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Omukae Desu Episode 4 Recap

Recap – Summary : After Madoka falls down the stairs, the ghost runs away; Sachi rushes to Madoka’s side who slowly wakes up and tells her that he’s happy she’s alright.


Sachi thanks him for protecting her and Nabeshima along with Yazuko appear and think that the situation has gotten really bad. Nabeshima tells Madoka to stay by Sachi’s side while he and Yazuko will hunt down the ghost- all the while, Miki’s situation is getting worse as she becomes a dark spirit.

Madoka accompanies Sachi home, and is ready to leave but Sachi notices that he has a wound in his hand and invites him in her apartment to treat him- Madoka asks her if she lives alone, and Sachi replies that she does, as her mother is working overseas. Madoka wonders if her inviting him to her house means something but Sachi is quickly to point out, that it’s just because she had to treat his hand.

After Madoka leaves, Chisato wonders if Sachi now likes Madoka since she said her type of man was someone who would protect her, but Sachi says it’s not like that between them.

The next day, Madoka returns home and his parents think that his escapades have to do with a girl- Nabeshima and Yazuko can’t track down the ghost and they can’t delay their report any further, while Sachi and Madoka are both sleepy in school from the previous night.

They encounter Ryo in school, who’s decided that he will become a teacher and will focus on his academics, as Miki is happy to hear that, and feels that she can now transfer to the other side properly.

Later, after Madoka’s friend is trying to recruit Ryo and some girl in the campus for the rocket club, a ladder suddenly collapses and nearly hits them all- Madoka and Sachi think it’s probably the stalker-ghost’s work.

Nabeshima and Yazuko report their failure of tracking down the ghost and get scolded by the shinigami boss who later asks a different division how things are going, and doesn’t get a very positive response either since the deseased and the spirits transferred so far do not match, while Chisato’s picture is among those that they haven’t found yet.

Chisato asks Sachi if Madoka is visiting today, and Sachi thinks that she should meet him and tell him how she feels as she can’t avoid that forever- Chisato says she’s gonna go for a walk, and when Sachi is alone the stalker-ghost appears. Sachi runs away and calls Madoka for help, who quickly runs to where she is. The stalker-ghost tells both of them that he has no plans of repeating what he did and apologizes, but Sachi blames him for throwing the ladder at them. He replies that he didn’t do that, but it was the teacher who did it, and he sensed jealousy coming out from her. Madoka and Sachi wonder if Miki liked Ryo as well, and go to find him in the place he works.

Shinozaki makes plans to have Nabeshima’s division shut down and orders Mayuri to eliminate Miki’s ghost as it has become a dark spirit.

Ryo is working, while the lights shut down as Miki can’t control herself much anymore. Madoka and Sachi arrive and talk to Miki, while Ryo seems confused at their actions. Miki admits that she too liked Ryo, but couldn’t do anything about it- she now feels that the situation is hopeless and he will soon forget about her. Madoka and Sachi try to calm her down but she feels the only solution would be to take Ryo with her, and causes a ruckus but while Madoka and Ryo escape unscathed, Sachi gets hit by some heavy objects and she gets admitted to the hospital.

Nabeshima is sad at how things turned out and wonders if it was his fault for assigning the job to Sachi, but Madoka tells him that Sachi enjoys doing that, and he shouldn’t blame himself. The stalker-ghost appears, and says that he’s sorry about how he treated Sachi, who might have been the only one not to ignore him like others did. He tells Nabeshima he’s ready to go to the other side, while Madoka wonders what the fate of Miki will be- Nabeshima replies that since things turned out this way, there’s only one solution that would prevent her from getting eliminated.

Meanwhile, the doctor that took care of Sachi is revealed to be her father, who calls Sachi’s apartment and leaves a message for her mother.

Ryo visits the hospital and Madoka explains the whole situation to him- Ryo believes every word of his, as he felt Miki’s presence around, and asks him how he can help her. Madoka says they should find a place that made both of them relaxed, as that is the only chance that might stop Miki from being eliminated. Ryo urges him to go back to their favorite classroom, while Nabeshima is fighting with Shinozaki who thinks he’s slacking off.

