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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary : Shibayama tells Samejima, who’s still in disbelief that he actually confessed to her, she will think about it and give him an answer soon.

Samejima calls Muraoki and Ishigami and explains to them what happened, concluding that Shibayama’s answer will be negative, since she didn’t reply in the spot- Muraoki argues that in fact it might be the positive, since Shibayama thinks time to consider a future with him.

The next day, Samejima’s negative thoughts are re-inforced when he overhears one of his employees telling a client they need time to think about a project, when in reality they will reject their offer and once again complains to Muraoki about it. While he wonders how long Shibayama will keep him waiting, they run into each other in the elevator, where Shibayama asks him for a bit more time to consider it.

Later Shibayama apologizes to Hori about her remark regarding her friend that ended up getting engaged to her boss in the company she was working, as she has found herself in a similar situation right now, and is unsure whether to go out with him or not- Hori replies that she has figured out Samejima had taken a liking to her, and tells her that if she doesn’t have the answer yet, all she can do is keep thinking about it.

Samejima tells Muraoki he’s getting tired of waiting for Shibayama’s answer, since patience isn’t his strong point but Muraoki urges him to wait a bit more, so all his hard work won’t go for nothing.

Ishigami talks about his routine and how he has started reading books about love lately, that might come in handy someday for Samejima- in one of his visits to the library, he meets Shibayama who recommends him a book she likes.

In the office, Ishigami announces to Samejima and Muraoki that he is soon getting married with someone he has known since highschool, but didn’t tell them until recently in consideration of their single statuses- Muraoki and Samejima joke that they will have to get a new driver now.

Wada calls to invite Muraoki as his date in the Hotel Association Party that is coming up soon, but she refuses- Wada doesn’t insist but tells her that if Samejima needs advice about Shibayama again, he can help him.

In a meeting about reconstructing some sections in one of the hotels, Samejima and Shibayama disagree on a matter and later Samejima tells Muraoki and Ishigami that Shibayama reminds him of the class represenative in school, that he hated because she was stubborn and opinionated- he says that it isn’t love he’s feeling for Shibayama, but nostalgia for his school days. Muraoki tells him that this is ridiculous, and he’s trying to run away from his love problem, because he hasn’t received an answer yet.

Samejima meets Shibayama in the gym, and she asks him for a bit more time before she’s able to reply; Samejima says he doesn’t mind waiting, but he’s growing frustrated and asks for Wada’s help. Wada tells him Shibayama should be 50/50 for now, and urges Samejima to take actions that will make him seem a better man in her eyes before she settles on the final decision and Samejima thinks he should do something in Ishigami’s party for his upcoming marriage.

Despite everyone being reluctant at first, since they don’t know him that well, everyone participates in Ishigami’s party since they all want to congratulate him; Ishigami recites how long he has been waiting for the woman he loves, despite knowing each other from highschool and everyone’s surprised at the number of years that took. Samejima appears and tells him that he hired a new driver- but only until he returns from the honeymoon, that he planned for him. Everyone’s excited upon hearing Samejima’s gift, but Shibayama doesn’t pay attention since she’s helping Hori who has gotten drunk.

After getting out for some air, Hori asks Shibayama if she replied to Samejima yet, but Shibayama thinks that is difficult because she wants to put her dream of building a hotel first- Hori says that Samejima is actually the perfect man to help her with that, but this is exactly why Shibayama is doubtful; she wants to achieve her dream by herself.

After his failed attempt again, Samejima tells Muraoki that he has all but given up and it’s fine, since he doesn’t mind going back to his old habits.

The next day, Shibayama tells Samejima that she will give him her answer, when they both meet in the gym later and Samejima says that he will be there until 7.

Otonashi asks Shibayama to fill in for him, as he was supposed to meet with the tableware maker but since she’s from France, he thinks that she can do better; he tells her that it won’t take past 6 and Shibayama agrees.

Samejima waits in the gym as time passes while Shibayama is busy with the tableware maker. After the clock strucks 7, Samejima leaves. He gets into the car and is ready to go home while Muraoki tries to convince him that he should wait a bit more. Samejima initially refuses but he then gets out again claiming that he feels like running a bit more, and it has nothing to do with waiting for Shibayama. Meanwhile, Shibayama finishes the meeting and while walking back at first, she then starts running.

Samejima keeps on running as well, remembering all the moments he shared with Shibayama- after nearly two hours, Muraoki and Ishigami tell him he should stop as he has waited a lot, but Shibayama arrives at that time. Muraoki and Ishigami hide, while Samejima pretends he haven’t noticed her and keeps on running. He tells Shibayama, that he only came a few minutes ago, but she notices from the device, that he has been running for a long time now.

Shibayama apologizes for being late and admits that she had planned to reject him at first- but as she was heading to the gym, she found herself running to make it as early as she could in the off-chance that he would be there, despite being way past 7. She confesses that she likes him back, and she’s okay with dating. Samejima is happily confused at her positive response, as Muraoki and Ishigami are also glad for their boss.

On his way back, a smiling Samejima tells Muraoki and Ishigami that he lied about disliking the class representative back when he was a student- he didn’t hate her at all; in fact, he liked her.

Reflection Corner :

(grownass people hiding and rooting for their boss who's getting a confession few meters away THIS SHOW)

(grownass people hiding and rooting for their boss who’s getting a confession few meters away THIS SHOW)

I’ve got to admit that I was grinning like an idiot by the end of the episode and yes, I choose to ignore the little development we have gotten when it comes to Shibayama’s feelings towards Samejima, because I’ve said it from the beginning GUILTY PLEASURE SHOW DATTEBAYO.

sekamuzu ep 05 00100055

Truth be told, they have shared a few moments but there’s a lack of emphasis on Shibayama’s POV so far, so the resolution came out of the blue a bit, but hopefully things will be balanced next episode.

Samejima did have his tantrum-moments this episode (of course!) too, but he came through in the end and it was touching seeing him trying so hard and wanting to believe that Shibayama will come through. It was also nice to see, he recognized Ishigami’s contribution and gave him the honeymoon-gift; granted, one might say that he did it in order to seem “nice!!111” to Shibayama, but he still did it- honestly, that’s the show : he does shit to show off in front of her, but she usually checks out and he’s learning to become a better person indirectly THAT’S IT THAT’S THE SHOW lol

sekamuzu ep 05 00100056

I was concerned when the topic of the Association Hotel party came up in the end and how Samejima “achieved his goal”, and it seems like things won’t be happy for long, judging from the preview- Shibayama will find out that Samejima wanted a date for the party and since he couldn’t find anyone else he picked her and then she will think he’s the worse and not really in love with etc blah blah etc

I reckon the rest of the episodes will go like this – ep 6 all dandy till shit hit the fan in the end | ep7 – ep 8 angst with Samejima trying to prove to Shibayama he truly likes her | ep 9 get back together | ep 10 happy ending

Yep, even if it goes like this (so predictable!) I’m here for that! Guilty pleasure mode is definitely on. ;p

sekamuzu ep 05 00100057

Onwards to episode 6!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to menimienaimono @ LJ

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    As you wrote it. Predictable yet guilty pleasure come together. Thanks for the recap

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