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Love Song Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary : Sakura breaks off the kiss by pushing Soraichi away and when he tries to talk to her, she pretends to point out he’s drunk and leads him out of the apartment.

The next day,  Kohei calls her to the office to give her the cd of their concert in the bar- he tells her that despite things turning sour this time, they can still practice together and have another live concert that might give her another chance, something that makes Sakura happy.

She later meets with Soraichi who tells her that they should just go back to being friends like before so she doesn’t need to be embarrassed. He still feels guilty about ruining her chance, so he promises her that he will make that happen for her, and he thinks of finding a place where she can practice live; Sakura tells him that she will practice with Kohei in the bar, and invites him to come over.

The woman from the cooking school apologizes to Soraichi about the trouble he got cause of her, but Soraichi thinks it’s okay, and he doesn’t need to know why she also works there, as he believes everyone has their reason for doing so.

Kohei and Sakura practice together, and he is being a bit strict as his friend points out-  Kohei adopts a friendlier stance and asks Sakura which song she would like to practice but she’s unable to reply. Soraichi arrives at that time, and when he takes out his mobile to take a picture of them, he says he has an idea.

Mami and Nomura are arguing, since Nomura’s mom wants to know about the gender of the child so she can send a proper gift, but Mami feels like that is her wanting to meddle- Nomura explains that his parents only want the best for him and her and she should try to understand the situation.

Kohei drops by Sakura’s apartment, as Soraichi’s idea is to film Sakura singing 500 Miles, while Kohei plays the guitar in the background. After the filming, on their way back Soraichi tells Kohei that since he’s still Sakura’s counselor in a way, he shouldn’t make a pass at her. Kohei asks him why he would think that, and Soraichi tells him that he and Sakura kissed to which Kohei remarks that this is what youth is- he later ponders alone while he’s playing the guitar.

The next day, Sakura is interviewed by her factory’s PR magazine and the factory manager tells Kohei that Sakura has changed a bit since the day she paid a visit to his office.

After her work is done, Sakura goes at Soraichi’s school where she finds him making copies of a flyer with her picture and name on it, giving a link to the video he uploaded it while Kohei asks his bar-friend to give him Tsurumaki’s contact info, an old acquiantance that used to work for a music company. He manages to track him down and meet him and Tsurumaki notes that it has been a long time since they last saw each other; Kohei gives him the cd to check Sakura’s voice but Tsurumaki notes that he’s not in the hunting-talent business anymore, but might give it a listen.

Soraichi distributes the flyers any way he can, and Sakura gets a picture with a few people that recognized her from the video.

Kohei finds Sakura in the lounge room and tells her about his meeting with Tsurumaki- while he might not have contacted him yet, they can make a live concert where her voice can be heard anew and he will be accompanying her this time as well.

Later, Sakura  visits Natsuki and tells her that while she’s happy that she sings, she feels a bit of pressure as she’s still unsure of the path she wants to follow in life, and at times she feels like running away. Natsuki relays Sakura’s concerns to Kohei, and tells him that when he’s focusing on something, he might become a bit pressuring- Kohei replies that he only wants to help Sakura move forward but Natsuki wonders if he’s having a positive transference of his own.

Mami and Sakura make cookies as Mami wants to give them to her co-workers, since it’s the last day she will be working at the club. Mami confesses that she’s scared as she will have to leave behind a lot of things that called her own and is afraid of not being a good mother, and actually ending up like her own mother who abandoned her.

After Mami leaves for work, Sakura rushes to Kohei’s apartment and says she found the song she wants to play and asks him to teach her how to play it; Kohei replies that is late and doesn’t want to let her into his apartment but Sakura insists, and they end up driving away to a small park by the sea, where they practice.

Mami is ready to give the cookies she made with Sakura, but her co-workers don’t listen to her and brush her aside, so Mami leaves a note of goodbye along with the cookies. Meanwhile, after their practice is over, Kohei goes back to his place and sends an email to Tsurumaki with Sakura’s video.

Mami returns to her apartment beaten off and is surprised to find Sakura waiting for her; Sakura tells her that she had to “thank her officially” just like how characters in a drama do when their “husband retires” which makes Mami chuckle; she asks her if her co-workers liked the cookies and Mami lies saying they devoured them. Sakura says that’s to be expected, since she has always been popular but Mami says that’s not really true.

She notices Sakura’s sheets and asks her what song she has been practicing but Sakura says she planned to surprise her but doesn’t feel like playing now. Mami tells her to play the song and when Sakura playfully rejects the offer again Mami breaks down and asks about the song again. Sakura quickly picks up the guitar and starts playing Owaranai Uta which brings Mami memories of her teen days with Sakura- Mami joins Sakura in her singing and after the song ends, Sakura tells Mami that they should share all their sad days together and she will definitely give the speech to her wedding. Mami is touched and hugs Sakura, as they replay the song, singing together.

The next morning, Soraichi realizes that Sakura’s video already hit more than 10.000 hits and everyone celebrates Sakura’s success in the bar- Kohei arrives a bit later, and tells Sakura that he wrote a new song for her and they will be making a demo tape soon, if she’s okay with it. Sakura nods happily and Kohei approaches Soraichi, requesting to “leave” Sakura to his hands, for now.


Reflection Corner :

Sorry Youth! Music Corner : [The Blue Hearts – Owaranai Uta]



What a heartwarming episode that one was, a “Love Song” indeed!

There needed to be a scene between Mami and Sakura before the “big change” and what an epic scene that one was since it was built up pretty well- there was focus on Mami’s feelings and how uncertain she felt before she dived into the unknown. It was realistic in the sense, that, even if you  dislike some stuff (“I’ve been wanting to quit that job since forever”) there’s some degree of familiarity you grow to have with certain things or places. Plus, her insecurity with raising the baby and having her past of being abandoned haunting her again (plus the fact that the cookies STAYED ALONE IN THE END ;_;) made Mami vulnerable this episode.

love song jdrama ラヴソング ep 04 00100001

“Let’s always make food- like cakes for birthdays. Let’s always be together during the sad times.”

But fear not, cause precious cigar angel (well she quit smoking but whatevs..!) Sakura came to the rescue, by reminding her that they’re always gonna be part of each other’s lives, and things will be alright, since even in the gloomy days, they’re gonna have each other.

love song jdrama ラヴソング ep 04 00100003

Kudos to Kohei too, of course, for teaching Sakura on the spot, and didn’t dismiss her urgency but instead understood she needed help and there he was. Not only that, he’s now all fired up to make Sakura’s dream come true and with Soraichi’s help who was also very helpful, that looks quite possible.

(appropriate face when- I JUST WON THE LOTTERY)

(appropriate face when- I JUST WON THE LOTTERY)

There was some weird air about Kohei’s “positive transference”as Natsuki pointed out, but I doubt that Kohei (as of now, anyway) thinks of Sakura that way; a part of him is seeing Haruno and her dream onto Sakura (which is understandable) and it’s clear that he values her a lot and cares about her. Will that ever switch to romantic interest level? Like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind it but it’s unlikely it will.  (Well, will/won’t, it doesn’t matter- those two met so they could ride the bike together and look like a meme picture anyways haha)

love song jdrama ラヴソング ep 04 00100002

Onwards to episode 6 then, past the halfway mark!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to heiwa

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