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Lucky Romance Episode 2 Kwoncap

It’s all because the bunny, the raccoon, the cleaning lady and the drunk girl are the same unlucky person and it’s tiger hunting season! Truth or dare? Time shall tell!

Lucky Romance Episode 2 Dramajjang

“I’ve launched a boat on the ocean.
That old drawer works better than expected.”


Thoughts / Review :

Lucky Romance’s ratings dropped a bit and its second episode rated 8.7%, but it managed to win Thursday’s drama race even for a tiny bit by leaving behind Entertainer and Master: God of Noodles that rated 8.6% and 8% respectively. It’s almost like a drama triangle! Lucky Romance managed to keep its heavy feels in the background this time and laid emphasis on the humorous factor while indicating (alongside the preview) possible complications that may/will arise in the near or far future. The sparks are there and once they feast on oxygen they will turn into fires.

I have to admit that I like the Truth or Dare aspect of the drama at the end of the first two episodes and I hope it will remain the insightful parameter it is until the end of Lucky Romance. The fear that invaded Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s lives the next morning was a given! She didn’t remember what she had done and the way she woke up was leaning towards the direction that something must had happened, but instead of a tiger she ended up with a life insurance even though money isn’t her strong point! On the other side of the fence, Soo Ho ruined as many toothbrushes as he could in order to cleanse himself from Bon Nui’s puking explosion and the kiss she initiated!

The prediction’s part she didn’t get the chance to read during the previous episode (that an unexpected person would help her solve all her problems) had started turning to reality even though she was still unaware of what was really going on as she was blinded by the tiger part of the story. The prediction’s meaning could be twofold since there are two people out there with different types of help.

The first one has to be Gary who intends to help her in his own unconditional way while being driven by the good old times and his current feelings that never ceased existing. The second one has to be Soo Ho, but it’s for the benefit of both of them. Soo Ho will end up with a game and she’ll get the chance to earn money, lots of money. A big plus has to be the fact that he’s a tiger even though she doesn’t remember it!

Soo Ho’s ex-employees didn’t only sabotage his presentation, they also sold Genius II which was released in Russia and there was nothing he could do about it. In order for Zeze Factory to emerge victorious everyone would have to work hard in order to present a brand new and innovative game, but things weren’t flowing as expected no matter how hard everyone worked and even though Soo Ho spent so many sleepless nights trying to come up with something.

He hadn’t taken one parameter into consideration; when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it! It doesn’t work all the times, but in dramas almost all coincidences lead to the one and only purpose, success through a wide variety of crossroads and Soo Ho and Bo Nui have already met by chance quite a few times and her own misfortune appears to be Soo Ho’s indirect (for the time being) saving grace.

Truth be told, Bo Nui isn’t that unlucky at the present even though things don’t seem to be flowing the way she expects them to. While she’s taking the shaman’s words into consideration she’s closing her eyes to reality and the chances that are gradually approaching her. She started working on many part-time jobs in order to find her tiger whereas she was the only one who had solved the bug at Zeze Factory’ recruitment competition in the past, but she had chosen to leave and started working for Daebak Soft and ended up penniless after working so hard.

Even her presentation was directly affected by superstitions! She had placed salt in places of “strategic” spiritual importance and IF, the game she presented as a raccoon, gained Soo Ho’s attention. It was its first person perspective and the resemblance to virtual reality that took Soo Ho out of the swamp he had found himself in, but the toughest part would be to earn Bo Nui’s cooperation.

In the meantime, Gary had already started sailing on his own ocean and he was regretting he hadn’t returned to Korea earlier. Amy could only pace with his flow for the time being and she would watch things from a safe distance in order for Gary to not put on hold or in danger his career. He had already taken care of Bo Nui’s rent and he would keep it a secret, but he couldn’t believe that she didn’t recognize him, not even as a renowned tennis player no matter how hard he was trying full of smiles and graciousness!

Bo Nui kept ignoring the luck that was trying to approach her after the presentation. At first she didn’t notice Dal Nim’s phone calls while she was praying towards the spirits in order for her sister to stay alive and regain consciousness. She was willing to sacrifice everything for Bo Ra and she was even intending to stay away from her in case everything progressed the way she wanted to. The other time she ignored her luck was the moment she was focused on getting ready for the date with Gary who told her he was a tiger while Soo Ho was presenting his own business plans. But let’s see things a bit when it comes to Gary and Bo Nui first! He kept trying to approach her in any way he could and it was quite funny witnessing him being so clumsy with the hammer while he was quite a skillful carpenter in Valid Love! You have to love how the sticking plaster reminded him of a like-minded scene back in their childhood days. Such moments are a part of the salt and pepper for drama characters’ feelings and, admit it, we secretly or openly adore them too.

He thought that he would find the same good old neighbor he had left behind, but Bo Nui reminded him that the times had changed and neighbors weren’t as close as they used to. It wasn’t the Korea he had in mind, the one 15 years ago and it was only in his memories. Everyone was minding his own business trying to make a living and she wasn’t intending to forge tighter bonds with him as a neighbor, but things changed the moment he told her that he was a tiger in order to treat her to dinner. However, he would have to bring his ID in order to prove that he was the tiger the prophecy was indicating! If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain and since Bo Nui didn’t care about Soo Ho’s phone calls through Dal Nim’s cellphone then he had to visit her at all costs and make his generous proposal in order to buy IF and have Bo Nui work for him. All she could think of were tigers and she kept pushing her luck away for one more time, but what the hell! Is her apartment door a new drama fetish? Both Gary and Soo Ho had their fair share of preventing Bo Nui from closing it and they were quite passionate about it for their own reasons!

The ending of the episode was quite hilarious before the Truth or Dare part! She wasn’t even half-ready for the first date in her life with the supposed-to-be her cleansing tiger and on top of that, he was almost there while Soo Ho was at her door! I am curious to find out how she’s going to escape the awkward situation she’s found herself in with Gary in front of her place and Soo Ho inside her apartment while she’s shutting his mouth. But it wasn’t the closest they’ve ever been to one another since he had followed her that drunken night to make sure she’d go back home safe and sound after that stuffed bear piggyback ride! Instead of letting her sleep in front of the building he took her inside her apartment and she initiated the kiss. Oh well, it was one of the renowned drama kisses that aren’t actual kisses since it feels like smooching a mirror with the lips getting stuck on it for an eternity of a time while we’re witnessing it through all angles necessary; but i liked it!

The preview was quite generous dare i say since it was presenting quite a few pathways the drama could follow in the near future and Lee Chung Ah will become a more palpable and vibrant part of Lucky Romance and not just a nagging but professional manager! Bo Nui will start occupying Soo Ho’s mind to a wider and more threatening extent since she will be pretty much everywhere from the game he will be working on to his hallucinations as he will keep reliving the moment of the kiss! A part of Soo Ho and Gary’s painful past when it comes to their parents will come to the surface and Amy will also notice that Bo Nui was the reason why Gary was keeping his secrets from her and wanted some time off all of a sudden. Amy and Soo Ho will cross paths and we’ll get to know the past they shared together from the moments she was teaching him how to ride a bicycle to the reason behind his disappointment that made him forget her as a bad memory. Unaware of Soo Ho sleeping at the company inside his ergonomic office , Bo Nui will scare him to death while she will be trying to chase away all the misfortune surrounding her! Shes’ got only three weeks before completing her “oh, cleanse me, tiger, roar!” task and the pathways are only two; Soo Ho or Gary. I can’t wait for the next week’s episodes, Lucky Romance is quite captivating and makes me crave for more! You can never say no to a new drama addiction and there’s plenty of honey in here.

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