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Love Song Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary : Mami thinks that Sakura is still at odds with Soraichi and wants to reconcile them, but Sakura tells her they patched up things already and she’s planning to record a demo song with Kohei.

Mami is happy for her but picks up that Soraichi is troubled with Sakura growing closer to Kohei- on their way back, Kenta and Mami discuss the fact that Soraichi has feelings for Sakura but Mami says that Sakura is in love with Kohei, and wonders whom Kohei likes.

The next day, Kohei gets help from a colleague about borrowing recording equipment and texts Sakura to meet to talk further about the song they’re planning to make. In the cafe, Kohei bumps into an old acquaintance who flirts a bit with him, and Sakura opens a discussion about which type of woman Kohei likes and if he’s ever been in love- Kohei replies that he has been in love only once in his life. Kohei’s colleague calls him to deliver the equipment to him and Sakura helps him happily, as she takes a look inside his apartment.

After they’re done, Kohei asks her to write the lyrics if she can and Sakura gets right down to it, but finds it difficult to present them to Kohei as she tells Natsuki, since she doesn’t have the confidence that they’re good as of yet. Natsuki believes she shouldn’t be afraid as she has literary talent and Sakura decides to send Kohei the finished lyrics.

Kohei is having his own difficulties coming up with a tune, but manages to fix something after Sakura sends him the lyrics; despite Sakura being happy with the tune, Kohei is still unsure for the combination and asks Sakura to edit the lyrics a bit before they record it, as the deadline is almost there.

Meanwhile, Soraichi tries to contact Sakura so they can meet together and throw a party for her recording a song but Sakura is busy and ignores the text. After waiting for hours for a reply back, Soraichi visits Mami’s apartment, but Mami tells him that Sakura hasn’t come back yet and she’s probably busy with Kohei still. Soraichi receives a text from Ryoko at that time- he decides to meet with her and they head to a love hotel together.

Sakura tries to edit the lyrics per Kohei’s request but finds it difficult to synchronize it well with the tune- Kohei thinks she shouldn’t try to be a perfectionist and just edit them enough, so they can record it and give the demo tape to Tsurumaki tomorrow as promised, but Sakura explains that words are really important to her and wants to do her best.

Natsuki meets with Tsurumaki at the bar, who asks her if she’s still in love with Kohei- she tries to shrug the question off but Tsurumaki tells her that he thinks he would be good for her. They later have a moment together, but Natsuki breaks it before it escalates further.

Sakura and Kohei go for a walk to get a change of pace, and Sakura tells him about all those simple things she wished she could say instead of trying to find alternative words or expressions- when she sings though, everything comes out naturally and wants to keep doing that properly. Kohei understands, and tells her they should both write something they are proud of without having the deadline in mind.

Sakura notices the moon at that time, which prompts her to remark on a saying from Natsume Soseki, about how instead of saying “I love you” one can say “the moon is beautiful tonight” and mean the same thing. Kohei asks her how she would translate “I love you” and Sakura replies that love is the things one loves. Kohei notes that her reply sounds exactly like her which makes Sakura happy and they head back to complete their recording.

After pulling an all-nighter, Sakura hands Kohei the new lyrics, and he comes up with a new melody- after synchronizing together, they eventually record the demo tape and Kohei is the first to nap, followed by Sakura.

He wakes up after Natsuki visits his apartment early, and she seems surprised to find Sakura spent the night there; Kohei explains that they worked on the demo the whole day, and after a few minutes Tsurumaki visits Kohei’s apartment as well, to get the demo. Natsuki asks him to give her a ride and Tsurumaki agrees- they both listen to the demo in the car immediately, and after a few seconds, Natsuki realizes something and gets out of the car running back to her home.

She searches for an old demo tape of her sister’s, and after listening to it she discovers that Kohei used the exact same tune for Sakura’s song.

Kohei looks at Haruno’s old demo as well, while Sakura happily goes to work, shouting aloud how the moon is beautiful.


Reflection Corner :

love song ラヴソング 06 0100047

‘ It’s an anecdote by Natsume Sōseki-  he said that “the Japanese translation of “I love you” is “The moon is beautiful tonight.” The translation may be wrong, but Japanese people don’t often say “I love you” face to face, right?
“The moon is beautiful tonight” ; you put that feeling into those words. That’s the Japanese culture, ” he said.’

love song ラヴソング 06 0100053

That’s what Takumi told Noriko in Date SP (just thinking about Date makes me all :D) and that is what Sakura “said” to Kohei through her simple yet spirited lyrics. Did Kohei get the message? Did he actually reply in his own way, by using that old, forgotten melody? (His heart was unsealed just like that melody GET IT. ;p) Hmm, possibly yes.

love song ラヴソング 06 0100048

Either way, it was quite telling that in a blue (romantic sparkley lol) moon night, we had 3 “pairs” (Soraichi getting it on with Ryoko, Natsuki nearly getting it on with Tsurumaki and Kohei and Sakura just walking around having fun) and only one of them actually saw the blue moon up close- and even unknowingly, Kohei remarked on how beautiful it was. This is as good as it gets!

Also how lol-cute was that Kohei “protected” her from the confetti and when she fell asleep he put a blanket on her. And the part where Sakura is so ecstatic after recording the demo shouting and yelling at the air “THE MOON IS BEAUTIFUL” aka I LOVE YOU KOHEI SENSEI was simply epic!

love song ラヴソング 06 0100051

I still think it’s unlikely that Kohei and Sakura will get together romantically (said it before, wouldn’t mind it at all if that happened though!) but they have a special bond and they’ve both changed for the better since their meeting. Still walking slowly those 500 miles till they get “home”- but they do it together.

Natsuki continues to feel dejected- I don’t believe it’s just jealousy, it’s more the fact that she can’t have that connection with Kohei. Her sister Haruno did, and now Sakura does; and despite all those years she and Kohei have been friends, he’s still keeping her at arm’s length a bit. And it’s the same situation with Soraichi and Sakura.

At least Mami and Kenta are all set? lol



Onwards to episode 7! (and yes, I saw the preview and freaked out when Sakura confessed to Kohei, SHIIIZ BRING IT)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang and huge thanks to heiwa @ D-addicts (link in the “useful links” in the sidebar below)

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