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Love Song Episode 7 Recap

Recap – Summary :

Kohei talks with Natsuki about using the old tune he originally created for Haruno, and she doesn’t seem to mind that he did.

In the bar later, Sakura sings “Love Song” and everyone’s excited, while Tsurumaki notes that Sakura will soon get into studio to record the song- he later informs Kohei that Cheryl wants him to write a few songs for her, but Kohei doesn’t seem interested.

Mami talks with Sakura about staying in their apartment a bit more since she can’t move just yet, while Soraichi asks Sasayan to teach him guitar, and Natsuki leaves the bar early, as Kohei notices that something is bothering her. Kohei’s colleague, asks Sakura to pay a visit to the hospital, since he wants to run a check on her.

Coming back into their apartment, Mami asks Sakura if she has told Kohei her feelings yet- Sakura is sure that Kohei wouldn’t consider her, but Mami argues that she has nothing to lose, and should confess as soon as possible. With Mami’s advice, Sakura asks Kohei out for drinks to thank him and he accepts.

Soraichi wants to borrow some jewelery from Mami, and she figures out that he did something with Ryoko; Soraichi asks her not to tell Sakura anything, and Mami tells him that Sakura is probably on a date with Kohei right now, and he wouldn’t stand a chance as things are right now.

Sakura’s date with Kohei turns out bad, since the heels she decided to wear end up hurting her, and Kohei gets her to a shoe store to get her comfortable shoes so she can walk around. He tells her that he invited Tsurumaki to talk about the record, but Sakura doesn’t stay long, and tells Kohei that she’s heading home, since her feet hurts.

Tsurumaki asks Kohei to prioritize Cheryl’s potential songs he’s gonna write over Sakura, and Kohei is unhappy with that.

Mami asks Sakura how the date went, and Sakura replies that she didn’t get a chance to confess, since she was interrupted. She gets  a text from Tsurumaki at that moment, and she tells Mami that since she will now record a disc, she shouldn’t force herself to stay in the apartment with her anymore- she can now fetch for herself and she can move to her new house without regrets.

Soraichi meets with Ryoko and offers her the jewelery he got from Mami’s stuff, but ends up talking about Sakura all the time- Ryoko gets drunk and tells Soraichi that all he does is talk about Sakura, while he tries to calm her temper down.

Tsurumaki meets Sakura, and asks her to persuade Kohei to write songs for Cheryl as soon as possible; he explains to her, that Cheryl wants to switch companies and they’re doing everything they can to keep her, and he needs her help even if that means, she should pause her own activities for some time.

In the bar, Sasayan is celebrating his birthday- everyone talks about Kohei’s newfound success, and how that came all those years later due to him playing together with Sakura that particular song. Upon hearing that, Natsuki tells Sakura the truth about the song’s origins, and how Kohei was in a relationship with her sister- Sakura is upset at the news, and runs away from the bar.

Kohei follows up after her, and explains that Natsuki didn’t lie, but he felt that the only person that could sing that old melody, was her- it’s almost like Haruno intended for them to meet, and that is why he decided to use the tune to her lyrics. Sakura finally confesses to Kohei, and asks him if he ever saw her romantically; Kohei replies that he only wants to make music with her, and Sakura says that she’s not Haruno before she leaves.

The next day, Sakura visits the hospital, and she meets Kohei’s patient- they have an unusual small chit-chat, where Sakura says that while she’s heartbroken, she feels refreshed because she can now move on. She then meets with Kohei’s colleague, who runs a check on her, and concludes that Sakura has a condition that she’s gonna need to further examine.

Kohei visits Tsurumaki’s company to talk about Cheryl.

Reflection Corner :

love song ラヴソング ep 07 0100006

I’m so proud of my bb-cigar-angel Sakura, who gathered all her courage and strength to confess to Kohei; she’s come a very long way from the beginning, and it was nice to see her attitude of cherishing how much she has gained so far, even after being “turned down”. (her line “make me sexy” to Mami was her best line in the whole series, it was hysterical lmao)

What is that condition supposed to be though? Don’t give me terminal diseases shit, because I’m not here for that. Can you imagine Sakura dying in the finale after all the crap she’s been through? Just, no.



Natsuki, just..what the hell. How can you mess up Sakura’s psyche (..if we had one euro everytime someone did that!) like this, when you’re supposed to be her counselor on top of that?!! She pulled some crazy, unnecessary stunt, and she didn’t do it for her long-dead sister, as she claimed; she is envious of Kohei’s bond with Sakura, and lashed out without thinking the consequences. Like, why would you tell Sakura the truth? Why ruin a beautiful moment, especially after she had heard how much Sakura liked working with Kohei on the song.

love song ラヴソング ep 07 0100007

Kohei was right to call her on that- it’s his song afterall, he was the one to write it for Haruno. He seemed surprised with Sakura’s confession (I was like, ORLY, you hadn’t figured out that one yet!) but he rejected her (even though, one could argue it wasn’t a direct rejection but well) directly, and didn’t beat around the bush; he was honest (…but was he lol) and upfront on that, which I appreciated it.

that scene was funny though haha with everyone yelling and playing music loudly

that scene was funny though haha with everyone yelling and playing music loudly

I still don’t really care much about Soraichi’s sidestory with Ryoko, even though it did give another golden line (you were yelling Sakura’s name while we were together!); I like Soraichi but I much prefer to see him around Mami and Sakura, as their family bond is great to see. I get why Ryoko has to play a part though, acting like a distraction for him since he can’t confess to Sakura, but meh, I’m not really into that sidestory.

Soraichi seems to share tons of scenes with Sakura next episode, and we get to see what her condition is all about, so that’s gonna be interesting. I JUST WANT SAKURA TO BE HAPPY KAY. (Natsuki better fucking apologize to her btw)

love song ラヴソング ep 07 0100009

Onwards to episode 8!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to heiwa fansubs @ D-A (footer sidebar useful links are your friends.)

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  1. Kanojo
    May 27, 2016 at 2:57 pm — Reply

    Well, if Kohei indeed have feelings for Sakura, i hope her unknown condition will be a wake-up call for him to realize that because at this point, he still sees Sakura as Haruno’s reflection.

    • May 27, 2016 at 5:16 pm — Reply

      Yeah, he reverts to his old-self when playing music; I guess I sort of get it, but he isn’t completely clear with his feelings.

  2. Kumiko
    May 31, 2016 at 5:44 am — Reply

    sorry, can you tell me who the actor who played as Tsurumaki ? sorry, if my english not good. Thank you 😀

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