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Love Song Episode 4 Recap

Recap – Summary : Kohei finally moves into his own apartment and treats Soraichi for helping him; in the bar, where everyone’s gathered, Soraichi is surprised to find out that Kohei and Natsuki never dated.

Natsuki asks Soraichi about the nature of his relationship with Sakura, and he points out that he’s like them- close friends.

The woman from Glister that was present in Sakura’s open mic, pays a visit to the bar and talks with Kohei about Sakura; Soraichi immediately goes to Mami’s, and inform Mami and Sakura about the news of Glister wanting to meet with Sakura to discuss about working together. Sakura is reluctant at first, but Mami and Soraichi encourage her not to give up on it.

The next day, Kohei talks to Sakura about the upcoming meeting and asks her if she wants to go- Sakura admits that she wants to meet and keep on singing.

Soraichi works part-time for a shady company the secretary in the cooking school put him up to and when he’s done with it, he goes to pick up Sakura who isn’t excited to ride with him, as he’s a terrible driver. They eventually arrive to the meeting place, where Sakura meets up with Kohei and proceed to go on the meeting together.

The woman from Glister lets Sakura know about the conditions she would have to meet before she becomes a pro, but she’s concerned about Sakura’s stuttering. Sakura says that when she sings that goes away, but after the meeting is over, she voices her concerns to Kohei that she must have messed up and left a bad impression in her- Kohei argues that whether it was a good or a bad one, she still didn’t go un-noticed and that is definitely something. He tells Sakura that she has a great voice that is not found often in the music industry, and goes on about a bit of his past and how he formed the band with his old pals.

Sakura listens to him, but she’s in a playful mood and wants Kohei to throw his empty plastic cup of cofee in the trash bin as she did, something Kohei eventually does after failing twice. Sakura tells him that he should reward her with something, and Kohei allows her to pick  a capo out of his collection.

One of the higher ups in Glister, Kuwana, finds out from Sakura’s scout report about Kohei and they meet up, after a long time, as Kohei notes- she talks to him about the past and the CD they put out with Haruno and warns him that he shouldn’t meddle with Sakura’s life. Kohei says that he’s only supportive of Sakura’s dream and there’s nothing more in between them.

Sakura receives the contract mail and news about another official meeting and informs Kohei; she asks him to go together, but Kohei replies that she should do that on her own, since they only called for her. Sakura says that she will do her best, and then call him after the meeting is over.

Soraichi picks up Sakura again, with a new expensive car this time, he borrowed from his boss on the part-time job; he realizes that he forgot his cellphone back in the company and they make a detour to pick it up. However, an altercation breaks out in  the company as a man is angry they scammed money from his girlfriend; Soraichi fights with the man, and when Sakura tries to help him, he hits her accidentally in the jaw before the police arrive.

Sakura is not able to warn the woman from Glister waiting for her, ahead of time, and when she finally calls she gets rejected.

The next day, Kohei asks Sakura how it went and she shrugs the meeting off, pretending that it didn’t go well but she doesn’t mind; Kohei picks up that something went wrong and visits Kuwana who tells him about the fight that broke out and how that could affect Sakura and their company had they signed her. He tries to get her to give Sakura another chance, but she tells him about history repeating itself as Haruno caught herself into the same fate, meddling with him. Kohei leaves her office dejected while Mami gets Soraichi out of the police station, scolding him for ruining Sakura’s dream.

Soraichi visits Sakura and keeps apologizing to her, but she replies that he doesn’t need to, as she’s completely fine; he argues that he took away her dream of singing, but she says that she wasn’t particularly fond of that dream anyway. Soraichi tears up and Sakura tells him that she will start crying too if he doesn’t stop when Soraichi kisses her.

Kohei goes back to the bar where he sees his old guitar displayed and stares at it with a contemplative eye.


Reflection Corner :

love song ラヴソング ep 04 0100002

Well, judging from his last look of determination, it seems like the time for Kohei has come- the time to finally consider picking up the guitar to seriously make a comeback, and help Sakura achieve her dream. (as well, as keep his own spark for music lit up)

Glister’s music president/w/e (I don’t remember what her position is supposed to be) “love speech” towards him did help a lot too; even though, I felt a bit confused as their first meeting after years, didn’t indicate any malice between them, but it was obvious there was some bad blood between them afterwards. (possibly because Kohei “led” Haruno astray or something?) Either way, Kohei showed some guts (looooved the scene where Sakura gave him the cup to throw it into the basket again, and again and AGAIN- PUT YOUR GUITAR IN SAKURA’S SINGING VOICE HOOP KAY) and it will be much needed, since Sakura is the one having doubts at the moment.

(lol Sakura is gonna explode from happiness)

(lol Sakura is gonna explode from happiness)

My precious-angel-bb Sakura was so happy this episode; from playing trash-basket with Kohei, to getting a glimpse into his apartment, to be so happy when she got the contract text..well, it all came crashing down in the end, but she was rather calm about it. Her professional start might not have taken off as she wanted, but I feel like she realized that her time will come, even if she downplayed her dream in the end. She did start to practice on her own afterall, before even the news of the official contract came up.

(I can't at his dramatic turn around this scene!)

(I can’t at his dramatic turn around this scene!)

Soraichi was so funny this episode lol- he kept trying (and failing!) in all aspects, but he really cares about Sakura and it’s also confirmed that he has feelings for her; or well, at least he’s jealous-confused because Sakura now relies to someone else a lot, other than him and Mami.

love song ラヴソング ep 04 0100004

Sakura, Soraichi and Mami couldn’t read FAMILY more, if they tried haha. I enjoy their scenes together, because they can bicker and argue, but they have got each others’ backs.

love song ラヴソング ep 04 0100005

Judging from the preview, Kohei and Sakura will again co-operate together, so I’m looking forward to seeing them both putting their all, this time, into their dream.

Onwards to episode 5 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to heiwa

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