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Omukae Desu Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary : Chisato tells Madoka that she has been staying at Sachi’s apartment, but as soon as he is ready to ask her why she hasn’t transferred to the other side yet, Sachi regains consciousness.

Sachi feels alright, but she needs to stay in the hospital to be monitored as her father points out; Sachi tells Madoka he shouldn’t have brought her to this hospital, as she’s feeling awkward to be around her father, after having not seen him for so long.

The next day, Kouta tells Madoka that his grandmother, Yoshiko, passed away, and soon after Madoka sees her ghost wandering around campus; he approaches her and asks her if she has any regrets, but she denies that. She asks Madoka if he happens to know a professor Maeda Kousuke though, and at that time the professor arrives at campus and tells Kouta to re-write his essay as it wasn’t good enough.

Yoshiko finds out that Kousuke is very strict and not really liked around the campus- she visits his office, and she sees him scolding another uni student, Rie, about her own essay. Rie doesn’t take it well, and unbuttons her shirt and quickly runs out from his office yelling that he tried to make a move on her. Yoshiko asks Madoka’s help, explaining that Kousuke did nothing, and Rie is lying to have him removed from the campus.

Nabeshima and Yazuko apologize to Sachi for getting her hurt, but she replies that it’s not their own fault and they shouldn’t feel bad- Madoka arrives and asks Sachi’s help about the situation in campus and Nabeshima praises him for taking the initiative. After Nabeshima and Yazuko leave for a meeting in the after world, Chisato appears and is willing to help as well.

Yoshiko recites her history with Kousuke- they first met, when she was attending classes in the university as a fake student; she had to work back then and didn’t have time  to properly study but wanted to learn as much as she could and she would often sneak into lessons. Kousuke knew she wasn’t a real student, and helped her in any way he could. After meeting more often, they eventually fell in love but her family wanted her to marry someone they had chosen; she and Kousuke planned to elope but she hesitated at the last moment, and never saw him again.

Sachi tells Chisato to help Madoka and after Kouta visits Madoka house and talks about how Rie might be his new girlfriend since he helped her in the campus incident, he comes up with an idea of setting a meeting with Rie, and call her bluff by proving to her that a ghost was in the office room the time she came up with the lie. Things don’t go as well though, as Rie isn’t falling for it and Madoka and Chisato are unsure on how to proceed.

Meanwhile, Sachi’s mother arrives in the hospital and argues with her ex-husband while Nabeshima is again getting scolded for letting a ghost roam freely so long from and Shinozaki warns him that his section is gonna be disbanded immediately if he finds out Chisato first.

Kouta visits Kousuke’s office to get back his essay, as Kousuke packs his things since he will be leaving the campus soon- Kouta notices a picture lying around and recognizes his grandma. Kousuke tells him about his past with Yoshiko, and how despite her abandoning him, he managed to get his life back in track and found a purpose in teaching. Upon seeing him marking Rie’s report late at night despite leaving the campus the next day, Yoshiko asks again Madoka for his help, and Chisato thinks that she can get help from some of her ghost-friends.

The next day, Madoka calls Rie again in Kousuke’s office and Chisato along with her ghost friends summon some items around, but they soon run out of energy- Rie calls this a dump magic trick and then goes on to admit that Kousuke didn’t do anything, but him leaving campus would be the best for everyone, as there’s no student that likes him. Chisato is angry at her words, and manages to force her in the air; Rie is in disbelief as Kousuke is, and after she declares that will tell the truth about what happened, Chisato lets her down. Rie apologizes to Kousuke and promises that she will clear his name, while Kousuke admits that he has been too hard on his students.

Madoka lets Yoshiko possess his body to have a last talk with Kousuke- they both admit that despite loving each other all those years ago, they managed to find happiness and eventually forget that suffering from not being able to be together.

Yoshiko is ready to depart happily after seeing Kouta one last time, and Madoka along with Chisato tell Sachi of everything that happened; Sachi is happy to know that everything ended up well, and notes that they make a good team together; she proposes that Chisato stays in Madoka’s apartment for some time, and Madoka agrees.

Later at night, Sachi thinks back to Madoka and Chisato’s interaction, and wonders if they’re doing fine without her before she walks to her window to stare at the moon; she then realizes that she somehow walked out of her body and is unsure of what is going on.

Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 05 0100004

Awww, I really liked that story- I’m a sucker when it comes to “oldie decades” romance and such. Even though, the focus on that front was small, it served its purpose to understand why Yoshiko still held Kousuke in the back of her mind (and heart) as he did; it was also nice to see them not having any deep regrets for the past, as they both felt the reality of time eventually washing everything away, and became happy in their own way.

[We're too OLD and DEAD for this shit ahhh.]

[We’re too OLD and DEAD for this shit ahhh.]

The plan to expose Rie made me lol because gathering all those old pops to squish every ounce of strength they had, in order to “prove” the reality of ghosts, wasn’t gonna be /that/ successful, haha. It seems Chisato is pretty powerful when she’s angry though, so it’s not always true that  strength lies in numbers. :p

She makes a good team with Madoka though, that’s true- even Sachi herself pointed that out, despite feeling quite a bit dejected, and un-needed. I suppose her melancholic mood makes sense, if we take into account how she has abandonment issues originating from her family background.

omukae desu ep 05 0100006

Being the medium between the real and the spirit world for the ghosts, is everything she has right now, and being unable to help was bound to make her feel left behind.

I am not sure if there was a hint of jealousy coming out from her as well, since her feelings towards Madoka are still into the teamwork-territory mostly, but she’s definitely more alert to his comments and presence compared to the beginning.

What the heck though, with her getting out from her body in the end?! Is this some newfound ability or is her mind playing tricks? Was the pudding she ate in the hospital…sorta “suspicious” and it’s all a hallucination lol. I guess we’ll find out next epi.

omukae desu ep 05 0100008

Onwards to episode 6 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz (<–useful links in the sidebar are your friends.)

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  1. bluelysia
    July 4, 2016 at 10:55 am — Reply

    I am so nervous everytimes Chisato get mad, bcz u know you could be evil spirit sooner like teacher ghost in prev ep..
    and I have to say the actor who played the young counterpart of the old prof is somehow resemble and fits to be the young him.. hehe

    • July 4, 2016 at 11:36 pm — Reply

      haha, I was thinking the same on both accounts!

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