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Lucky Romance Episode 1 Kwoncap

What do tough luck (to a desolate extent), panic attacks (to the point of losing the world underneath your feet), tigers (as a cleansing one night’s necessity), bunnies, superstitions, humor and pain have in common? Lucky Romance has the answer!

Lucky Romance Episode 1 Dramajjang

“It’s like an ocean in my worn-out drawer.”


Thoughts / Review :

There are always a few reasons to start watching a drama, but things were quite simple when it comes to Lucky Romance and the crime was premeditated. Lee Chung Ah entrances my eyes and she’s a charismatic actress. She already owns my wrists in Vampire Detective and Lucky Romance is one more chance for her to captivate another part of my heart. Whether you like her or not, Hwang Jung Eum is an axiom and she owns; a lot. She’s got the most melodious screaming voice in this world and she expands the boundaries of music every time she graciously distorts my hearing!

Lee Soo Hyuk was quite exceptional in White Christmas and Valid Love and I expect another intriguing performance whereas Ryoo Joon Yeol left his own imprint in the world of Reply 1988 (I haven’t finished it yet, but I am aware of at least that much). The actresses and actors behind Lucky Romance’s main figures were strong enough to make me want to watch it even though the synopsis wasn’t overly tempting. Nevertheless, it was promising a quirky universe and the first episode was quite something since I enjoyed it a lot! Lucky Romance entered the Wednesday-Thursday drama slot in a powerful way with 10.3%, leaving behind Entertainer and Master: God of Noodles with 7.5% and 6.8% respectively.

Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) owes money to everyone, even God! On top of that, her unlucky nature puts her in trouble all the time, but she’s not the only affected by it! Everyone around her has to suffer; one way or another! Bad luck is like a coin, it has two sides. The first one is funny to an outsider’s eyes, but the second one is like the dark side of the moon. Nobody knows what one may be going through except for the one directly affected by it and Bo Nui isn’t only a quirky figure.

There’s a whole world of suffering deep inside her as everything and everyone dear in her life seem to be withering away. Back in the days, she was her classroom’s black cat and later on her parents passed away in an accident after buying her tickets for a concert. Bad luck didn’t leave her alone since her sister is in a comatose condition for two years now and managed survive miraculously after Bo Nui did everything the shaman told her to. She’s superstitious to the core and the shaman’s words are her last vanguard of hope in a world so dreary! One thing is for certain, she intends to do just anything in order to keep her sister alive and she has to find enough money to pay for the hospital fees, the rent and pretty much everything. Will she be able to chase away the ominous clouds of misfortune that keep surrounding her in an asphyxiating way for decades?

Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is a genius and the leading figure of Zeze Factory, a company that works on the sequel of a successful game, Genius II. He doesn’t necessarily possess the art of communicating his desires and expectations in a polite way and it’s a characteristic that makes his life a bit more difficult than it already is! Socializing isn’t his favorite part of the day and every time he’s in front of a crowd or finds himself in the spotlight a panic attack pays him a most unwelcome visit and he loses the world underneath his feet.

As i already said, he’s a genius. He can calculate pretty much everything, but there’s a parameter he can’t take into consideration. It’s the demise Bo Nui’s negative aura brings in his life and they cross paths often, very often! By the way, am i the only one who thinks of “bonne nuit” every time i hear Bo Nui’s name? Anyway, the day for the game’s demonstration had arrived and having to be in front of all these reporters without his pills was already too much of a burden. On top of that, his straight forward and demanding attitude had made some of his employees sabotage the overall presentation and Bo Nui was the one trying to solve the issue before it would be too late. Taking into consideration her bad luck vibes and everything going on, it was already too late and Soo Ho collapsed and Bo Nui found herself in a misunderstanding since he thought that her bunny self was a spy! Will he be able to reclaim his throne after the ruined presentation?

Choi Gun Wook or Gary Choi (Lee Soo Hyuk) is a renowned tennis player and his fans treasure him a lot! Even the fact that he lives is a strong enough reason for his female fans to scream his name in delight, but when he reveals his more caring side he makes them melt even more! He returned to Korea for the first time in 15 years and visiting the neighborhood where he grew up was necessary since he was looking forward to meeting Bo Nui anew!

Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) is Gary’s manager and she does her best to prevent him from doing anything that would lead towards a scandal that could ruin his fame and career! And this is where things are about to start becoming emotionally complicated! Seol Hee appears to know Soo Ho and Gary craves for Bo Nui’s presence in his life whereas the vibes lead towards the fact that Bo Nui and Soo Ho will start getting closer to one another in the near or far future! The emotional complication isn’t the only though. Why does Bo Nui try to stay away from Zeze Factory at all costs and why does Ahn Young Il (Jung In Ki) seem to be holding a grudge against Soo Ho’s company? Both aspects appear to be work related, but time shall tell!

At this point, Bo Nui managed to earn some time in order not to get kicked out of her apartment, but all she needs at this point is a night with a… tiger! Setting the fun factor aside, getting drunk and wandering in the streets and talking to the trees, the bees, the mountains and the seas until she would find a man who was born in the year of the tiger wasn’t only proving how much faith she puts in the shaman’s words. It was also depicting her desolation in order to keep her sister alive while considering herself responsible for everything going on due to her unlucky nature. It was an overburdened moment the drama managed to outweigh with its humorous vibes. At the same time, it was a scene that put Soo Ho’s mind a bit at ease after the massive negativity he received because of the ruined presentation.

I have to admit that i kind of enjoyed Hwang Jung Eum’s neo-hippie style in Lucky Romance as opposed to Han Ye Seul’s bohemian approach in Madame Antoine! They may belong in the same stylistic category, but they differ since the first one is more “open” while the second is more “concrete.” It paces perfectly well with a quirky character like Bo Nui who’s living in the world of superstitions and that Buddhist chant she has a ringtone kills me every single time it echoes!

I’m all in for the characters’ background stories as they hold the keys to unlocking their souls’ doors one after the other. The way i see it, Soo Ho, Bo Nui and Gary didn’t have proper childhood and their experiences played their own part in the way their lives progressed. Soo Ho being in the spotlight from a very young age, Gary being a tennis player of stardom status after working hard and Bo Nui losing her parents had their own impact on Soo Ho being tormented by the ongoing panic attacks, Gary running back towards these carefree and pure days and Bo Nui losing herself in superstitions and blaming herself for everything negative going on around her.

Alright, i can’t wait to watch the second episode since the next morning will fill Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s world with fear, but Gary will also have his chance to approach Bo Nui without revealing his real identity for the time being. The acting factor has already started resonating through every figure’s perspective, but i want more of Lee Chung Ah oriented airing time in my life! Lucky Romance started off pretty well with tons of humor and promised welcome amounts of pain for the near or far future (okay, i like bliss too). Both of them are characteristics i’m always looking forward to and i can’t wait to witness things becoming even more perplexed in a wide variety of ways!


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Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
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