was broadcasting until there was power outage. Maybe i missed something, so i really don’t know what to say! If a kind drama-soul has a possible explanation i’m more than eager to read it! Unless Kim Wook’s father was using Zen of Sword’s cellphone, but nothing like that was presented…


The 9th episode was addressing a few serious issues, not in depth, just their contours. After all it would never have the time to present everything “properly,” but even the signals it delivered were enough food for thought. It wasn’t condemning the internet, but it wasn’t sanctifying it either; it’s all about using it wisely. Alongside all the liberties and conveniences it offers there are also many traps and dangers lying in the corner. While it may be a safe haven chasing away solitude for some people or an expansion of one’s world and a money-making place for others (among many other things), it’s also a place where malicious “people” roam its digital streets.


It was also laying emphasis on the fact that one devious “person” is enough to irreparably ruin the lives of people with their own daily struggles trying to hang in there and eventually survive in their own way. Revenge is a dish best served cold, sometimes as cold as death and Zen of Sword’s wicked and pejorative nature earned what it deserved; the gift of non-being. The thing is, when it comes to revenge things can get out of control quite easily and two people who were emotionally wounded and living in the shadow of their own demons played their own part in committing a crime that was punished by the law. Last but not least, producer Im admitted that not everything was morally accepted in what was going on, but money equals money. He was shamelessly sincere about the world of the media that trades human lives and reputations for profit and we witness it every day.


What? The internets can be evil too?!

Gyeo Wool eventually enjoyed the new makeup approach on her face, but i really didn’t understand all these statements about her being like a dude. I kept seeing her like a woman with her own kick-ass personality all along the way and i was adoring her for that. And i still do and i always will! Her smile was so adorable the moment she witnessed the final outcome and her shyness when Yoon San was sincerely complimenting her was so cute! I loved the fact that Yoon San acknowledged how pretty she is, as for Goo Hyung, well, he’s got he’s own way with women (not)! Gyeo Wool gradually notices things concerning Yoon San that don’t feel “right” and one of them was the fact that he wasn’t eating anything even though Yoon San and Goo Hyung were trying to convince her that one invincible super meal per day was more than enough for him!


Judging from the beginning of the episode and Yoo Jin’s approach, she must had shot Yoon San for his own good in order to take him out of her life in a way that would harm him (not only physically) and make him believe that she was no longer among the living after betraying him. It was a twofold wound she had to inflict on him in order to keep him safe from Tae Woo’s lethal intentions, but she never really left his side since she kept watching over him; in the shadows. Yoon San wasn’t the only one in pain all this time and their fate appears quite tragic.


The ending of the episode was emotionally fortified since Yoo Jin wanted to warn Yoon San one last time, but it was the spark that fueled his internal fire even more as his hopes had reached a point in which they had started obtaining flesh and blood. Yoo Jin was somewhere out there, alive, and Yoon San would never stand still knowing that. As much as he craves to see her again (and probably ask her a few questions that would ease his emotional burden) there’s also an equal amount of danger waiting for him on Tae Woo’s behalf.


I’m pretty certain there’s a vampire doctor out there who could treat his constipation!

And let’s not forget Yo Na whose personality is unpredictably and unstable. We can’t possibly tell which her next steps will be and whose life she’s eager to threaten. Burning Young Gwang’s picture was palpable proof that any emotional bonds that were tying her to the world of humans perished in the flames and she can unleash the blood-seeking predator she is without remorse anytime soon. But, for whom the bell tolls?


The preview was really interesting, wasn’t it? So, Goo Hyung was the one preparing the background of Yoon San, Yoo Jin and Tae Woo’s undercover mission inside the police academy back in the days? And then, Tae Woo wanted to be with Yoo Jin but he would never earn her heart because she was with Yoon San and he begged Yo Na to transform him into a vampire in order to acquire the power he needed to make things progress his own way? These are some of the signals i received and, the way i see it, from the 10th episode and on our squad will focus on revisiting the mission that failed in the past in order for justice to be delivered at the present while still in search of answers. One thing is for certain, i really can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen in the next episode, but i suddenly realized that we’re only 3 episodes before the end…


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