Madoka and Ryo enter the room, and they find that Miki is there but is now possessed- Mayuri and Shinozaki arrive as well and they’re ready to eliminate Miki but Nabeshima and Madoka stop them. Ryo talks to Miki, and tells her she should take him as well- he had wanted to become a teacher because of her, but if going with her will make her happy, then he will join her. Upon hearing that, Miki becomes herself once again, and asks Madoka’s help so she can have a last lesson with Ryo just like old times. Nabeshima pleads with Shinozaki to give them some time alone before they eliminate her, and Shinozaki agrees to one hour.

After possessing Madoka, Miki and Ryo have their usual class, reading poems and interpreting them but when Ryo is ready to kiss Miki, Shinozaki interrupts them, declaring the time is up- despite their last class being a success, Miki still has the dark spirit within her, because she had stayed for far too long like this, as Shinozaki explains. Miki says that it’s alright, since she had a last class with Ryo; she hopes he can always move forward and wishes him to become the best teacher her can be. She then takes in her hand Mayuri’s elimination circle object and disappears on her own.

Madoka visits Sachi in the hospital and tells her about how he failed in saving Miki and he now understands what she went through once. At that time, Chisato arrives to check up on Sachi, as she had heard the message her father left, and Madoka is surprised to see her after so long.

Reflection Corner :

(my god Sachi's apartment is perfect WHERE CAN I GET ONE..for free though)

(my god Sachi’s apartment is perfect WHERE CAN I GET ONE..for free though)

Well, last episode I thought that the stalker-ghost was gonna go all dark in part 2 but instead Miki-sensei did. Well, she did rise to the light in the end, but it wasn’t enough. Ah, regrets can be truly a bitch, huh?

omukae desu ep 04 00100006


First of all, Madoka and Sachi (as expected) are getting closer, and there was some solid development in this episode, despite her being unconscious for..well, half the epi, lol. Madoka understood why she’s so determined and bent on doing her best in delivering the spirits to the other side without regrets, as he did view first hand, how ugly and sad the side of a dark spirit can be; as Sachi used that “lost case” in the past to be more motivated, Madoka’s incentive is re-inforced as well, seeing that he doesn’t treat it as an annoying part-time job anymore, but takes it seriously.

omukae desu ep 04 00100004

Sachi also seemed moved by him protecting her and actually defended him (you’d expect her to scold him like NOW’S NOT THE TIME!) when he went all Tsutsumi-student-analyzation in explaining to Miki about how memories work. So yeah, we’re getting there.



I liked the resolution of the case- yes, it wasn’t completely happy (…I mean, isn’t that default setting in Omukae Desu though, like half of the charas are DEAD) but it left a hopeful touch; she did have a last lesson with Ryo, reminiscing old times together, and her wish in the end couldn’t be any different. Yes, they both liked each other, but more than that, it was their love for literature, poems and teaching in general that brought them close, so on that note, the conclusion was befitting.

omukae desu ep 04 00100008

To be honest, I was a bit confused on how quickly Miki’s mood changed (yes I like Ryo but MIGHT AS WELL KILL HIM!!11), same with the stalker-ghost, who nearly assaulted Sachi but the next day he was ready to apologize (it was good to see him acknowledging his shitty behavior at least!) but I suppose that this is what happens when you stay for very long in the after-world, and regrets consume you – which brings the question of how long Chisato can remain in her current state? Shouldn’t time be running out for her? It has been quite some time since her funeral, she must be nearing the deadline.

omukae desu ep 04 00100012

Oh, did I mention that I was loling forever with that adorable Shinigami boss scolding his inferiors? Haha, I love the whole silly irony of the Shinigami HQ, you got Nabeshima with a pink suit, his colleague being a little girl on a yellow suit, it’s just so surreal!

I was surprised to see Mayuri isn’t dead, I suppose she’s like Madoka and Sachi then, but on the last-resort side. (and she’s taking her job-outfit on another level!) I am not sure why Shinozaki wants to have section 2 disbanded, but I guess we’ll get to see that one soon.

So next episode we’re gonna have Iitoyo Marie as guest star, a conversation between Chisato and Madoka, Nabeshima getting out of his pink suit so Sachi can wake up and drool over him lol, as well as a bit more focus on Sachi’s family background.

omukae desu ep 04 00100011

Onwards to episode 5 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only and huge thanks to carameltz

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