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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 3 Recap

Recap – Summary : Samejima meets Shibayama in the gym, and she tells him the name she thought about the puppy- Gosuke.

Samejima wonders why she picked that name, and Shibayama tells him that she likes Japanese history, and the name comes from Yuasa Gosuke, a samurai warlord that gave his life in order to honor the promise to his master.

Samejima is excited she took so much effort to think about a dog name, and talks with Ishigami about getting a dog, but Muraoki reminds him that he has no time for a pet right now. Meanwhile, Shibayama meets with her co-workers in the bar and they are surprised to hear that she meets frequently Samejima in the gym, as they don’t dare to work out when he does- she remarks that he’s not as strict as they think, but she’s told that it’s because she hasn’t known him as long as they do.

Back in his apartment, Samejima thinks that his relationship with Shibayama is pretty much dating, since she’s so comfortable around him, but Muraoki points out that it is exactly because she doesn’t know his feelings that she is so relaxed- unless he makes his feelings clear, there’s no way to know if she will reciprocate and that means he needs to hurry up and express those feelings to her.

The next day, Samejima accepts Shibayama’s proposal for lobby-renovations in some of the hotels and he’s setting up a meeting with the vice president so they can discuss it further.

Wada meets Muraoki to ask her about recruiting Shibayama since he wanted her to work with him from her time she was working in Paris, but Muraoki says that there’s no way Samejima would let her go- Wada picks up that she means Samejima likes her romantically, and tells her that Samejima will have a hard time pursuing her properly.

Samejima and Shibayama go over the renovation plans and after the meeting is over, he overhears her talking with the vice president that she knows Wada from old times, and they had even gone to dinner together more than once. Samejima is furious, and thinks that they must have had a secret affair or something, but Muraoki tells him that there’s a chance their meetings were purely for business.

Samejima calls Shibayama in his office, where she confirms that she knows Wada but only because he tried to recruit her to work for him- Samejima asks her why she turned down his offer since his hotels are number 1 in the country but Shibayama replies that she likes how Samejima hotels are being run, and wants to work to make them better. Samejima is happy at her response and later comes to the realization (along with a Miyazaki reference that Muraoki disagrees with!) that Shibayama must like him somewhere within her, as she loves his hotels and decides to work in a new project, of building a new one.

He works on his own tirelessly and when he has everything ready, he invites Shibayama with him for a first look. On their way to the hotel, they play Shiritori and Shibayama uses the word (fiery red neck tiger beetle) Samejima used to describe her once, something that makes him happy.

When they head into the hotel, Shibayama thinks that everything looks great, and a particular section catches her attention- Samejima says that he thinks of making that one a French restaurant, called Gosuke. Shibayama tells him that she only thought this name for the dog, but Samejima says that since she was so diligent in thinking hard about picking a name, he thinks it will suit the restaurant just fine; he loves that name, afterall. Shibayama promises to work with him and make the hotel a success.

Back in the office, there’s celebration about the new hotel; the employees chit-chat about prospects of marriage and such, and Shibayama’s co-worker mentions about a close friend of hers that  recently entered a company and the president fell in love with her at first sight and now they’re planning to marry. Shibayama thinks that’s a bit creepy something that disheartens Samejima, who decides to go on a trip of his own to take some time off.

Upon seeing him so dejected, Muraoki meets Wada and explains the situation to him. Wada finds Samejima alone in the woods, and much to Samejima’s surprise, he decides to help him pursue Shibayama.

Reflection Corner :

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 03 0100002

This show is so ridic but so addicting at the same time!

Samejima remains a manchild, still clueless about the smallest things, and over-dramatizing everything, but in some sort of weird way, he would make a good match with Shibayama. She is level-headed, practical and not easily carried away (and that is ironic because she is supposed to be what Samejima appears to be in others..but Ishigami and Muraoki KNOW THE TRUTH lol) while he’s so easily susceptible to mood swings, that they could make a good match, if he learns to tone down his whiplash-ish behavior.

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 03 0100004

Of course he would decide to build another hotel just so he could spend more time with her, since the dog-plan didn’t work out! Samejima’s antics are so ludicrous but I can’t help but root for him, and a big part of that lies with Ohno and his amazingly spot-on over the top expressions and mannerisms; despite the silly shenanigans, Samejima had a tender moment too, after Shibayama hurt him indirectly with her remark. (and it’s nice to see that, because he sometimes flirts with being a caricature character lbr!)

Wada coming to the rescue as the unlikely ally, then. I’m sure he will be able to offer a few wise suggestions to Samejima, and I can’t wait to see the way Samejima messes up (in a “cute” way of course, just like he labelled the Gosuke name lool)  and how Shibayama will react to that.

sekai ichi muzuakashii koi ep 03 0100003

Onwards to episode 4!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to earthcolors

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