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Yutori Desu ga Nani ka Episode 2 Recap

Recap – Summary : Sakama hurries to the train station where Yamagishi supposedly tried to end his life but he finds that an ambulance had already arrived.

He rushes to the hospital where he learns of the bad news while Yamagishi’s mother arrives to identify the body. Sakama talks with Yamaji on the phone and is freaking out about the whole situation and how he cannot handle it (confusing Yamagishi and Yamaji’s name constantly while at that!) but Sakama’s company soon calls him and notify him that Yamagishi is alright and there was a mix up.

Sakama is relieved to hear that, but he feels disheartened after he sees the young man’s mother grieving and her son’s company staff arriving in order to inform her about the legal procedures and all that- he later tells Yamaji that he felt like the only one caring for the young man was the guy that was standing in the back who was the only one crying- his superior, just like he, himself, would be in the same position, had Yamagishi be the one to kill himself. Sakama then asks Yamaji what was the thing he wanted to tell him previously in the morning when he called him, and Yamaji tells him that he saw their “counselor” Aso with the boobs con-man. He feels like the coincidences of the con-man knowing so much about him weren’t really that, and Aso and the con-man have a connection.

Sakama and Yamaji meet with Aso, who apologizes and admits that the con-man, Michigami Maribu, is actually his son; he divorced his mother years ago, and while he used to be the best student in his school his mother started pressuring him too much and he eventually went astray. Aso tries to cover up for his son’s scam by attempting to give them money, but Sakama tells him that he shouldn’t cover for his son’s fauls but instead scold him properly.

Sakama reports on what went wrong with the order Yamagishi was supposed to carry out and he reveals that Yamagishi had a terrible outlook and had to reprimand him in order to get him in track.

Later, at Miyashita’s place, Sakama is still dejected over the order deal but also about the young man who died; Miyashita remarks that this is how he is, getting emotional about people he doesn’t even know about and tries to cheer him up. Sakama’s phone rings and he finds out that Michigami is in the restaurant making use of the coupons he gave him. He thinks that Michigami is gonna cause trouble, but instead he pays for his meal after he’s done.

Sakama tells Yamaji that Michigami keeps coming in the restaurant ordering the same thing over and over again but never causes any trouble and wonders what it is all about- Aso soon joins them for their counseling session but things move from Sakama to Yamaji, who’s confused over getting mixed signals from Sakura after they both confessed they like each other; he’s not sure how to proceed as he hasn’t got any experience at all, something both Aso and Sakama poke fun at, and Yamaji mentions that he never cared for love, since he’d rather spend his time reading books and educating himself.

Sakama returns home and his brother lets him taste of  a new brand of beer he had produced with the help of a company in hopes that will go well- however, after Sakama tastes it he confirms it’s a horrible taste and thinks about what their mother will have to say about him spending money like this.

Sakama’s sister tells her brother that she passed an interview and hopes to go from intern to full employee.

Yamaji gets a warning from his colleagues about the rumors of getting involved with Sakura going around, but he assures them that nothing’s going on- however, one of the teachers tells Yamaji that Sakura actually said she was troubled because Yamaji had attempted to hit on her and anything going on, should stop there.

Michigami forgets his waller in the restaurant, and Sakama and Yamaji contemplate whether they should get take the money they lost from him but eventually agree that they should return it back to him, after they find his address on his license card- they arrive at the address and they are confused when they see a woman and a baby standing outside but before they’re ready to leave, thinking they have the address wrong, the woman calls Michigami out.

Michigami invites them to their home, and introduces his wife and child to them- they are both surprised to learn that and Michigami says that he’s planning to re-take exams. Sakama argues that this means if he finishes on time, he would go job hunting by the time he’s in mid-thirties but Michigami says he’s not interested in working hard for someone else. He then asks Sakama how he chose a college, as Sakama replies he went to the one that let him in, same thing happening with the job he got offered. Michigami mocks that and pretends to give Sakami his money back before his wife yells that it’s time to feed the baby and they should leave.

The next day, Yamaji meets with Aso and shows him a picture of his grandchild- he says that afterall, it’s not unusual for someone his age to have a kid but as much as he’d like to have a prospect like this, he could never do it since he doesn’t think he will get a girlfriend anytime soon. Meanwhile, Sakama’s sister is facing difficulties in her job as nobody has time to help her.

Sakama visits Hiroyuki’s mother, who invites him to stay for dinner- she wonders why her son would say nothing to her about any troubles he faced, but concludes that this must be because he didn’t want to worry her. She tells him about how Gotou helped her son with his workload and how things might have been different if Gotou hadn’t transferred to a different division, as he would have noticed something was wrong. Sakama is not sure what to reply to her, but she thanks him for being there, as that allows her to talk about her son.

Later, Sakama and Miyashita meet Yamaji as they had planned to go out together with him and Sakura; Yamaji thinks that Sakura isn’t gonna come but she does, and she apologizes to him for the things she said to the vice-principal about their relationship; she explains that she felt scared but Yamaji tells her that everything’s fine.

Sakama seems Yamagishi from afar, and thinks back to what Hiryoyuki’s mother advises him to do- the next time he would see him, to try and treat him kindly, as she wouldn’t want him to suffer like Gotou did.

The next day, Sakama finds out that his sister is ready to quit her intern job, and scolds her saying that she shouldn’t expect things to be easy and quit the first difficulty she meets. He won’t quit either, and eventually they all hop in big brother’s van as usual to head to their work.

Sakama is ready for the meeting with Yamagishi in order to find a solution about the power harassment Yamagishi claims he went through; while Sakama is calm, Yamagishi tries to provoke him by yelling at him to apologize if he wants him to drop the issue altogether.

Reflection Corner :

yutori desu ga nani ka 02 0100003

The show keeps tiptoeing between effortless humour coming from amazing lines (Yamaji’s “yeah kay, I thought I’d do it whenever and then I GOT OLD!” concerning sex had me rolling as did “Go home soon, it’s boobs time!” from Michigami’s wife) and slice-of-life and the combination works very well because the script is very good and well-balanced. Yes, it’s a mundane story but a well-written one and who can resist clueless and oblivious Tori? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO :p

yutori desu ga nani ka 02 0100001

From the first two episodes, it seems like Sakama is the main focus; Yamaji and Michigami have their own share of course, but Sakama is the one getting the most attention- even though, in this episode we learned a lot about Michigami and his family background and why he’s chosen to live like this; he’s not a bad guy, he just found himself on the wrong side of the tracks and happens to enjoy it just a tad! (I still love his feminist-subordinate and his face when Michigami was the only one getting to drink beer and leaving him behind!)

yutori desu ga nani ka 02 0100004

“I refuse to quit! If I quit now, I won’t gain anything. I won’t quit until I get what I’ve earned!”

Sakama’s storyline with his tool of a subordinate is still on, and it’s gonna take him a lot of patience and self-restraint to get unscathed from the whole deal; the mother of the guy (I liked that little story that paralleled with Sakama) that fell in the tracks was right in telling Sakama to treat others kindly BUT damn is that difficult when that “other” is such an annoying prick as Yamagishi is! Sakama seemed to have the right mindset going into that meeting though, as it was evident from his not-quit speech in his sister so hopefully he can turn things around.



Yamaji was a bit too easy to forgive Sakura? I mean, she did lie (well, technically she didn’t but they both confessed in liking each other, and she was the first to do so) to the vice-principal that he hit on her despite her apologizing later that she was taken aback and had to say something to defend herself- wouldn’t that put Yamaji’s job in serious danger though? I’m a bit confused but we’ll see how that goes.

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Onwards to episode 3 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to areea-chan

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