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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 4 Recap

Recap – Summary :  Muraoki thinks back to the days Samejima took over the inn from his father and managed to expand the business to the famous hotel chain that is now.

She mentions how she had to resign from the inn where she worked as a waitress due to an illicit affair with a man, and Samejima gave her the secretary spot when she had nowhere to go, and this is why she wants to help him be happy.

Samejima per Wada’s advice, ask Shibayama non-chalantly what her favorite color is without giving her a reason why that is; if she asks him on her own later why that was, that means that she must be interested, even a bit, about him. The next day Shibayama asks Samejima why he asked her that question, and he shrugs it off but is happy that Wada’s advice worked.

He proceeds to the next phase of fixing a situation where they can spend some time alone, and thinks of visiting the restaurant the famous chef, he wants to hire for the “Gosuke”, works. Since he can’t ask her directly, he comes up with the idea of a lottery draw where everyone will participate and whoever finds the winner-paper, will get to travel with him. With the help of Ishigami, he fixes the draw so Shibayama wins.

The next day, they embark off to their journey (with a tiny car as Wada proposed so they can be close) and Samejima’s excitement gets bigger, when Shibayama who has learned of his interest to mushrooms, makes a positive comment about it.

Samejima calls Wada and informs him that everything is going very well, and Wada tells him that he should confess tonight, when they’re having dinner, even if he has to drink quite a lot to get the courage to do it; Samejima is certain he can do it, but he ends up messing up, declaring he loves everything on the table in order to hide his embarrassment.

Wada encourages him to give her a bouquet of roses when they get back, as that should get his feelings across but Samejima once again hesitates, leaving Shibayama baffled as he drives away in a hurry.

Later at his apartment, he’s dejected he couldn’t do anything; he thanks Muraoki and Ishigami for their efforts, but he realizes that he’s scared to confess his true feelings because there’s a chance he might be rejected, or even worse hated by Shibayama, and he will once again return to being faithful to his work and his rice fishes.

He visits the chef who has verbally agreed with Wada and persuades him to work for him; Wada talks with Muraoki about that and he thinks that Samejima has a weird way of thanking him after he tried to help him. Muraoki apologizes to him on her boss’ behalf, and Wada admits that he likes her and they should go out; Muraoki tells him that they’re rivals and their work status wouldn’t allow for that, but Wada proposes they date in secrecy.

Shibayama who hasn’t seen or talked to Samejima at all since they returned from their trip, decides to stay after-work and asks him if they could watch the medaka hatching together; Samejima is reluctant, but allows her into his office. She asks him if she did anything to offend him, since he’s avoiding her but Samejima denies that. At that moment, the medaka start hatching and upon seeing Shibayama’s excitement, without realizing it himself, Samejima tells her that he loves her.


Reflection Corner :

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 04 0100006

lmao the fact Samejima rigged the draw and his face (generally, Ohno has demonstrated some EPIC expressions from the very start) when Shibayama was picking the paper makes this episode WORTH IT. 10/10 hahaha

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 04 0100002

His monologue about his failure to tell his true feelings to Shibayama was quite honest but…dude, it’s not like Shibayama is leaving earth to travel in space anytime soon lol. I felt like it was exaggerated (well, it is Samejima!) and out of place, since it’s up to him to have more chances to express his love; so unless he stopped loving her, his resolve to completely immerse his self to work, was a bit off?

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 04 0100003

His cold attitude towards her afterwards was harsh, so I’m glad that Shibayama brought that up in-directly; and what do you know, just like those medaka hatched, Samejima’s mouth hatched to the truth, haha.

Will he declare that he meant he loves the rice fishes and tries to save face? I won’t be surprised, since he has become the master at that, but Shibayama should figure out his feelings soon.

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 04 0100004

At this point, Muraoki and Wada will hook up sooner than them; yep, Wada ain’t  here to waste time and he makes his feelings known clearly and Muraoki seems to be attracted to him but..wait till Samejima finds out and all hell breaks loose!

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 04 0100001

Onwards to episode 5 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to earthcolors

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